5 Best Oven Thermometers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Whether one agrees to it or not, baking is far more complicated than cooking as a few extra minutes will land you with a dry overcooked meal or completely burnt. It is important to maintain the oven’s temperature to ensure the food is being cooked right through and you do not end up with raw food.

With the help of an oven thermometer, the baking process becomes far easier as the oven’s current temperature can be monitored regardless of the temperature you set it on. Be it your chocolate muffins or your Turkey for Thanksgiving; the oven thermometer will be your guide to control and maintain the right temperature. Nonetheless, depending on one’s cooking and baking needs and that every oven thermometer has a different function to perform, the best thermometers available have been listed for your culinary needs.

Best Oven Thermometers

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1. KT Thermo Dial Oven Thermometer

Kt Thermo Dial Oven Thermometer

The most optimal and efficient oven thermometer will depend on your usage and the scale at which it will be used. Oven thermometers will help evaluate the current oven temperature and help understand how long it will take to get the meals cooked thoroughly. The thermometer dial size is large enough to be visible through the oven door.

The thermometer is oven safe, and the glass is thick enough to withhold the increasing temperature. It displays the temperature from 100 F to 600 F, making it extremely handy while cooking or baking. The thermometer comes with angle hooks, making it easier to keep in the oven without it interfering with the dish and making it visible.

The thermometer does not require to be cleaned regularly unless there is any spill that will be removed with a wet cloth and is not meant for the dishwasher. The thermometer comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty. The handy thermometer can be used with any ingredient being cooked and helps ease the cooking process.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to read
  • Accurate
  • Stays in place
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2. AcuRite Oven Thermometer

Acurite Oven Thermometer

The one-of-a-kind AcuRite Oven Thermometer makes the cooking experience easy and hassle-free. With the help of this thermometer, monitor the oven temperature, you can also estimate how long it will take to cook the meals properly. Whether it is an amateur cook or a professional chef, the correct oven temperature can make or break your entire meal. There is nothing worse than a well-seasoned meal that turns out to be raw.

The thermometer is oven safe which means it can be left in the oven during the cooking time, and it measures the temperatures ranging from 150 F to 600 F. the strong, durable glass allows it to withstand the high temperatures. The stainless steel body makes it easier to wipe and clean. The large dial makes it easier to read within the oven and has indicators to confirm the various stages like warming, roasting, or baking and broiling.

The stainless steel thermometer makes it easier to clean with paper towels as it is not dishwasher safe; it comes with a hanging option there; the thermometer can be hanged through the grill or could be placed on top of the oven grill. The thermometer is NSF safety certified which makes it a safer option to use in the oven.

Why do we like it?

  • Large dial
  • Durable
  • Accurate Reading
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3. Taylor 3506 TruTemp Series Oven/Grill Analog Dial Thermometer

Taylor 3506 Trutemp Series Oven Grill Analog Dial Thermometer

Traditional baking and cooking became the art of guesswork as there was no benchmark temperature based on which the meals were cooked. A piece of protein was baked or cooked with true estimates without knowing the actual oven or grill temperature. With advancements in kitchen tools, we now can cook meals at the correct temperature for the set duration to avoid them being undercooked or overcooked.

The thermometer displays 100 F to 600 F, which is ideal for all cooking and baking needs. The thermometer has a hanging option that allows you to place the thermometer within the oven easily and can be seen through the oven door. Whether it is cooking in the conventional oven or the outdoor covered grill, Taylors Oven Thermometer can be used to tell the temperature accurately.

The thermometer has a stainless steel body structure with a large glass dial to view the temperature. It has marked guides to tell the current temperature of the oven accurately. The oven thermometer can be easily cleaned; however, it is not dishwasher safe.

Why do we like it?

  • Clear temperature indicator
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
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4. Maverick Baker’s Oven Thermometer

Maverick Baker's Oven Thermometer

Imagine having guests over and serving them undercooked or overcooked meals. The latest kitchen gadgets allow you to function at your best in the kitchen and assist in making it easier for you to cook. Temperature guidance can be very helpful while cooking and baking as it allows you to measure the oven’s temperature constantly.

The Maverick Oven Thermometer allows the temperature reading to be extremely accurate. It has an LCD representing the actual temperature ranging from 112 F to 572 F and the constant average, which is calculated after every 10 seconds to maintain accuracy. The thermometer also comes with an alarm system that notifies when the current temperature exceeds the target temperature.

This thermometer allows you to get a digitalized reading of the temperature accurately and has a sensor oven clip left inside the oven. The actual device is outside the oven. It also has a timer and detachable stand, which makes it easier to use. The thermometer is powered by a single AAA battery used in their outside device. The convenience of placing the wire inside the oven while the monitor is placed outside makes it extremely convenient to keep an eye on the temperature.

Why do we like it?

  • Digitalized
  • Convenient
  • Accurate temperature reading
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5. CDN POT750X ProcAccurate High Heat Oven Thermometer

Cdn Pot750x Procaccurate High Heat Oven Thermometer

The accuracy of these oven thermometers makes the guessing game in cooking rather simpler by sharing accurate temperatures. Cooking has always been an art form that not everyone can perfect; hence amateur and professional cooks take various cooking gadgets which allow them to perfect their culinary skills.

The oven thermometer accurately indicates the temperature ranging from 150 F to 750 F with a glass visible large dial making it easier for readings. It has a hanging hook that makes it easier to hang the thermometer in the oven while having a wide base to be placed on the oven rack. The material used for the outer body comprises 304-grade premium stainless steel, which makes it durable and allows it to withstand high temperatures.

Apart from telling the accurate temperature in an oven, it can also be used to conserve energy as heat is not wasted or unnecessarily created, which will not be used. CDN Oven Thermometer comes with a five-year warranty reflecting their product confidence and allowing users to be 100% satisfied.

Why do we like it?

  • Two-way mounting- hang or stand
  • Five-year warranty
  • Easy to read
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Oven Thermometer Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best or most efficient oven thermometer for you can depend on the amateur or professional cook’s requirement, whether it will be used for high-temperature cooking or a low setting for baking. Keeping in mind that the product is frequently used within a kitchen, a sustainable and safer option will be what one should think of when deciding on an oven thermometer.


There are variations to an oven thermometer; however, the two basic variants are the traditional scale which reflects the current temperature, or the digital-analog, representing the temperatures in numerical figures. The digital analog might be pricier but gives accurate results.


The oven thermometers can be used for cooking and baking many things. The thermometers can identify if it is being used for preheating, roasting or grilling, or even grazing, depending on the oven’s temperature. Various thermometers can help keep track of the temperature within an oven or outdoor grill. Be it a large turkey you are trying to roast or a small batch of cookies, the thermometer will assist in making it easier.


The thermometer’s size will depend on the size and usage of the oven; the bigger the oven, the bigger the thermometer that can be used due to its ample space; however, the size should always be optimal to ensure it is durable and is compatible with every oven. The size of the thermometer will give the dish within the oven space to comfortably insulate the heat and cook through the cookware thoroughly.

Heat Resistance

Depending on the professional or amateur cook, the thermometer’s heat resistance and body structure are critical. Thermometers that indicate a higher temperature range will be accurate for grilling and baking items that require a higher temperature to be maintained. Conventional stainless steel thermometers can withstand higher temperatures and share an accurate reading compared to digital thermometers. An insulator is placed inside the oven, and the monitor is outside.