Best Milk Frothers

5 Best Milk Frothers (Reviews Updated 2021)

Does your coffee taste dull and uneven to your mouth and palate? What about flat milk for those who like it? If you have been getting the best coffee beans, those that are your best, and still not getting a good flavor, you are just ruining the coffee beans for a higher price.

Solution? Get a milk frother! A milk frother aerates the hot or cold milk in a jug where the milk is heated or held cold in a fridge. Else, you can heat the milk in the same jug/ pot and then use it with a teamer. The aerated milk produces microbubbles, which rise and stick together cohesively, and this gives it a great texture, taste and the coffee gets its great aroma and taste. If you are planning to consider one, how do you select the best one? For your benefit, we have detailed reviews of the five best milk frothers for you. We invite you to read our reviews and choose one that best suits your needs.

Best Milk Frothers

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Here are our best milk frothers’ reviews:

1. PowerLix Milk Frother

Powerlix Milk Frother

Have a refreshing cup of coffee or a latte with the PowerLix milk frother. With the portable, handheld frother, you can easily prepare the amount of froth that you need on your cuppa.  Have your brew of café style cappuccino. This milk frother can easily be housed on a stand that is paced in the kitchen.

This frother gives you easy accessibility to any beverage as it is battery-operated. The two AA batteries are not included. Just insert the frother into a heated milk cup and switch it on for effective results. A few seconds later, you have frothy milk ready to go on top of your favorite.

The frother is made of high-quality stainless steel. It has a powerful motor for the task expected.  It has a motor capacity of 19000 rpm that froths the milk. The power button is placed right at the top for easy access and to prevent any accidents. The double spring is made from 18/10 stainless steel that is food safe. This spiral whisk is durable and withstands corrosion and rust.

You can use a versatile mixer to whip up eggs for omelets, soufflés, and more. The handle is designed ergonomically and has a soft touch handle that eases pressure on your hands for a long duration of use.

Now get a hot chocolate or a cold coffee with this milk frother!

Why do we like it?

  • 100% lifetime warranty
  • Free e-recipe book
  • Efficient and powerful motor
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2. Miroco Automatic Hot and Cold Milk Frother

Miroco Automatic Hot And Cold Milk Frother

Convenience is at your doorstep with this automatic electric milk frother from Miroco. Add frothed milk to your choice of lattes, cold or hot coffee, cappuccinos, hot chocolates, and more. Enjoy your luxurious cup of beverage to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

The manufacturers recommend using whole milk with a fat content of more than three percent for effective results. It can froth up to 8.1 fluid ounces (240 ml) hot milk for various coffees. If you would prefer cold milk froth or flat whites, just press the button to manage 3.9 fluid ounces (115 ml) of milk for your smooth and refreshing cappuccinos or macchiato.

The frother is made from stainless steel that is of high quality and is durable. The interiors are coated with a non-stick coating. Cleaning it is with its angled spout that effectively minimizes spillages. The Miroco milk frother has high safety standards. It is compliant with the North American safety standards with an ETL certification, has Strix temperature systems, and an auto shut off when the foam is ready.

Why do we like it?

  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • High standards of safety
  • Apt milk frothing capacity for regular domestic use
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3. Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother

Get a good, strong, reinvigorating cup of hot coffee laced with foam and more with the Aeroccino3.  A true revolution in the milk frother appliances, this variant is by Nespresso. It is made from stainless steel and food-grade plastic. It works on electricity, and it also can give you hot mail between 160o F to 170o F.

Just touch a simple button to switch on/off. As you switch on, a single one-second push of the same button warms the milk for hot frothy milk; don’t you want it? Change to a 2-second press to get normal (cold) milk froth.

This portable milk frother has a very slim design. It easily fits into your carrier bags to take to work or when traveling for a holiday. When the job is done, it has an auto shut-off, just in case you get busy with a call from work or a friend, perhaps?

