5 Best Microwave Drawers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Yay! Add more countertop space in your kitchen by putting away large appliances like a microwave into the drawers below.  Use the additional countertop space for food preparation, turning it into a ‘mise-en-place’ area for cocktails and drinks being served and more.

With the kitchen drawer microwave, you can keep your kitchen looking sharp and clean while the micro below is cooking your food, a pilaf or a risotto with pork chops and red wine sauce, perhaps? If you are ready to explore, read through our in-depth reviews that we have compiled for your benefit. So plunge into the reviews and choose one that best suits your needs.

Best Microwave Drawers

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Here are our best microwave drawers’ reviews:

1. SHARP SMD2480CS Microwave Drawer

Sharp Smd2480cs Microwave Drawer

While SHARP has been a pioneer, this variant revolutionized the way kitchens were designed more than thirty decades back. While everything is far more efficient today, earlier, you would need extra countertop space to manage the bread, rolls, soup, and more.

This twenty-four inches SHARP microwave drawer has a wave-through feature; it means you do not need to touch any buttons to open it. You need to only wave at it, and the drawer opens to offer you a warm drink or a cold drink. A blue LED lights-up as the microwave is plugged on.

Installing it has various options – it necessarily doesn’t go into a kitchen drawer only. You can easily house it in the kitchen island cart, peninsula, or below the oven wall. The 45o angled control panel is helpful as you can see it facing down. No need for you to bend your knees to pick up a weight. The microwave manages ergonomics and good posture for you as you operate it.

Some users have disabled the wave-on feature as small kids play with the controls of wave on/off. This prevents accidents.

It has a one-year warranty for parts and labor, and the Magnetron has a five-year limited warranty.

So what’s cooking for dinner tonight?

Why do we like it?

  • Touch-less opening
  • Easy-to-open and close drawers
  • Powerful 1000 watts motor
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2. SHARP SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer

Sharp Smd2470as Microwave Drawer

Ah! There is a lot more countertop space now with the SHARP microwave drawer oven. This 24” microwave drawer oven takes care of everything, including fresh air and venting concerns. It fits comfortably within the provided space of 1.2 cubic feet.

Even with a tare weight of seventy-four pounds, it comfortably fits into the drawers saving you space. This unit consumes 950 watts of energy per hour. This SHARP model is one of the best-selling microwaves. It has an easy-touch automatic drawer that opens up smoothly. This microwave drawer can be easily closed with a hands-free closing system.

As you open the drawer to reveal the microwave, a concealed control panel is seen. This is raised at a 45o degree angle for easy reading and operating. Conveniently placed below the counter, this microwave is easy to operate. It saves you preparation and cleaning up time as it has an auto-defrost function. With the auto-defrost function, you can easily put large meat chunks to thaw before cooking them.

The sleek-looking easy-to-use microwave is large enough for a four-quart dish for cooking. It can additionally accommodate a twenty ounces liquid cup too. Now, isn’t that wonderful?

Some users were concerned that the countertop overhang may obstruct the control panel. However, countertops rarely overhang beyond half an inch from the edge. You can easily operate this microwave with this typical overhang that allows you to see the control panel easily. Also, as some users highlighted, the microwave has a clearance of two inches from the topmost shelf. Convenient, isn’t it?

Why do we like it?

  • Saves you countertop space
  • Easy-to-open and close drawers
  • Powerful 950 watts motor
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3. SHARP SMD3030ASY Microwave Drawer

Sharp Smd3030asy Microwave Drawer

SHARP has been the pioneer in the ‘microwave-in-a-drawer’ industry. Popular even today, this model/ variant of SHARP is a perfect fit in your kitchen drawer. This microwave can comfortably cook and steam any food dishes to your liking with a 30” x 15 7/8” x 23 1/64” (LxWxH) dimension. Remember that this is an average microwave and doesn’t bake or grill any food. It even features an auto defrost feature that allows you to use the micro for quick thawing of meat, vegetables, and more.

Using a 1000 watts motor, the microwave motor is powerful to adapt to most of your cooking needs. When the microwave is in use, a light comes on. This unit does not have a bake function. It is a normal convection microwave oven.

