5 Best Meatloaf Pans (Reviews Updated 2022)

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You may have come across people using either the baking trays or broiler lids for baking themselves a meatloaf over the years. Odd-sized and uneven-looking meatloaves don’t make it appealing to eat.  No, you surely don’t want this mess! So how do you ensure that your diners are spell-bound ready to grab your meatloaves?

Solution? A meatloaf pan is one of the best ways that gives the final product a great shape, makes it appealing to slice and eat along with other food items. Which one to buy? Ah, the solution lies in our reviews of the five best meatloaf pans. We have studied each one in-depth to give you a detailed and unbiased review. We invite you to read our reviews and choose one that best suits your needs.

Best Meatloaf Pans

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Here are our best meatloaf pans’ reviews:

1. Chicago Metallic Non-Stick 2-Piece Healthy Meatloaf Set

Chicago Metallic Non Stick 2 Piece Healthy Meatloaf Set

With this two-piece heavy-duty metallic pan, bake yourselves a healthier meatloaf. In this two-piece pan, the grease and oils sit at the bottom of the pan, as you easily lift out of the metallic insert with meatloaf, without any streaks or burns. Giving you high quality, design, and durability, Chicago Metallic has been the preferred choice of people who love baking.

The non-stick, easy-to-pick-up insert is a welcome design for most bakers, at home or in restaurants.  You can lift the pans comfortably wearing cooking mitts as they have large handles. The perforations/holes on the insert leaf allow the grease to drain away from the meat while baking. There are eleven holes in length and six across; each hole is about ¼ of an inch in diameter. It bakes a two-pound loaf with much ease. You can easily clean this unit in a dishwasher or by hand for those who prefer a gentle hand wash for durability.

Quite a few users like the sturdy design, professional-grade craftsmanship, and quality of the pan. These pans are made from aluminized steel; this material is for heavy-duty work. This combination provides superior heat conduction and even baking across the food dish.

Why do we like it?

  • Has a lifter insert to remove the final product
  • Non-stick
  • Twenty-five-year warranty
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2. USA Pan Bakeware Loaf Pan

Usa Pan Bakeware Loaf Pan

Made from aluminized steel that is finished with non-stick coating, this product by USA Pan Bakeware is an excellent choice for one-pound cakes and meatloaves, and more. Some folks have even made fritters in the oven using these molds. Amazing, isn’t it?

This pan comes with a patented AMERICOAT Plus non-stick coating. This non-stick coating is free from PTFE, BPA, and PFOA, giving you a healthy food dish. Perhaps only a few users would have read the distinctive feature these pans offer. This variant of the meatloaf pan has a steel wire in the rim. This steel wire provides extra strength and offers resistance to warping. The specially crafted corrugated design allows better air circulation and provides strength to the pan itself.

The metal is heavy gauge commercial grade offering even heat distribution. This can easily bake a one-pound meatloaf or various types of bread with a dimension (LxWxH) of 8.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 inches.

Most users found it easy to stack them one on top of the other, with some folks using a paper towel in between to avoid any scratches.

Why do we like it?

  • Toxin-free, BPOA free non-stick coating
  • Easily stackable
  • Corrugated surface for air circulation
  • Limited lifetime warranty
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3. Farberware Meatloaf Pans

Farberware Meatloaf Pans

Faberware has been a well-known brand since 1900, when they first set up producing bakery ware. This offering by Faberware is one of the best that you can have in your kitchen for many purposes, from baking to basting and more. The two-set pan is great for baking bread in one and meatloaf in another. It is made from stainless steel; they evenly distribute heat all across the pan.

A few users offer you a baking tip to shorten bread dough on the insides, including the bottom. This helps the fat from the shortening dough coat the insides and bottom, and the meatloaf or breads don’t stick. Without food stuck on the bottoms and sides, cleaning is easy by soaking them in hot water and washing them with a mild soap.

They are oven safe for use up to 450°F. Some users have suggested greasing the pans on the insides and bottoms with any cooking oil, especially for high protein meats. Few examples are food items that contain eggs, chicken, fish, etc.  Do not use heavy vegetable oils as they tend to leave a residue that could affect the non-stick surface.

