5 Best Martini Glasses (Reviews Updated 2022)

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No matter how you like your martini, it will eventually end up in a martini glass. However, the trend has changed now. The traditional V-shaped glass is not the only option available on the market. There are now rounded crystal and vintage glasses. Almost all these varieties will do a fantastic job of holding a martini.

Having so many options is good as long as it doesn’t get complicated. Fortunately, we are here to give the customers some clarity. Listed below are the best martini glasses available on the market right now.

Best Martini Glasses

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1. Riedel Nick and Nora Cocktail Glass

Riedel Nick And Nora Cocktail Glass

According to many bar managers, Nick and Nora’s cocktail glasses are one of the best. Years of research went into these glasses, and they come with a silhouette with a curve and an extended lip. These features allow the glass to be more stable, and the liquid does not spill out. These glasses were made in a machine, and they offer you a comfortable feel. Every sip you take from these glasses will hit your mid-palate, and you won’t even have to tilt your head backward.

Nick and Nora’s capacity is 4 ounces, and more importantly, these glasses are dishwasher safe, so cleaning them will never be an issue. These glasses are not only great for a martini but other drinks as well. The top bartenders endorse these glasses wholeheartedly, and there are no question marks regarding their quality.

The right martini glasses will always feel good in your hands. These glasses have the right feel; they are made with machines’ help, so rest assured this product will not disappoint. If these glasses fit your budget or are worth the investment, then do not hesitate and go for it. Not many brands out there get the stamp of approval from experts and bartenders.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Machine-made
  • Endorsed by experts
  • Design
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2. JoyJolt Aqua Vitae Martini

Joyjolt Aqua Vitae Martini

Safety comes first with these glasses, as they have been designed to withstand accidents. JoyJolt’s glasses are durable, safe to use in a dishwasher, and do not contain lead-free crystals. They have an octagonal design which is entirely among cocktail glasses, and the base also has a curved edge. These glasses can contain 8-ounces of liquid and come in an embossed box.

Customers can also gift JoyJolt’s glasses to their friends and family members. The advantage of these glasses is that they are slightly bigger and can hold a lot more liquid. They have a beautiful and unique design. The cherry on top of the cake is the embossed box, which means carrying these glasses around is possible and can be done comfortably. The box will also make storage easy as you can store it anywhere.

These glasses have everything a martini glass should have. Having them around will give your bar a much-needed edge. There are not many options out there that durable and stylish, so this is a rare combination. These glasses are a rare breed, and if you can buy them, please do so.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Embossed box for storage
  • Dishwasher Safe
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3. Schott Zwiesel Tritan Pure Martini Glasses

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Pure Martini Glasses

These glasses have a more vintage look to them, as they are V-shaped. The glass bowl sits atop a thin stem, and the lip is angled so that the liquid does not spill. The glasses have a depth of 12 ounces, and the silhouette is extended.

These glasses are safe to use in a dishwasher, and they are also made from glassware that is resistant to chipping. Scott Zwiesel offers a set of 6 glasses, and all of them are crafted from Tritan crystal. The glasses measure 4.4 inches in diameter and have a height of 7.1 inches. Cleaning is also easy as they are dishwasher safe. These glasses are also multipurpose, and you can use them in bars and at dinners, parties, and gatherings.

A massive advantage of these glasses is that you can use them for several occasions. So you do not need to buy glasses of different brands. These glasses are also huge, so constant refilling is also not needed. Glasses with a classical design are rare nowadays, so that alone makes this set worth your investment. The quality of the product is also excellent and durable.

Why do we like it?

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Elongated design
  • Vintage look
  • handcrafted
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4. Marquis by Waterford Crosby Martini Glasses

Marquis By Waterford Crosby Martini Glasses

Sometimes V-shaped glasses can be problematic for drinking martini, but Waterford Crosby glasses are an exception. These glasses are made of crystal and are one of the most prestigious glasses available on the market. Most glasses produced by Waterford Crosby are expensive but not the marquis line of glasses. The glasses can contain 7 ounces of liquid, and their heavier weight gives them stability. It is recommended that the glasses are washed by hand.

The glasses have their signature grid cut pattern and are BPA-Free. These glasses are also free of lead crystal, so they are safe and carry no health effects. Marquis glasses have a width of 5.1 inches and a height of 7.1 inches. Glasses manufactured by this brand are usually expensive. You cannot miss this rare opportunity as the marquis’s glasses line is not that expensive. Now you can also buy stylish crystal glasses to drink your martini in them. There is a good chance that these glasses will fit your budget, and if they do, then do not hesitate.

Why do we like it?

  • Lead-Free crystal
  • BPA free
  • Heavier weight adds stability
  • Easy to clean
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5. Baryonic Coupe Glass

Baryonic Coupe Glass

Most bartenders are so in love with this product that they do not like any other brand. The coupe glass has a stylish and smooth curvature to it. The mouth of this glass is tapered. The capacity of this glass is 7-ounces, and it is made from pressed glass. This glass is also ideal for weddings and large gatherings. You can use these glasses to serve several types of drinks.

The price tag that comes along with these glasses is not very hefty, and you will have a hard time finding brands with a similar price tag. Whenever you have bartenders endorsing a product, you know it is a high-standard product. And usually, the glasses that experts and bartenders endorse are expensive, but this one is not, so it is within reach of customers. The top diameter of this glass is 3.625 inches, base diameter of 3 inches, and the stem has a length of 3 inches, case dimensions are 63 cm X 42 cm X 15 cm, and the whole set weighs approximately 12.70 lbs,

Why do we like it?

  • Smooth and stylish look
  • Ideal for gatherings
  • Not very expensive
  • Made from pressed glass
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Martini Glasses Buyer’s Guide

Many different brands manufacture martini glasses, and they are readily available on the market. Having the choice is good but making the right decision is the tricky part. The decision you make will also depend on what you require from the product.

Customers can get confused very quickly, and to clear that confusion, we have compiled a list of factors that need to be considered when buying martini glasses.


A good quality martini glass will be durable and will have a long life. Try buying glasses made of good material, do your research, and go through several products before deciding.

You will buy a set of glasses, so before you make your investment, sure about the product’s quality. Try meeting experts and bartenders who know a lot about these glasses.


Some martini glasses weigh a lot, and that weight is a good thing as it gives them more stability. However, people can be clumsy, and one mistake can lead to a disaster. A good quality martini glass will most likely weigh a lot so be careful with it.

Only take these glasses out when it is necessary and if this does not fit your budget, try looking for cheaper options.


Storage is a big issue in kitchens, so before you plan to buy these glasses, make sure that you have ample space available. Some brands might sell glasses in boxes, so try buying them to store your glasses easily and quickly take them with you.

Also, storing them in places that are not too cramped so that the glasses do not get damaged. Try buying glasses that are chip-resistant.


The capacity of these glasses varies from brand to brand. Capacity is an essential factor because no one wants to do constant refills. Buy products that have an excellent depth and that don’t spill the liquid.

It also depends on the drinks. If the drinks have a nice fizzle to them, then they might spill out of the glass. Generally, it would be best if you had glasses that could hold a decent amount of liquid at once.