5 Best Paprika Substitutes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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This new era has made excessive advancement in the field of cooking. It feels like a basic need to cook food with a vast taste, and all this is due to a strong game of spices. Paprika is one of the most likeable spices which is formed by powdered peppers. Paprika is widely used to enhance your cooking and for adding flavor to your food.

If you haven’t got it already, we recommend you to get it now. But in the middle of making a meal, if you remember that you are out of Paprika, don’t be worried because there are several options to help you. This article gives you detailed reviews about some of the best paprika substitutes that will serve a lip-smacking food experience every time.

Best Paprika Substitutes

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1. Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper

Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper

Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper is considered as pure organic pepper, rich in color and taste manufactured by Frontier Co-op. Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper comes from dried and ground cayenne pepper to give life to your meals. It can cost up quite cheaper compared to other brands. Believe us; quality does matter.

If you are taking time to make a meal, why not use quality ingredients. Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper is the best cayenne pepper out there. It comes in transparent glass bottles, which remain fresh and increases the beauty of your kitchen. Its rich red color works well in any meal. It doesn’t matter if you are making Indian, Mexican, Italian, or any other kind of food; this spice will do its job.

Simply Organic Cayenne Pepper also has many health advantages because of its organic nature. These spices can boost your metabolism, lower blood pressure, aid the digestive system and also help to relieve pain. However, eating too much of it in one sitting can make you feel sick. These spices are a great way to add a kick to your food.

Why do we like it?

  • Organic spices
  • Use with any food
  • Certified by USDA
  • High quality
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2. Tabasco Scorpion Hot Sauce

Tabasco Scorpion Hot Sauce

Hot chili sauce and any other kind of spicy sauce can substitute for Paprika. This sauce can be castoff as an alternate to Paprika in any food where taste has more importance over color. For a hot sauce, Tabasco Scorpion Hot Sauce is our first choice. A 170 grams bottle of Tabasco Scorpion Hot Sauce can cost up to $12 to $15, which is surprisingly cheap.

Tabasco Scorpion Hot Sauce is hot but not to the point where it’s just heat. It is a tangy sauce with a touch of sweetness. It is not as vinegary but has a salty side. It contains strong pepper flavor upfront, which is why it is a great substitute for Paprika. If you like stews, sauces or any other hot food, we suggest trying Tabasco Scorpion Hot Sauce out.

If you think Tabasco Scorpion Hot Sauce doesn’t have any health benefits, you cannot be more wrong. It contains all kinds of vitamins and minerals along with antioxidant properties. It can help you lose weight and also can ease the pain.

Why do we like it?

  • Excellent quality
  • Promote health
  • Ready to use
  • Hot sauce with a touch of sweetness.
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3. McCormick Dark Chili Powder

Mccormick Dark Chili Powder

Another common paprika substitute is chili powder. It has a sweet taste which makes it less spicy than cayenne pepper. When it comes to chili powder, we recommend McCormick Dark Chili Powder by McCormick. It is a must-have spice in any kitchen. Due to its light taste, it makes a great base for milder chili dishes.

It has a pleasant taste to uplift your food lover spirit. You can use it with different seasonings. Expect a rather different flavor, but it is fairly exchangeable as compared to the normal spices. The price of McCormick Dark Chili Powder is good, but of course, buying in bulk is much cheaper than in little bottles.

If you like heat in your dishes, keep cans of chipotle powder or cayenne pepper for more “customizing”. It doesn’t matter if you like Asian, Mexican or southwestern food. McCormick Dark Chili Powder will add deep color and rich flavor to your meal.

Why do we like it?

  • used in any spicy dish
  • Lenient taste
  • Give dark red color to meals
  • Cheaper in bulk
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4. McCormick Table Grind Black Pepper

Mccormick Table Grind Black Pepper

When it comes to paprika substitutes, no list can be complete without black peppers. Black pepper is used as a paprika alternative specially when the reddish sort of Paprika is non-essential. For black pepper, our suggestion is McCormick Table Grind Black Pepper by McCormick. McCormick Table Grind Black Pepper comes in a plastic bottle with a package weight of 0.52kg and has 14 Ounces of ground black pepper.

Black pepper used in McCormick Table Grind Black Pepper comes from the dried immature berries of the pepper vine. It is fast and efficient without the mess of grinding. So, you don’t have to buy normal black peppers and then grind them.

Hence, it proves small things do matter. Black pepper is more than just a kitchen staple. It is known as the “king of spices”. There are a lot of health benefits of black pepper-like. It can benefit your brain, improve blood sugar control, may lower your cholesterol levels, and it offers pain relief. Believe us; you don’t want to buy cheaper black pepper because the quality of black pepper is very important for your health.

Why do we like it?

  • Kosher certified
  • Use on different snacks
  • Have a lot of health benefits
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5. Frontier Ground Bottle Chipotle

Frontier Ground Bottle Chipotle

Another alternative to Paprika is chipotle powder. Entire Chipotle chilies are dehydrated and then crushed to make chipotle powder. The chipotle powder can be used as an additional for sweet Paprika to provide food a peppery taste. For chipotle powder, Frontier Ground Bottle, Chipotle by Frontier, is our best choice.

Frontier Ground Bottle, Chipotle is everything we need in paprika substitute. It is hot, smoky, spicy, fresh and great in quality. It is an awesome way to add more spice and balanced smoke to your cooking. This ground chipotle is truly amazing; it adds a new layer to your food. It doesn’t matter what kind of food your like, you can use it on fish, chicken, beef and vegetables.

Like other spices, chipotle also has many health benefits. It Reduces Cardiovascular Risk. It can reduce dangerous conditions associated with diabetes. It can also aid in weight loss as well as boost immunity. If you want to eat healthy while enjoying your meal full of smoky taste, we highly recommend Frontier Ground Bottle, Chipotle by Frontier.

Why do we like it?

  • Give a smoky theme to the food
  • Abalone Free
  • Have many health benefits
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Paprika Substitute Buyer’s Guide

There are a lot of Paprika Substitutes available in the market. Due to this, it isn’t easy to choose the best kind of substitute for your recipe. Everyone has a different taste; that’s why spices and flavor should be kept in awareness while selecting an alternative. Here is to guide you in choosing the best kind of Paprika Substitute that suits you well and increases your food experience.


The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing a substitute for Paprika is the nature of your recipe. For instance, if your recipe requires a sweet taste, using cayenne powder can make it too hot. For a sweet taste recipe using chili pepper is a rational choice. So, remember to use the perfect substitute for your recipe according to the spiciness it needs.


The simpler and natural the ingredients are, the better the quality of spices. Spices which are labelled as organic are the one you should buy. All the above paprika substitutes are organic; that’s why they have better quality than other products.


While buying spices, remember, the packaging is an important factor. Spices, packed in containers, have more shelf life than the spices packed in bags. Even if they are the best bags on the whole planet, they are not 100 per cent sealed to air, and the air is the archenemy of spices.

Color and Smell

Another factor to keep in mind while buying substitutes for Paprika is the color of spices. For example, if your recipe requires dark reddish color, black pepper is a stupid choice. Color also shows the quality of spices. For peppercorns, if they are going grey and looking broken, don’t buy them. You can smell spices to make sure if they are fresh. If there is no smell at all, this is a sign that spices are too old and don’t buy them.


Price is also a factor. As much as everyone likes to bargain, you should never buy cheap spices. As above, we explained how much benefits spices bring to our health. However, cheap spices can be harmful. You are paying more because of the quality of spices – with better quality; you should use a smaller quantity of spices, so it all balances out.