Why do we like it?

  • Heavy-duty, smoothened pans
  • Requires minimal greasing
  • Easy to clean and wash
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4. Wilton Recipe Right Baking Pan

Wilton Recipe Right Baking Pan

Be it loaves of bread, cakes, or meatloaves; these pans are great for just about anything that needs baking in a rectangular loaf shape. The Wilton recipe medium-sized baking pans have just the right capacity to hold over a pound of ingredients for that brown or white loaf to be baked.

The non-stick coating eases the food up during and after cooking. It is made from heavy-gauge steel that ensures that heat is evenly distributed around the pan.

While many users disagree on greasing this pan due to its non-stick coating, some folks prefer to use parchment paper. The parchment paper makes it easy to lift it out and put the baked loaves on the cooling tray.  Wilton recommends that you grease the pans lightly with shortening or a baking spray for best results.

Most users of this product mentioned that this is completely safe for use in the traditional convection up to 450o F.  Some folks had questions about using this in a home kitchen where they had birds. Wilton company reps have advised that their products are coated with silicone polyester, PFOE, or PTFO. As a result, you will not have fumes that could affect the birds.

Why do we like it?

  • Five-year warranty
  • Non-stick coating
  • Multi-use pan
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5. SILIVO Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mold

Silivo Non Stick Silicone Baking Mold

This multi-purpose baking mold is an excellent choice for baking bread loaves, meatloaves, and more are made from high-quality silicone that is 100% food grade. This material, silicone, is stain-resistant and odor-resistant. Users keep differing on whether to grease this mold or not, but a general view is to grease it after using butter paper lightly.

It can withstand baking temperatures between 20o F to 450o F (30o C to 230o C). You can use this to set desserts in the deep freezers, ovens, toasters, and microwaves.  Cleaning them is as easy as putting them in the top rack of a dishwasher. With the SILIVO baking molds, the entire bakery is at home; you don’t have to get to the bakers except perhaps for a baguette.

Users have given this mold a bending test to check its durability, and they were happy with its performance. A hot selling item, this is available in various packing of 1, 2, or 4 units; featured here is the two-piece variant.  Some users prefer to grease the molds and put them in an oven at 350o F for a few minutes before the first use, as recommended. Do read the instruction manual carefully.

So, it’s meatloaves made by mom for dinner tonight, right?

Why do we like it?

  • Stackable design for storage and space saved
  • Made from eco-friendly 100 % pure food-grade silicone
  • Easy to clean with soap water
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Meatloaf Pans’ Buyer’s Guide

After you have read our in-depth reviews on the five best meatloaf pans, buying one should be easy. To add value, here are some essential factors that you must consider to ensure you get the best meatloaf pans.


Baking has perfected over many centuries, and with the advent of technology, today, you have a choice of glass, steel, or a variety of steel like aluminized steel or aluminum. Heavy-duty steel or aluminum is a preferred metal for meatloaf pans. They are the best for heat conduction, durability, and ease of cleaning. Opt as per your need.


The capacity/size of a meatloaf pan will depend upon the number of diners, oven size, and your preferences. Do you prefer to bake and freeze meatloaves, or do you prefer to bake fresh meatloaves?

The size of meatloaf pans can vary widely. You need to think through if you need two pieces of a 1-pound meatloaf pan or just one of 2-pound meatloaf, or perhaps have one of each for recipes that may require a bigger version of a pan than just one pound. Opt as per your needs.

Non-Stick Coating

While selecting a meatloaf pan, ensure that the non-stick coating is toxin-free. Do read the product information carefully to ascertain this. You don’t want to be cooking for your family in a non-toxic pan, do you? Some folks prefer to use glass/ pyrex dishes to avoid any challenges with a non-stick coating.


Lids: Many meatloaf pans come with removable lids, while some don’t. Opt for one with removable lids. This will make your pan versatile in storing food in freezers or refrigerators.

Perforated bottom inserts: These perforations make for healthy cooking with the grease and oils staying behind at the pan’s bottom. Using the insert handles, you can comfortably lift out the loaf, ensuring healthy and nutritious food for your loved ones.