5 Best Mustards for Hot Dogs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you trying to figure out a way to make your hotdog meal a memorable one that will make your day more joyous and wonderful than ever? Although then, in this case, there cannot be a perfect solution to this problem, that is by adding mustard to that hot dog that will easily make up for all your joy for the day, you have arrived at the destination of which you were in search of.

Although many sauces can be taken alongside a hot dog, mustard has been voted the most delicious addition to the hot dog by a large majority of hot dog lovers over the years. This easily tells us that mustard is of immense importance to these people, and rightly so, as this perfect combination cannot be challenged in any way when it comes to their combined taste. Below we have chosen some of the best mustards for hot dogs.

Best Mustard for Hot Dogs

ImageBest Mustards for Hot DogsRating
Weber's Mustard1. Weber's Mustard99%
Vienna Chicago Mustard2. Vienna Chicago Mustard96%
Maille Mustard3. Maille Mustard92%
Heinz Mustard4. Heinz Mustard89%
Bertman Mustard5. Bertman Mustard85%

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Here are our best mustards for hot dogs’ reviews.

1. Weber’s Mustard

Weber's Mustard

If there is any brand that we can tell customers to rely on for a perfect taste for mustard, then every time, it will be Weber. Out of all customers who have consumed this product, it has flooded us with quite good reviews, leading to amazing word-of-mouth regarding the product among the masses, leading to increased sales. Customers are satisfied by using this product.

Apart from maintaining a product that has an amazing taste, this company also keeps in mind the quantity that the customers shall receive, and due to this, they provide this product in a 32oz jar, so that the customer can reap many benefits such as of this product being of great quality and more in quantity. This company has been in service since 1992, and today, there is rarely a household that does not use their products.

Why do we like it?

  • No Carbs
  • Gluten-free
  • Fat-free
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2. Vienna Chicago Mustard

Vienna Chicago Mustard

If you are looking for smooth mustard with a sweet taste, you do not have to look any further. Vienna Chicago mustard for hot dogs is largely popular among the masses for its sweet taste, making hotdogs eat a very joyous and amazing experience for the people. Apart from this product being hugely popular locally, this company makes sure not to disappoint their international customers, as they have started shipping this product worldwide.

Vienna Chicago was founded in 1893, and even after 125 years, they are making the mustards the same way they did before. Another amazing quality of this product is that it carries a very authentic mustard flavor that can easily make this product a much-recommended one for the customers. All the credit for the popularity of this product is due to the company not compromising the quality and taste of this product.

Why do we like it?

  • 12oz jar
  • Authentic flavor
  • Shipping facility available
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3. Maille Mustard

Maille Mustard

Maille mustard for hot dogs is a product that does not come with any sulfates and can give you a taste of a lifetime. Apart from giving you an amazing tasting experience, this product can enhance the flavor of hot dogs to such an extent that you will be left craving for more in the end. This company has been in service for over 270 years and has over time gained a loyal customer following who have a firm belief in their product.

The mere fact that this product can judge the quality and taste of this product has been awarded a gold medal in a worldwide mustard competition that took place not so long ago. Along with this remarkable feat, this product has also been awarded chef’s best award under the best tasting products category. Therefore, this mustard can easily be described as the one to pick along with a hot dog whenever you feel like eating one.

Why do we like it?

  • US Standard product
  • Organic ingredients used
  • Amazing taste
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4. Heinz Mustard

Heinz Mustard

The Heinz mustard for hot dogs provides the most flavourful taste that is applauded worldwide and is the best product that the market has to offer. The evidence of this product being healthy is such that all the ingredients that have been used in this product are in every way natural. This very organically made mustard will elevate the taste of any hot dog you try it with. This company provides this product in 20oz large bottles, so you do not run out of it soon.

To make sure that this product does not damage your health in any way, this product does not contain any calories. Heinz, with this product, has won the hearts of customers everywhere, and due to this product offering rich and thick taste, customers are now more satisfied than ever. For the ease of customers, this product has been provided with a squeeze bottle that is very easy to use and will prove to be convenient for customers.

Why do we like it?

  • Rich and thick taste
  • Squeeze bottle
  • Kosher certified mustard
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5. Bertman Mustard

Bertman Mustard

Bertman mustard for hot dogs guarantees mustard with a classy taste that the people have enjoyed throughout their generations. Using only those of the highest quality, this company has made sure to have no tolerance for the taste and their product quality. Along with all these benefits, this product is gluten-free, which shows how much emphasis has been given to the health of its customers.

Bertman has been providing this product to their customers since 1925, and over the years, they have made sure that their products are not compromised when they are in the hands of their customers. All their efforts towards making this product have been successfully paid off, as customers worldwide demand this product in large numbers, as they know Bertman is a name that they can trust blindly.

Why do we like it?

  • All-natural product
  • Smooth mustard
  • Healthy product
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Mustard for Hot Dogs Buyers Guide

Mustards are one product that you cannot forget when you are having a hot dog, as most hot dog eaters have described that the hotdog seems to bring only half joy in their lives without mustard. Although there is a lot of mustard that is available for use in the market, the one that you desire can be the one that is something more than the usual ones. Brown and yellow mustards are most common for hotdogs, unlike whole grain mustard.

When you go to purchase mustard, the most important factors that you should keep in mind are discussed in detail below.


Purchasing of mustards should only be when you are sure that they will taste well along with the item you desire to eat. It can be a hot dog or any other item such as burgers, fries, and many more. So before purchasing, keep in mind that you have to check that the product is rich in taste and has a very smooth texture to enjoy your mustard eating experience. You can always find and use nice BBQ sauce as an alternative for your grilled sandwiches and burgers.

Ingredients used

Suppose you have found a product that has amazing taste and very good quality. In that case, you have to make sure that all the ingredients used in the product are free from any harm to your health, as sometimes, for making a tasty product, companies use some acids that may seem tasty but can damage your health. Therefore, avoid purchasing those products with unhealthy ingredients used.  BBQ mustard sauce is a product that you can use as an efficient replacement of mustard, if you are not comfortable with the quality of ingredients used in it. To know more about mustard, take a look at our article about honey mustard.


Sometimes people, just for saving some money, prefer to buy cheap products made by those relatively unknown companies in the market. You have to avoid making this mistake as cheap products usually have low-quality ingredients that damage your health. By purchasing products that well-known brands produce, you can be tension-free about the quality of ingredients that have been used in the product.