Some users were concerned with the child lock feature being absent in this model. Since the microwave is placed below the counter, toddlers can easily reach into the microwave or access the control panel. It is recommended to keep all major appliances switched off from their main plugs rather than leave them on when not in use; this helps you prevent any accidents..

Why do we like it?

  • High wattage unit (of 1000 Watts)
  • Easy to clean matte finish
  • No turntable embedded inside
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4. Bosch HMD8451UC800 Microwave Drawer

Bosch Hmd8451uc800 Microwave Drawer

Equipped to defrost automatically, this unit of Bosch microwave drawer is a 24 inches microwave model.  Now cook pilaf rice, risotto, pizzas, and more in these, below-the-counter microwave ovens from Bosch. With a 950 watts powered motor and a ten-speed microwave, some cooking is going to set off some free time for you.

Most users had a look at the control panels, which needed some fabrication. The control panels face up as you look down when you open the drawer to work the microwave.

Some folks found it difficult to operate, having to bend at their knees to make it work. Some users are happy that there is no glass turntable embedded inside. Most users loved its sleek and stylish looks.

Cleaning and maintaining it is easy as all you have to do is to rub it down with a soft dry cloth. If you come across some food stains, use a cleaner to spray and wipe them away. Remember not to use soap water solution as it can leave marks behind. A weekly cleaning or fortnightly cleaning is always recommended to keep it smelling and looking as fresh as the day you bought it.

Why do we like it?

  • Heavy-duty microwave with 950 watts
  • Ten unique levels of power
  • Front-facing controls
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5. ZLINE Microwave Drawer

Zline Microwave Drawer

Built-in black stainless steel, this sturdy and powerhouse is a working model of the under-the-top kitchen microwave. Weighing only seventy pounds, the Z line microwave drawer has a sturdy construction for a twenty-four-inch microwave.

The microwave has an easy-to-use screen display with touch screen controls. The controls offer you eleven different levels of powering up the energy to cook faster and consistently. What’s awesome is that this unit comes with a ‘Melt’ feature; this allows any home chef to melt butter, chocolate, cheese, and more easily. Yummm!

This microwave is easy to clean and is a no-brainer.  Remember to power off and remove the microwave cord before cleaning any electrical appliances like this microwave. With a stainless steel finish, you can keep this microwave gleaming clean using a wet and dry soft cloth.

Now cook yourself some Mediterranean Paella or the Indian Chicken gravy or a drunken chicken with risotto from Italy and a glass of Chantilly to go with this?

Why do we like it?

  • High power usage of 1000 Watts
  • Popcorn and auto defrost function
  • A two-year warranty
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Microwave Drawers’ Buyer’s Guide

So, if you have read the in-depth reviews of the five best microwave drawers, buying one should be easy. To add value, here are some essential factors that you must consider.


The prime benefit the microwave drawer offers is a large amount of countertop space in the kitchen. Most microwave units are available in a 24″ or a 30″ door opening.  The ability to put away/out of sight microwave is a great facility that some kitchens can procure. The control panels are made in glass, and more often than not, they are housed just below the countertops, inside the drawer. They face you, as you look down to touch and control the features.


A critical aspect of the microwave drawer is the fitment. So please check the product specifications and the kitchen drawers’ sizes before you buy them.

Most drawers can easily accommodate both the 24 inches and the 30 inches variants in most brands. Since the height and the depth of the microwave are fixed, it’s a matter of the front face, which is the width. This makes your kitchen drawers multi-purpose.


Child’s lock: Since these drawers are below the countertop level, it is advisable to have the child lock feature for your children or anyone visiting you. You want to avoid them playing with the microwave, waving at it again and again, there by switch it on/off.

Touchless operation: Some microwaves require you to wave at them to open and close. Helpful isnt it? It ensures that you do not have to spend much time in programming the microwave. It could be a challenge, too, if some toddlers come to know about this feature and keep waving in front of the drawers. Remember, you usually have a button to lock this feature to avoid kids playing with it.