5 Best Microwave Carts (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you running short of kitchen countertop space with many appliances stored on it like a microwave, toaster, and more?  Do you constantly have to rejig appliances between the kitchen cabinets to the kitchen counter for use and back again for storage? It surely is a time-waster and requires effort.  How do you manage easily without redesigning your kitchen?

The solution lies in opting for a Microwave cart. With this one main item off your kitchen countertop, you get ample space. Well, if you are thinking of one, do read our in-depth reviews of the five best microwave carts. For your ease, we have studied each one in-depth to present to you an unbiased review. Take a few minutes to read the reviews and choose one that best suits your needs.

Best Microwave Carts

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Here are our best microwave carts reviews:

1. Mr. Ironstone Vintage Microwave Stand

Mr. Ironstone Vintage Microwave Stand

Offering you enormous storage, this vintage microwave stand from Mr. Ironstone is an excellent product. It has a black metal frame that provides four-tier shelves and three large racks. This sturdy microwave stand can be used as a multi-purpose stand too. Your microwave can easily fit onto the top shelf or the lowermost, as you desire.

You can use the remaining shelves for storing other kitchen appliances, crockery and more. You also get ten hooks to hang coffee mugs or pots and pans. You have a choice to place it against a wall or use it as a kitchen island. With its open features, you can approach the cart from any side and store extra-large items too.

The smartly designed vintage-looking shelves are made from high-quality MDF boards. These boards are lightweight and can bear weight easily. They are easy to clean using a dry soft cloth.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Enormous storage space
  • Open features allow large items to be placed easily.
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2. Amazon Basics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart on Wheels

Amazon Basics Kitchen Rolling Microwave Cart On Wheels

Looking for a cart for your microwave? Look no further than this simple and elegant Amazon basics kitchen cart that has wheels. Featuring a brilliant chrome finish, this versatile cart can easily host your microwave on the wooden top.

Made of a sturdy design with chrome-plated steel, this cart has a removable wooden top (1.5″).  The cart’s open design offers you additional space to keep things that necessarily don’t have to sit within the frame of the cart; though you will need to be careful that they don’t cause accidents.

This cart has an overall dimension of 21” x 15” x 36.7” (LxWxH).  It features two additional chrome shelves that are adjustable to lower or higher as the need may be. Each shelf can accommodate a maximum weight of fifty pounds.

The easy to assemble cart has casters that move smoothly on wooden and tiled surfaces. Two of the casters offer to lock to stabilize the cart when needed. Additionally, four chrome plated hooks can easily accommodate spatulas or coffee mugs, and more.  Some users found it helpful to move the lower shelf up by an inch and use the space below to store water, soda cans, and more.

This cart depicts a combination of form and functionality that blends into the kitchen décor of most kitchens.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple and elegant with an open design feature
  • One year limited warranty
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3. Hodedah Microwave Cart

Hodedah Microwave Cart

Decorate your kitchen with this easy-to-roll Hodedah kitchen cart.  Elegant and functional, it is available in multiple finishes. Equipped with ample storage space, this cart gives you an accessible microwave approach when placed on the top shelf.  Avoid bending to operate the microwave as it is at counter height.

It has four casters that make it portable to any place you want. Two of these casters are lockable to hold the cart in its place. Should you change your plans tomorrow, you can easily place this in the bedroom as a multi-purpose unit or in the living room with memoirs from your visits to many places.

With a dimension of 15.6” x 45.3” x 23.6” inches (LxWxH), this unit can be stacked against any wall in your kitchen. It has a drawer to hold all mini accessories, including bottle openers, cutlery, and more.

The cabinet space can easily hold all small kitchen appliances and offers convenient storage space. You will love the functionality of the smooth metal drawer glides.  It has safety stops that hold the drawers when they are fully extended and prevent them from falling out.

Why do we like it?

