5 Best Mixing Bowl Sets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For your kitchen to be truly modern, it requires all the tools necessary to make cooking a stress-free exercise, and a mixing bowl is one of such items. Mixing bowl sets may not be the most important hardware piece in your kitchen, but the role they play in ensuring that your ingredients mix well makes them unavoidable cooking items. We use the best mixing bowl sets for mixing salads, cake batter, and any other ingredients you can think of.

Since we can all agree that mixing bowls play a vital role in cooking, the next question should be where and how to find very good sets to buy. Some bowls are ideal for mixing only, while others can be used to mix and warm food. This goes to show that they have different levels of quality. To help you identify the best mixing bowl sets for your kitchen, we have compiled some of the best sets. Do have a look.

Best Mixing Bowl Sets

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1. Pyrex Essentials Mixing Bowl Set

Pyrex Essentials Mixing Bowl Set

If you want the best mixing results, you need to go for the best mixing bowls, and Pyrex happens to be one of them. This bowl set has 8 pieces in all, and each unit has a transparent locking lid. When the lid is on, you can see your contents inside the bowl. The bowls are also of different sizes. There is a 1 quart, 1.5 quart, 2.5 quart, and a 4-quart size, all made of glass. The covers have red, green, orange, and blue plastic. We rate this mixing bowl set so highly because they can be used not only to mix food and cooking ingredients but also to store both too.

Pyrex is glassware that is oven safe. You can use the units to microwave your food. It is also refrigerator and freezer safe. No matter the temperature levels, the bowls will not crack or lose form. More importantly, Pyrex is dishwasher safe which makes it very easy to wash. With just soap and water with a soft sponge, the bowls will be as good as new with no leftover odor or color that could reduce the value of the bowls.

This mixing bowl set is one of the best you can go for, so we recommend them for their value.

Why do we like it?

  • The glass is non-porous
  • Large storage capacity
  • Very durable glass
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2. Oxo 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Oxo 3 Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Oxo Good Grips is a 3-piece bowl set comprising of 1-quart, 3-quart, and a 5-quart bowl. Each bowl in this set is ideal for mixing salad dressings, cake batter, and any other food you can think of. Oxo is specially designed for electric mixers. If you mix your materials with an electric mixer, this is one set you should go for. The bowls are spacious and durable. Some users complain that their bowls tend to slide from one direction to another when they mix. To prevent this from happening, they have to hold the bowl down with one hand to mix their food and ingredients.

With Oxo, you will have no such problems. This bowl has an anti-skid bottom. The way the bottom is structured ensures that they stay in place. Even if the surface you place it on is slippery, the mixing bowl will remain in place all through your mixing session. Oxo is also a suitable bowl for storing food and ingredient supply. The lids on each bowl are airtight to keep your items safe for the foreseeable future.

This bowl set is available in 3 color combinations, so feel free to make your choice according to your preference. We recommend that you pick colors that blend well with other cutleries and cookware in your kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • The bowls are made with BPA-free materials
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lightweight
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3. FineDine Premium Mixing Bowls

Finedine Premium Mixing Bowls

If you want the best mixing results, you can’t afford to settle for less than the best mixing bowl set made with quality materials. FineDine is a very good product to add to your kitchen collection because the bowls in this set are versatile and durable. This set contains five bowls, with each bowl having a cover lid. You can use them for cooking, baking, mixing, and food storage. A set that offers you all these is definitely one that guarantees value for money.

FineDine is made with premium stainless steel materials, while the lids are made of plastic. Whatever you store in them remains protected and fresh as air cannot get past the airtight lids. No two bowls have the same size. The size ranges from .75 quarts to 5-quarts. For large quantities of food, this is one product you will appreciate because the storage is deep and wide.

FineDine is easy to clean and will not rust even though it is metal. The HDPE plastic lids are translucent and quite flexible. You can wash them with a dishwasher and never bother about the bowls losing their form.

Why do we like it?

  • Constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Ideal for your dinner table
  • Freezer safe
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4. Nordic Ware Prep and Serving 4-Piece Mixing Bowl

Nordic Ware Prep And Serving 4 Piece Mixing Bowl

Nordic Ware is one of the best brands as far as kitchenware is concerned, and their mixing bowls are just as good as any you will find in the market. This mixing bowl is crafted by skilled craftsmen from Minnesota, and we regard every single unit in the set as high-quality. If you do a lot of cooking, this is one of the best mixing bowl sets you want to buy. This package contains 2-quart, 3.5-quart, 5-quart, and 7-quart bowls for your mixing, cooking, and serving.

They also have brilliant coastal colors that will add value to your dining area when set alongside other cookware. We included Nordic in our list because you can use them for indoor and outdoor purposes. These bowls can be used to serve food at potlucks and picnics. For camping expeditions, this is one set to take with you because the bowls are lightweight and stackable.

Nordic Ware is one set that represents value for money, and we highly recommend it for your kitchen if you choose not to go for any other bowl set in this review.

Why do we like it?

  • BPA-free materials
  • Very easy to clean
  • Anti-stain and anti-odor bowls
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5. Gourmet 6-piece Nested Mixing Bowl Set

Gourmet 6 Piece Nested Mixing Bowl Set

Do you prepare a lot of gourmet recipes, and you have been looking for a mixing bowl that allows you to mix your recipes to perfection? Gourmet 6-piece mixing bowl is exactly what you need. The bowls in this set have an attractive deep red color that is pleasing to the eye. The material is polypropylene which is perfect for long-term food storage. This set right here will satisfy your kitchen needs because of its long-term value. Constructed with heavy-duty plastic, Gourmet can hold different food and ingredients in any of the 6 bowls. The bowl sizes range from 0.32-quarts to 5.8quart. The number of bowls in the set also increases your options, especially if you have different ingredients to mix or store.

Gourmet bowls are also very easy to store when you stack them all together. They do not require too much space in your kitchen cabinet. Furthermore, you can make a statement with them at your dinner table due to their bright red colors. They are also ideal for outdoor usage too due to their lightweight.

Gourmet mixing bowls offer long-term value, and they are very affordable for buyers with a low budget.

Why do we like it?

  • Freezer, oven, and dishwasher safe
  • The build materials are toxin safe
  • You can order them in 6 different colors
  • Deep storage
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Mixing Bowl Sets Buyer’s Guide

Mixing bowls are one of the easiest things to buy because there are so many sellers offering buyers different shapes and sizes at different prices. However, if you are not careful, you may end up buying a bowl that will not satisfy the purpose for which you bought them. Before you go ahead to order a boxing bowl, ensure that you check out the features to be sure that the bowls in the set are good enough. Here are some things to consider.


The bowl size you buy should depend on the volume of items you want to mix in it. Larger-sized bowls can accommodate a significant volume of food and ingredients. They are also ideal for mixing ingredients thoroughly. Smaller-sized bowls are ideal for melting butter. The bowl size you go for should depend on your need.


Most mixing bowls have a round shape, but there are other shapes too. In terms of depth, you will have to consider your cooking habits. Shallower depths are fine for mixing because your mixing tool will easily reach the bottom of the bowl as you whip and mix your ingredients. However, if you intend to serve or cook with it, you need the best mixing bowls with very deep interiors to accommodate more content.

Construction material

The best mixing bowls are made of stainless steel because steel is durable and easy to clean but do note that they are more expensive. Plastic bowls are good but not ideal for extended microwave use. If you must buy a plastic bowl, make sure it is heavy-duty plastic that will not crack or lose form quickly.