5 Best Nespresso Capsules (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Nespresso capsules allow you to brew your favorite espresso-based coffee with a Nespresso machine. Capsules are filled with ground coffee beans and sealed to preserve the existing flavor and aroma. These capsules are pre-measured and can only be used once. Using capsules is convenient and easy. All you need to do is put one of the capsules into the machine, punch one or two buttons, and you’ll get your tasty cup of espresso with crema.

You can have your nourishing cup of coffee without going through the hassle of grinding the beans yourself. You also won’t have to measure or try hard to measure the right amount needed for your espresso machine.

Considering the fact that Nespresso capsules are essential for making your cup of coffee with a Nespresso machine, we have compiled a review of the five (5) best Nespresso capsules. Read them below.

Best Nespresso Capsules

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1. Nespresso Original Line Livanto Capsules

Nespresso Original Line Livanto Capsules

For a well-balanced cup of coffee, we recommend the Nespresso OriginalLine Medium Roast Livanto Capsules. Most coffee lovers choose this as their favorite, and we are sure that you would too. Medium roast Arabicas from Central and South America give you the caramelized and roasted tastes you prefer. At the same time, fruity notes evolve and bring out the subtle malted notes that all come together to give you a satisfying brew. Although there is a slightly bitter aftertaste, it gets progressively sweeter.

From each capsule, you can get 1.35oz of espresso and 0.85oz of Ristretto. With an intensity of 6 out of 13 and a low acidity level, this is one of the best capsules on the market. Freshness is preserved fully in the aluminum capsules and is very compatible with OriginalLine machines but not with VirtuoLine machines. While it is dairy, fat, and gluten-free, it is also sugar and lactose-free.

The Nespresso Medium Roast Livanto Capsules are recyclable when empty. Luckily, a full and smooth body is developed due to its lighter roast. If you intend to start your day with a brew from this capsule, expect to catch a toasted cereal fragrance and get that rounded mouthfeel with every sip you take.

Why do we like it?

  • No artificial ingredients
  • Great aroma and crema
  • 50 capsules in a package
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2. Nespresso Original Line Ristretto Intenso Capsules

Nespresso Original Line Ristretto Intenso Capsules

The Nespresso OriginalLine Ristretto Intenso Capsules offer dark roast espresso coffee that has a very strong flavor. Featuring a powerful and subtle contrast between its strength and bitterness, this capsule is sure to brew espresso with an intensity rating of 10. It is worthy to note that it does not contain milk. They only contain ground coffee that has undergone slow split roasting with a combination of fruity and acid notes. Slotting one capsule into your machine and pushing some buttons will brew 1.35oz of ready-to-drink syrupy espresso.

The Ristretto Intenso Capsules is made from a blend of South American Robusta with Central American Arabica. Each capsule contains high-intensity coffee to produce espresso with a peppery note and a creamy texture. In a bid to impart smoothness to the blend, the South and Central Robusta are further blended with a rare washed Robusta from Guatemala.

This bold blend gives the dark roast espresso coffee in the Nespresso Ristretto Intenso Capsule a strong bitter taste and roasted notes balanced by the creamy texture. Capsules are made of aluminum and come in a pack of 50. Unfortunately, these capsules only work in OriginalLine machines.

Why do we like it?

  • Different options for recycling the capsules are provided
  • Has a great flavor
  • Strong without being too bitter
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3. Nespresso Original Line Ispirazione Venezia Capsules

Nespresso Original Line Ispirazione Venezia Capsules

If you’re in search of some expertly roasted coffee, we recommend the Nespresso OriginalLine Ispirazione Venezia. It comes in a pack of 40 and offers you a lighter roast with a little moisture, and isn’t heated at a very high temperature. Considering that it is dense and more caffeinated than a dark roast, you can be certain of a well-balanced coffee. The Ispirazione is slightly acidic with a combination of caramel flavor and sugary taste. By blending Brazilian Arabica and high-grown Arabica from Colombia, you can be sure of a malty, fruity taste exclusive to the Ispirazione Venezia.

Intensity ratings for this capsule is 8 out of 13, assuring you of a heavy body, intense aftertaste, and a strong caffeine kick. You definitely would not want to miss having a cup each morning before leaving for work. Each capsule will brew a 1.35oz cup of great-tasting aromatic coffee.

