5 Best Nespresso Machines (Reviews Updated 2022)

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You can always choose to wake up like a boss. An early morning cup of coffee is very important to kick-start your day with vitality and energy. How you make your coffee is also important. No one likes to spend more time than necessary trying to make an early morning cup of coffee or espresso. Nespresso Machines allow you to make a tasty cup of espresso or espresso-based drinks quickly and easily.

Unlike traditional coffee machines, when using Nespresso machines, you can repeatedly make the same kind of coffee every single time without fear of not doing it right. For coffee lovers, this consistency is key. One other special thing a quality Nespresso machine does is to create the perfect crema.

Considering the fact that Nespresso machines need a capsule or pod of ground coffee to work properly, you might feel the need to do proper research. We have handled that aspect for you. Below are our five (5) best Nespresso Machines reviews.

Best Nespresso Machines

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Here are our Best Nespresso Machines reviews.

1. Nespresso Inissia Original Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

Nespresso Inissia Original Espresso Machine By De'longhi

We understand how much you’ll love to start your day feeling energetic and agile. This is possible when you brew a cup of tasty espresso with the Nespresso Inissia Original Espresso Machine. Two different cup sizes can be brewed with this top-quality Nespresso machine. One of them is the 1.35-oz espresso cup, while the second is the 5-oz Lungo cup. Interestingly, preparing each cup can be done with the press of just one button. We love this machine due to its ability to turn on automatic energy-saving mode and switch itself off after 9 minutes of inactivity.

Even if you have larger cup sizes, the Nespresso Inissia features a folding drip tray that allows it to accommodate larger cups. How fast do you want your cup of coffee? This Nespresso machine will deliver it faster. Reaching the right temperature for coffee brewing takes only 25 seconds. You can always expect Barista-grade espresso due to its extraction system that delivers 19 bars of pressure.

Be rest assured that you would be able to make 9 cups of espresso without refilling the 24-oz tank. That translates to less stress for you. You will find this Nespresso machine satisfying as its nice design makes it fit well into your interior decor.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and has an easy-to-carry handle
  • Comes with a welcome kit containing capsules with a unique aroma
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2. Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine by Breville

Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine By Breville

Getting through the day is easy with the Nespresso Essenza Mini Original Espresso Machine. Portability is key with this superior machine. Weighing as little as 5.1lbs and measuring 3.3 x 12.9 x 8-inches, you can worry less about consuming too much countertop space. Be aware that you can save a lot of money on electricity bills when you use this Nespresso machine as it switches to low energy consumption after being idle for 3 minutes. To further save more energy, it switches off automatically after 9 full minutes of inactivity.  Whether it’s espresso you want or Lungo, you can make it by simply pressing buttons, no hassles.

The Nespresso Essenza Mini has a 20.29-oz water tank that can be detached for refilling and cleaning. Beware that this Nespresso machine contains small parts that might represent a choking hazard to small children, so safekeeping is important. First-time users won’t have much problem understanding the operations of this classic espresso machine. The easy-to-read manual offers step-by-step operational guidance in easily comprehensible English.

You would need to be careful not to mistakenly buy VertuoLine capsules for this machine as it is only compatible with OriginalLine Nespresso capsules. With its 19 bar pressure pump, you can make your own barista-style espresso right from the comfort of your home.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with a complimentary welcome gift of 16 capsules
  • Highly reliable
  • Has a long 39.37 inches cable
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3. Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Espresso Machine

Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Espresso Machine

All your coffee needs can be met with the Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Espresso Machine. Be it ristretto, espresso, or Lungo, you can easily make your 0.5oz, 1.35oz, or 5oz cup with a simple button press. One of the many features that make this Nespresso machine unique is its LCD that renders assistance for preparation, maintenance, and when you need to tweak a setting. You definitely cannot go wrong while making the best cappuccino or espresso-based drinks because this enviable machine comes with in-built milk frothier.

The presence of life-simplifying features like heating up in less than 3 seconds and automatically switching off after 9 minutes of idleness makes the Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus machine worth the buy. Durability is assured due to its stainless steel construction. Talking of design, this Nespresso machine comes with a milk jug and pour spout for Latte art. Quality micro-foam like those served at cafés can also be achieved in your kitchen.

