5 Best Lunch Boxes for Men (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Carrying homemade lunch to work can be a source of nutrition and a great way to eat healthily. If you become complacent with your diet, your body starts showing its effect, and it won’t take long before your clothes start to stretch out. If you can prepare your lunch in the morning before leaving for the office, you will require a good lunch box with the space to keep it.

There are hundreds of lunch box brands in the market that will sell you deals that you can’t refuse. Good lunch boxes have certain characteristics that will help them last for a long time. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of some of the best lunch box brands for men in the market that you can choose from.

Best Lunch Boxes for Men

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1. Stanley Classic 10qt Lunch Box

Stanley Classic 10qt Lunch Box

If you hold love for the classical style, the Stanley Classic lunch box is the best option you have in the market. It is inspired by the 1950s working men and women lunch boxes and has the strength and space needed to be the best. For starters, the Stanley lunch box for men is manufactured with 0.6mm SPCD steel that increases the lunch box’s durability rating beyond any other.

It also has sturdy latches and strong hinges that the company guarantees won’t leak liquids inside the lunch box. The lunch box has 5qts of storage space, which means you can hold a proper meal, snacks, and drinks in the lunch box without feeling too congested. The top handle makes it easier for you to carry around the lunch box without putting a strain on your hand.

What’s more, the lunch box has been designed to fit inside any standard work bag, and the company also gives a lifetime warranty along. This helps to secure your investment so you can rest easy.

Why do we like it?

  • Classical-styled design
  • 5qts of storage
  • Strong SPCD steel build
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2. Skater Japanese Modern/Traditional Compartmental Lunch Box

Skater Japanese Modern Traditional Compartmental Lunch Box

The best part about Japanese-styled lunch boxes known as bento boxes is that they have several compartments. This allows you to add several dishes to the lunch box and create a better lunch experience. The Skater Japanese lunch box is made from food-safe plastic and is light to carry compared to metal lunch boxes.

It is also compact enough to fit inside any bag you use to go to work. The entire lunchbox is also dishwasher-safe, which means it will be quite easy to clean the compartments. You also get a pair of chopsticks along in tradition with the Japanese bento box style, which has a place of its own.

If you love cooking Chinese or Japanese-styled food items, the Skater lunch box is the best option to go with. Even though it is available in just one color, it has a quality aesthetic that remains constant throughout several years.

Why do we like it?

  • Japanese-styled box
  • Comes with chopsticks
  • Made from food-safe plastic
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3. monbento – MB Original Lunch Box

Monbento Mb Original Lunch Box

This high-quality and stylish lunch box is made in accordance with the regulations, being BPA and BPS-free. The monbento lunch box is made from PBT, a high-quality plastic that is heat resistant and safe to eat from. The total capacity of 1-liter is more than enough for a hefty meal to get you through your day.

What’s more, the lunch box is also leak-proof and can withstand a microwave oven’s heat temperature. The silicone seals ensure that the lunch box is airtight, making it easy to carry soups and sauces in the lunch box. It is also easy to carry, and the soft-touch finish makes the lunch box look elegant while you eat from it.

The company also provides a money-back guarantee which ensures your investment remains safe as this is their promise to you. The inner trays are also dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean the lunch box and reuse.

Why do we like it?

  • BPA and BPS-free
  • 1-liter capacity
  • Airtight
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4. PackIt Freezable Lunch Box

Packit Freezable Lunch Box

The PackIt Freezable lunch box is available in 27 different colors and patterns, making it close to being an accessory as it is a lunch box. The company’s groundbreaking cooling technology is known to handle cold food items well. The lunch box sides have a non-toxic cooling gel that ensures the lunch box has enough insulation from the heat outside.

You can place your cold food items inside and then place the lunch box in the freezer overnight to see the best results. There is ample space inside the lunch box as the product has been designed to be used on trips as much as for work. The lunch box for men also has a zip-top that closes and ensures that the food does not spill out because of its airtight locking quality.

You can also clean the lunch box easily by using a wet wipe or wet towel. What’s more, you can fold the lunch box when you are not using it to conserve space in your kitchen cabinets.

Why do we like it?

  • Available in 27 designs
  • Groundbreaking Cooling tech
  • Ample space and foldable
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5. Columbia PFG Skiff Guide Lunch Box

Columbia Pfg Skiff Guide Lunch Box

The Columbia PFG Skiff lunch box weighs 2.9 pounds in total and has a patented ‘flip-open zipper less lid that ensures easy access to all your food items. The lunch box also has a separate section for placing 22 drink cans which is more than enough for a party or picnic. The entire body is made from recyclable materials, and the lunch box is also FDA compliant.

The ample space for placing food and drink capacity makes it perfect for men with large friend circles. What’s more, is that the thermaCool tech is aligned on the walls of the lunch box to ensure proper insulation throughout the lunch box so you can store cold foods and beverages. The expandable, leak-proof compartment on the front end is a bonus space that you can use if the lunch box ends up becoming full.

The Columbia lunch box also ensures that it remains clean due to its slime-tech exterior, which prevents any goo, much, or dirt from keeping a hold on the lunch box. You can use a wet wipe or towel to clean the lunch box, and it will be good as new.

Why do we like it?

  • ThermaCool tech
  • Slime-tech makes it easy to clean
  • Ample space for beverages
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Lunch Boxes for Men Buyer’s Guide

Lunch boxes need to have the right compartment space to ensure that you can fit lunch and dessert at times. If you love eating food and require a good quality lunch box, you will have to do some digging in the market. After all, it is crawling with tons of brands that will try to sell you the ‘best deal,’ but in the end, the product is always a cheap knockoff.

Fortunately, we have listed down several key qualities that you can look at and decide which lunchbox suits you best. These characteristics will also help you distinguish the good quality lunch boxes from the bad ones.


If the lunch box is airtight, it means it will not end up sucking too much moisture from the air around it. It will also remain heated up for a longer duration than normal and will remain contaminant-free. Make sure you go for lunch boxes that are airtight, especially if you prefer bringing desserts to work for lunch.

Multiple compartments

If a lunch box has multiple compartments, it makes it easy to sort out your food items. It also ensures that two different food items do not cross-contaminate each other, which can ruin the taste of either. Instead, it would help if you looked for a lunch box that has multiple compartments to sort out your food items and even your beverages from one another.


A lightweight lunch box is always a great addition because you need to carry the lunch box in your bag. A bag can become too heavy if the lunch box is made of metal, so make sure you look for a lunch box that is made from food-safe plastics and is FDA-approved.


The handle on the lunch box will make it easy for you to carry the lunch box around while you go to work or to the cafeteria. A strong lunch box handle is needed if you tend to fit in a lot of food and the lunch box becomes too heavy.


If the lunchbox has ample insulation, it makes it easier to carry both hot and cold foods in the lunch box without losing too much. Good insulation is key to eating your food fresh so consider buying a lunch box with that quality.