The inside of this unit is made from food-grade plastic with a non-stick coating, which makes it easy to clean. The exterior dimensions are LxWxH  3.9” x 3.9” x 7.2” and it weighs only 1.9 lbs.

Here is a recommendation. For best results, always use whole or low-fat milk. You should refrigerate this milk between four to six degrees centigrade.

Why do we like it?

  • On touch button
  • Operates for cold and hot milk foam
  • Portable unit
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4. Breville Cafe Milk Frother

Breville Cafe Milk Frother

With so many milk frothers available for choice, the Breville Café Milk Frother easily stands out.  Make a hot cuppa of chocolate by directly frothing in the unit and put into your cup/ travel mug. It has two discs, one for milk frothing that makes small bubbles. The second, the Latte disc, makes the milk much smoother and creamier.

This unit has an adjustable temperature to manage the desired level of heat for your hot froth. It works on an induction cooktop for an even and gentle heat spread across the unit. Capacity? A maximum of three cups of frothed milk in one go. For your convenience, this unit has an auto shut-off function once the desired heating level is reached.

Do remember that the use of different ingredients can reduce the foaming effect. For example, if you use thick shake syrups, large flakes, or heavy powders.  The manufacturers strongly recommend that you don’t exceed the maximum capacity of 16 fluid ounces (500ml). Also, the use of fresh and cold milk is advised.  Do not let the foam sit as it reduces in size and density in a few minutes. Never reheat unused frothed milk to maintain food safety.

Why do we like it?

  • Good for hot and cold milk froths
  • Portable for easy mobility
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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5. Aerolatte Milk Frother

Aerolatte Milk Frother

This milk frother is easily portable and is easy to store. It comes equipped with a travel case. This lightweight dynamic frothing unit is versatile equipment, giving you the convenience of only frothing using the spring and shaft. Apart from frothing milk, you can use it to blend sauces and cocktails too.

The Aerolatte’s Original Steam-Free Milk Frother turns milk into a rich and creamy froth any time you need.  It is operated by two AA batteries (provided).

Remember that unlike other products reviewed in this article, this frother does not heat milk. You need to heat the milk separately and then beat it up to froth using this Aerolatte milk frother. Some users find this feature helpful, and some don’t, as it takes two pans to heat and then makes the foam. It’s finally your choice. For cold latte froth, ensure that the milk is fresh and cold from the fridge before froth.

The best thing is that no cords are hanging around, interfering with your beverage preparation. You can use it for various milk like soy, cow, buffalo, woe or skimmed milk, goat, and more.

The unit is made from stainless steel, 18/8 grade, and plastic. The plastic used is food grade, BPA free, and is prop 65 compliant. Hence cleaning is easy by putting the whisk-end in a warm, soapy water solution.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Works on 2 AA batteries – no direct electricity
  • Heating or cooling milk is done separately
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Milk Frothers’ Buyer’s Guide

So you now have a fair idea of what the milk frothers’ do, how they work, and detailed reviews of the best five. Well, if you decide to buy one, here top essential factors to watch out for.


Good quality milk frothers are made from glass or stainless steel bodies with a non-stick coating inside for durability and ease in cleaning. Should plastic be used, ensure it is BPA and other toxin-free for the health of your loved ones.


Milk frothers are either manual or electrical. Manual frothers work on principles of mechanics, and that means you need to apply physical pressure.  Hence they need more batches to be producing, little quantities in every batch.  Electrical ones are effortless and quicker in doing the same job.

Milk frothers also vary by the type of foam they produce, micro or macro foaming. You would have seen the micro foaming being done in restaurants or at home using the steam spout with a long neck. So after your drink is prepared, you pass high-pressure steam into your drink to get a good layer of foam. The macro-foam is used for larger, cooler beverages.

Opt for one as per your needs and preferences.


Most electrical frothers come with a temperature setting to manage your needs of hot or cold froth.  While many have dial knobs, others have basic electric settings. Most milk frothers have just a one-touch button for your convenience.