  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designated space for microwave with easy access
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4. Ameriwood Home Landry Microwave Cart

Ameriwood Home Landry Microwave Cart

Now, you can easily free up kitchen countertop space by adding an Ameriwood Home Landry microwave cart to your kitchen. Available in four different finishes, this cart blends into the décor of any kitchen easily.

With more kitchen countertop space available, you can complete your cooking comfortably. This cart houses the microwave on top, giving you easy access to operate it.  The top shelf can easily hold a maximum weight of forty pounds. An open shelf below can store many of your groceries and more comfortably. A large cabinet below is multi-purpose and can be used to store anything. Given the large space it offers, you can store crockery and cutlery or and other cookware that you want to keep away.

The microwave cart rolls easily on hard floors or tiled floors from one place to another.  Some users found it helpful to place it on a carpeted floor with an informed decision of reduced mobility. Some users found it easy to clean with a damp cloth, followed by a dry and soft cloth.

Why do we like it?

  • Roll-on caster with locking feature
  • Sturdy design
  • Convenient microwave space
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5. Home Styles Liberty Stainless Steel Top Kitchen Cart

Home Styles Liberty Stainless Steel Top Kitchen Cart

Easy to move, this microwave cart serves a dual purpose as a kitchen island too. Offering durability, this microwave cart is constructed from hardwood solids. The stainless steel (0.8 mm thickness) has a fine finish to it. You can use this top for multiple purposes, including housing the microwave oven. The steel top is easy to clean and maintain.

The cart has two adjustable shelves, offering you a choice to store appliances, crockery and more of different heights. The three storage drawers are deep to keep cutlery and other kitchen utility items. They are handy to pull out when you want to get any of the stored items. All handles and drawer knobs are made from brushed nickel, increasing the aesthetic appeal.

The manufacturer’s caution against the use of power tools above 8 volts to assemble this unit. Some users who did not want portability were very happy to have this unit placed on a carpeted floor. Some users mentioned that they find it easy to clean with a dry soft cloth.

Why do we like it?

  • Three storage drawers
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Removable towel bar and spice rack
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Microwave Carts’ Buyer’s Guide

Having read the reviews, you have a fair idea of what microwave carts have to offer. However, before you opt for one, here are top six essential factors you must consider to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.


Do take a few minutes to measure your microwave and the cart shelf space to ensure a comfortable fit. Remember to keep a distance of six to eight inches behind the microwave to let out the heat. This space may vary from each microwave brand/model variant.  Some folks find it helpful to have extra space on the same countertop as the microwave to keep dishes to heat or be removed after cooking.


While many products offer you ample storage space, do consider the build/sturdiness of the cart.  A metallic frame made from stainless steel will offer you a better build. Extras like an X-design add to the sturdiness.

Some carts have wheels, which are good for making the cart portable. However, if the quality of casters is poor, they lower the sturdiness of the cart design when fully loaded.


Most carts are supposed to be just that, a cart! Carts typically have roll-on casters that can swivel 360 degrees. Many carts have storage shelves and space. Some folks prefer open designs to fit any extra-large appliances or odd-shaped ones. Yet, many folks prefer closed cabinet-style storage for neatness and aesthetics.

Some carts that are at the same height as your kitchen countertop fit in well with the room’s décor.  They offer you extended counter space.  If the microwave is housed in box-type cabinet space, you have limited counter space.

For design purposes, some countertops are covered in stainless steel, while others are finished with wood.  Choose one as per your needs.

Ease of assembly

Do read instructions on the assembly before you order. Some carts have complicated assemblies because of the number of drawers and shelves. Some kits give you assembly tools while others don’t. Consider your convenience as you make a choice.


Some folks may prefer portability while others don’t, depending on each one’s usage. If you do seek casters, ensure they are heavy-duty, and you can lock at least two of them to stabilize the cart.

Storage space

Most carts have storage spaces, open or closed like cabinets. Some have extra racks that come with it should you decide to keep the distance between two shelves to a minimum. Adjustable shelves offer you compatibility to store large and small items as preferences and needs vary over a period of time.