We found out that cleaning this Nespresso machine is so simple and straightforward. To make it even easier, the Breville Nespresso machine automatically purges its steam wand immediately after every use. Additionally, its 1.5L water tank allows you to make ultimate quality espresso without constant refilling.

Why do we like it?

  • Highly versatile
  • Features 8 texture levels of adjustable froth quality
  • Removable drip tray
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4. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee And Espresso Machine

Only a few high-quality Nespresso Machines come with a dedicated Aeroccino Milk Frothier. The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine features a centrifusion technology for effectively extracting café-grade coffee and espresso from capsules. It is hassle-free and simple to use. Nespresso Vertuo has the capability to brew large batches of coffee at a go. It is important to note that this Nespresso machine makes use of VertuoLine capsules. You can get 5 cup sizes, including single and double espresso together with 5, 8, and 14-oz fresh coffee.

Measuring 12.3 x 12.2 x 9-inches and weighing 12.9 pounds, it requires space on your countertop but promises to add style to your kitchen. Making several cups of your favorite espresso or espresso-based drinks without constant water-tank refilling is possible. Its extra-large 54-oz water tank is up to the task. The Nespresso Vertuo features an automatic capsule ejection and storage mechanism and can store as much as 17 used capsules.

Used capsules are recyclable, and the Nespresso Vertuo Machine is easy to clean due to its detachable parts. Hardly do other machines offer smooth and textured hot or cold milk froth like this one.

Why do we like it?

  • The machine automatically adjusts brewing parameters
  • Highly durable
  • Impressive blending power
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5. Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine with Aeroccino by Breville

Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee And Espresso Machine With Aeroccino By Breville

Now, nothing can stop you from enjoying the ultimate brewing experience every morning. With the Nespresso Vertuo Next Coffee and Espresso Machine, you can get your dark and intense single or double espresso or your mild and smooth 5, 8, or 14-oz coffee with a click of a button. Featuring a compact 5.5-inches wide base, you can efficiently save a lot of space on your countertop and still get the high-quality performance you desire. This Nespresso machine is one that boasts of providing a brewing experience that involves a combination of full-body, smooth natural taste, and rich and appealing crema. VertuoLine capsules are very compatible with this Nespresso machine.

If you like espresso-based beverages, the Nespresso Vertuo Next Machine will serve you right. The high-quality Aeroccino-3 accessory offers hot or cold milk froths for your cup of coffee. Amazingly, no noise is made while it froths your milk in 20 seconds or less. A complementary welcome gift of 12 Vertuo capsules is included to introduce a variety of flavors and size options.

This smart, innovative, and beautifully designed Nespresso machine has a water tank capacity of 37-oz. You can easily view the water level from its transparent container. With this, an empty water tank won’t catch you by surprise.

Why do we like it?

  • Capsule ejects and stores automatically after brewing
  • Made from 54% recycled plastic material
  • Easy to maintain
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Best Nespresso Machines Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing the right Nespresso machine for your daily coffee needs is easy if you know what to look for. Our buyer’s guide below points out important things to consider when shopping for a new Nespresso machine or replacing an old one.

Capsule Compatibility

Special attention should be taken when buying capsules for Nespresso machines. A capsule that isn’t compatible with a machine would not work for it. Nespresso OriginalLine machines work with OriginalLine capsules. Likewise, VertuoLine capsules are the best fit for Nespresso VertuoLine machines.

Size and Design

The space available on your countertop should be a major determinant of the size of the Nespresso machine you buy. While there are some very large machines, there are also some really portable ones. In a bid to give your kitchen an appealing look, we recommend that you purchase a machine with a design that is in tune with your kitchen decor.

Features and Ease of Use

Some Nespresso machines have the capability to make more than one cup of coffee at a time. Some have a designated frothier, while some have a super-large water tank. It is essential that you look out for machines that have specific features you like. Most importantly, your machine shouldn’t be stressful to use. Aim for the ones that make a cup with three steps or less.


Any machine that gives you worries about consequent clean-up and maintenance is not worth it. Endeavor to go for the best Nespresso machines with detachable parts that are easy to hand wash and, if possible, machines that are dishwasher safe.