5 Best Oil Less Fryers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cooking meals with less oil or no oil at all is nothing new. In fact, many people these days consider it a very hygienic form of cooking because it reduces calorie intake and reduces the risk of artery blockage caused by excess oil in the body system. One kitchen equipment that has found its way into many homes today are the best oil less fryers. Also called air fryers, oil less fryers allows you to fry your food with very little oil. Rather than soaking your food in a pool of hot oil to fry, all you need to do is coat the food with a little oil, and the fryer will air fry it using heat produced by a set of convection fans.

If you want to live and eat healthily, consider an oil less fryer for your home. We have reviewed five of the best oil less fryers money can buy. Here they are.

Best Oil Less Fryers

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Here are our Best Oil less Fryers.

1. Power AirFryer XL

Power Airfryer Xl

The Power Airfryer is one of the best oil less fryer around and has been for quite some time now. This fryer is a 3-4 quart size and ideal for frying food for 2-4 people. If you have a small household, this is one fryer you should consider. It is not too bulky, so it will not take up too much space in your kitchen. Spotting a black color, Power Airfryer will blend well with other utensils and equipment in your kitchen.

This oil less fryer can cook food with a uniform heat release of up to 409 degrees. Powered by a 1709 Watts mechanism, you don’t have to spend too long waiting in the wings for your food to cook. All it takes is a couple of minutes for your food to come out with a brown and crispy texture. The digital control panel has 7 different frying settings, so you are free to pick a suitable setting for your recipe.

With Power Airfryer, you can grill your beef, briskets, meat and even vegetables. With this fryer, healthy eating is not just an option; it is an inevitability.

Why do we like it?

  • Quick installation
  • Very easy to clean
  • Flexible control settings
  • It contains an air fryer recipe booklet
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2. Philips Premium XXL Airfryer

Philips Premium Xxl Airfryer

Philips Airfryer is a household name as far as home appliances are concerned, and their XXL Airfryer is one of the best oil less fryer we could find. This fryer is very easy to use, and you do not need to apply too much oil to your food. With little or no oil, you can fry your food until it has a crunchy and crispy texture. The XXL fryer has a special fat removal technology that reduces excess fat and oil from your food.

With a 4-quart capacity, you can make healthy and delicious meals for your family numbering up to 6 people at a go. The chamber can accommodate a full chicken or 2 bags of French fries at a go. The rapid heating technology is another feature you will come to appreciate with this device. Whatever food you put into it will come out with an even brown color and properly cooked. Moreover, it does not take ages to heat up. Once you switch the XXL on, the chamber is ready in a matter of seconds.

The multi-cooking technology of the Philips XXL makes it a must-have for every home. With this oil less fryer, you can reheat, toast, grill, air fry and bake.

Why do we like it?

  • Cleaning this air fryer is easy
  • Fries food faster than conventional ovens
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Safe removable parts
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3. T-fal Actifry Oil Less Air Fryer

T Fal Fz700251 Actifry Oil Less Air Fryer

The T-fal Actifryer is the ultimate oil less fryer for large and small scale frying. This device has a large 2.2 lbs storage chamber, and the package comes with a recipe book the provides you with recipe options. Unlike other fryers that require significant oil volume to fry food, T-fal only requires one tablespoon of oil or less to fry your food. It has an automatic hassle-free paddle that circulates the hot air within the chamber, so every part of your food is well fried.

This Actifryer has a simple digital countdown timer and a buzzer that notifies you when the frying session is done. The On and Off switch also allows you to control your cooking process with just a single button. This fryer is also very hygienic. The pan is nonstick and coated with PFOA-free and PTFE-free coats. This ensures that your food is free of harmful toxins. Secondly, it also ensures that once done, you can easily remove items from the pan because of the nonstick nature of the chamber.

The recipe booklet in this package contains 38 recipes dedicated to air frying alone. This device offers a healthy alternative to conventional air frying.

Why do we like it?

  • The pan is dishwasher safe
  • The lid is secure and splatter safe
  • You can fry food without oil if you don’t want oil in your food
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4. GoWise USA Air Fryer

Gowise Usa Air Fryer

If you are looking for an oil less fryer that offers you guaranteed quality through and through, we suggest GoWise USA. This pro fryer is one of the best oil less fryers for household kitchens and restaurants. It has a 5.8-quart compartment for air frying large-sized food like your chicken, turkeys, fries and meat. It also has 8 preset cooking buttons for roasting, warming, reheating, air frying, etc.

With GoWise, you can grill and roast food with very little oil, and it will come out just right. We like the modern touch screen, which has an advanced look and an intuitive menu. The touch screen has a stop/start menu that allows you to change from one preset program to another midway through your air frying. There is also a built-in alarm system that notifies you of progress from time to time. The alarm system can be set to 5,10, or 15 minutes increments.

The accessories in this package include an 8-inch baking pan, a pizza pan, an insert rack, a warming rack and a potholder made of silicone.

Why do we like it?

  • The recipe boom contains 50 easy to prepare recipes
  • Maximum heat temperature range of 180F – 400F
  • Air fries food in 30 minutes or less
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5. Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer

Avalon Bay Ab Airfryer

Many people prefer air fryers with manual controls because it gives them 100% control over the level of heat their food is exposed to. If you prefer manual air fryers to automatic models, this is one of the best manual oil less fryers to go for. This hot air fryer has a 3.7-quart capacity and is made of reliable and dependable materials. If you buy this fryer, you will not need to buy a new one for the foreseeable future. The red color of Avalon will complement your kitchen décor because it has an appealing look.

Included in this item are a baking set, a 52-page recipe book, non-slip feet to hold the fryer in place and a 30-minute timer. As for the heat output, Avalon can generate different heat ranges between 200 degrees F – 400 degree F. The safe basket in the chamber is constructed with silicone handles to prevent the risk of burning. No matter how hot the chamber becomes, the handle will stay warm at worse to allow for easy removal.

Let us also add that the XL technology of Avalon does not only circulate the heat released; it also serves to remove the fats and oils from your food to make them more hygienic for consumption.

Why do we like it?

  • Advanced heating system
  • Easy access to the chamber
  • It does not consume too much power
  • A versatile air fryer
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Oil Less Fryer Buyer’s Guide

In the first section of this piece, we reviewed five of the best oil less fryers you may choose to buy. In this section, we want to focus on the essential features that a good oil less fryer should have. Read our buyer guide before you make a purchase decision.


The size of the oil less fryer is very important. The frying chambers of fryers vary. There are fryers with 3-quart, 5-quart, 6-quart and above. The larger the quart size, the more food you can fry with the device. If you have a large household, consider going for a large fryer.


Some of the best oil less fryers fry food in 30 minutes or less. But do bear in mind that the speed of the fryer will depend on the wattage. A 1000Watts fryer will work faster than an 800Watr fryer. However, a higher watt leads to more power consumption. Bear this in mind when making a final decision.


The number of preset controls matters. Consider buying the best oil less fryers with as many preset controls as possible. Common preset controls besides air frying include reheating, warming, roasting, etc. Having more options increases the functional value of the oil less fryer.