It is essential to note that this capsule is not compatible with the VirtuoLine machines and is quite scarce compared to the other varieties.

Why do we like it?

  • Great for cappuccino lattes
  • Worthy of a noble dessert
  • Easy to brew
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4. Nespresso OriginalLine Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Capsules

Nespresso Originalline Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Capsules

The deep and dense consistency of the brewed espresso from the Nespresso OriginalLine Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio capsules is breathtaking. Each capsule offers a 1.35-oz cup of intense and creamy espresso. When we say intense, we mean an intensity rating of 9 on the intensity scale. Subtle cocoa flavors with a slight woody note are characteristic of the ground coffee in this capsule. We love this Florence-inspired dark roasted coffee, and we recommend it for you. Your mornings can start on a bright note with a cup of espresso from the 50-pack Arpeggio capsules.

Made from a pure Arabica blend of Costa Rican coffee, it turns cocoa-like from deep roasting. Finely grounded to give a velvety and creamy texture, the taste you’ll get from it is unmatched. We assure you that the aluminum capsules are recyclable and will not add to the current wave of environmental pollution. Although the capsules are strictly for OriginalLine machines, the Intenso capsules are made from Guatemalan Robusta and Latin American Arabica, which are compatible with VirtuoLine machines.

The Intenso capsules can brew 7.8oz, which ultimately offers you a longer and satisfactory drinking experience. With a dense and deep caramel and roasted flavor, its bold and bitter notes are balanced. Additionally, the capsule contains coffee with less acidity.

Why do we like it?

  • Features an enhanced taste of brown sugar
  • The Arpeggio is perfect for classic Americano
  • Intenso capsules come in a pack of 30
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5. Nestle Nespresso Original Line Fortissio Lungo Capsules

Nestle Nespresso Original Line Fortissio Lungo Capsules

You can get your mornings started on a fresh note. The Nespresso OriginalLine Fortissio Lungo capsule offers you enough ground coffee to conveniently make 3.7-oz servings. Indeed, that’s a large serving of espresso. Inspired by the pure dark coffee loved by Swedes, this Nespresso capsule comes in a new name and a brand new look but sports the same excellent taste. We are certain that you’ll love this rich coffee with its malty and sweet cereal flavor.

The Fortissio Lungo capsules contain Malabar Arabica from southwest India and are split roasted with Latin American coffee to give that rich, intense flavor that is hard to resist. On the intensity scale, this capsule rates an 8. Nothing beats the satisfaction you’ll derive as you sip it while savoring the crema. Fortissio Lungo package comes with 50 capsules.

The capsules are recyclable, so rest easy knowing that you are not contributing to the pollution of planet earth in any way. Different options for recycling the capsules exist, so you can also play your part in saving the planet. Unfortunately, this OriginaLine Fortissio Lungo capsule is not compatible with the Nespresso VertuoLine machine.

Why do we like it?

  • Irresistible aroma
  • A great choice for lattes
  • Strong coffee taste
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Nespresso Capsules Buyer’s Guide

Starting your day with a cup of coffee is great. If you use a Nespresso machine, you’ll need a sealed Nespresso capsule to get that perfect brew. Read our buyer’s guide to get to know major things to consider whenever you go shopping for the best Nespresso capsules.


It is essential to ensure that the capsule you intend to purchase is compatible with your Nespresso machine. While the Nespresso OriginaLine capsule will always fit perfectly with your machine, the VertuoLine capsules come in different shapes. Other compatible capsules might be cheaper than Nespresso capsules; therefore, we recommend that you experiment with them to find out which one suits your machine better.

Expiry date

The manufacturing and expiry dates of the capsules are always written on the bottom of the pack. However, it is worthy to note that this expiry date indicates maximum freshness, aroma, and taste. If you haven’t opened the capsules, they are still safe to consume after that date. Once you perceive coffee smell from an unopened capsule, it means it isn’t properly sealed. It is better to discard such.

Intensity & Quantity

The intensity of a Nespresso capsule should not be confused with the quantity of coffee in the capsule. The intensity deals with the smell characteristics, the consistency, and the taste. This intensity is rated on a scale of 1 – 13, with 13 being the highest. Quantity, on the other hand, ranges from 25ml to 110ml for coffee quantity in capsule and 50 – 100 for the number of capsules per package.