5 Best Magnetic Knife Holders (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For a chef, keeping a knife sharp ensures fast work and ease of slicing through both meat and vegetables. If you are someone who owns an expensive knife set, you understand the value a knife holder gives you in the kitchen. Not only does a knife holder save you precious space inside a kitchen, keep your family members and staff safe from harm but also ensure the blade does not dull down.

The benefits of a standard knife holder are great, but the benefits of a magnetized knife holder are even better. There are plenty of magnetic knife holders present in the market that you can choose from. We’ve made a list of the top ones to ensure you make the right decision with this useful kitchen addition.

Best Magnetic Knife Holders

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1. Woodsom Magnetic Wooden Knife Bar Holder

Woodsom Magnetic Wooden Knife Bar Holder

The wooDsom Store magnetic wooden knife holder has several length options you can choose from depending on the size of your knife set. The magnetic wooden knife bar holder has been handcrafted by master craftsmen under the guidance of pro-chefs. You will find no dead zones on the surface area of the holder and can use this to keep your knives safe at a distance.

What’s more, is that the knife holder is made from wood and has a beautiful exterior that matches with any contemporary kitchen. The finishing is done with food-safe oil to ensure the knife does not catch on to any toxic chemicals. The knife holder can be mounted on a cupboard or wall, and the knives can safely be away from the reach of children.

There is no possibility for jiggling while your knives are held by the magnetic holder, which doubles the safety. The holder comes with a manual on how to install it at your home.

Why do we like it?

  • No dead zones
  • Food-safe oil finishing
  • Hand-crafted
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2. Schmidt Brothers Magnetic Knife Wall Bar

Schmidt Brothers Magnetic Knife Wall Bar

This classical-styled wooden kitchen holder can hold up to 8-10 knives in one go which is the full number in a professional chef’s knife set. The bar is compact enough to save space in your kitchen, so you don’t feel claustrophobic. The Schmidt Brothers can also be mounted on a wall to ensure the knives remain at a safe distance from the reach of children or pets.

This wall-mounted feature also ensures you remain safe from any unnecessary cuts. The magnet used is strong enough to keep the knives held in place, while the universal fit feature allows all your knives to not collide with each other on the holder. Each knife has enough space to not dull out by grinding against each other whenever you place them on the holder.

Lastly, the use of natural acacia wood shows the company’s commitment to creating quality kitchen holders that remain in service for life. They are also perfect for displaying on the wall as a decorative piece if left idle.

Why do we like it?

  • Acacia wood durability
  • Easy installation
  • It can fit 8-10 knives
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3. Global Cutlery G-42/81 32-Inch Knife Wall Magnet Holder

Global Cutlery G 42 81 32 Inch Knife Wall Magnet Holder

The Global Cutlery Wall magnetic holder is made of stainless steel and is a compact addition to your kitchen that helps you save space. The holder can be mounted on a wall and can hold up to 15 knives in one go. This includes all kinds of knives throughout the globe, which makes it adaptable to the knife set that you own.

The stainless-steel look ensures that it can fit inside any kitchen without you having to worry about aesthetics. The magnetic power is strong enough to ensure that no single knife can budge even an inch without you holding on to it. What’s more, is that the stainless-steel build ensures it is both durable and rust-free.

Using the magnetic knife holder, you can either choose to display your knives in the kitchen where it is convenient for you to pick them or mount them near your kitchen storeroom. Both options are available in the manual you get along with the product. You also receive a manufacturing warranty along with the product so you can rest assured your investment is safe.

Why do we like it?

  • Manufacturing warranty
  • Stainless-steel build
  • Compact design
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4. 360 Magnetic Knife Block

360 Magnetic Knife Block

This magnetic knife holder has been featured as one of the top knife block holders in the New York Times holiday gift guide in 2017. The 360 Knife Block knife holder can hold a total of 14 knives of all shapes and sizes, as well as kitchen shears. The knives are all kept on the sides of the block, while the base of the block includes grips that help keep the block in place.

The block is made out of natural wood that looks aesthetically pleasing inside a contemporary kitchen. The stainless steel base above the grip remains firm and keeps the center heavy enough to not topple due to the weight of one side over the other. The entire product is also easy to clean using any type of block oil available, which ensures a lifetime of satisfaction.

The product is handmade and includes neodymium earth magnets that are both rare and strong enough to keep your knives in place even through an earthquake.

Why do we like it?

  • Handmade
  • Uses neodymium magnets
  • Easy to clean
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5. Schmidt Brothers Subway Borough Magnetic Knife Block Holder

Schmidt Brothers Subway Borough Magnetic Knife Block Holder

The Schmidt Brothers magnetic knife block holder has been designed to add aesthetics to a plain and simple kitchen gadget. The product can hold up to 18 knives in one go and ensures strong magnetism to keep the knives at bay. The product also ensures the safety of the use of the knives and reduces countertop traffic which can be really annoying.

What’s What’ss that the product comes with a thin sheet of acrylic painted tiles in white that makes this holder very different in aesthetic design than the rest. There are three other designs that you can get this product is from the company. The universal standard fit of the holder ensures you can fit just about any size of knives in without them getting cooped up together.

Lastly, the product is also easy to clean and is made using 100% German steel that ensures the longevity of use and durability.

Why do we like it?

  • Made from 100% German steel
  • Holds 18 knives
  • Universal fit
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Magnetic Knife Holder Buyers Guide

Buying your first magnetic knife holder might seem like it’s noit’srth it, but the fact remains. These knife holders keep your countertop clean of all knives and prevent accidents from occurring. The product also provides its owner with the chance to protect their expensive knives from dulling down too quickly, and these are just some of the benefits of buying one.

The next step now is to figure out which magnetic knife holder to purchase. The market has tons of brands that will try selling you deals, but a majority of them are scams aimed at sucking the money out of you. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of key characteristics you can look at to differentiate the fakes from the good quality magnetic knife holders.

Magnetic strength

Figuring out the magnetic strength of the knife holder you are trying to purchase will save you from feeling regret later. All you have to do is have the holder hold a knife and try shaking the knife a bit to see if the knife falls to the ground or changes position. If the knife remains stiff as a rock, the product has strong magnetism and will remain safe to use.

Wall Mount

The wall mount function of magnetic knife holders ensures that your countertop remains free of traffic. If you feel that your kitchen does not have space on its counter, consider purchasing a wall mount knife holder that keeps the knives at a certain height that is both safe from kids and animals at home.


The length of your wall mount magnetic knife holders determines how many knives can fit into it in one go. The goal is to ensure the knives remain at a distance from one another, and the entire set of knives needs to fit in one holder. This ensures ease of use of the knives later on while your concentration is on the cooking.


Depending on your requirements as well as the aesthetics you prefer, you can either go for a wood-based magnetic knife holder or a stainless-steel one. Both are exceptionally durable and can have strong magnetism to keep all the knives at bay. The material you pick will also determine the experience you receive while using the knife holder while cleaning it.