5 Best Korean BBQ Sauces (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The deliciousness of Korean barbecue is not the taste of the meat itself but the taste of the BBQ sauce you dip it in. Korean BBQ, also known as K-BBQ, uses thin strips of pork and beef and is preferably cooked over a gas or charcoal grill.

You’ll easily notice that Korean barbecue is unlike American barbecue that is cooked based on region. For example, Texan barbecue uses beef, Carolina barbeque uses pork, Memphis style uses pork ribs, and Kansas city-style incorporates all three styles into one while using large chunks and not thin strips.

Considering that the sauce matters a lot in Korean barbecue, we have compiled the best for you. Below are the reviews of our five (5) best Korean BBQ sauce. Kindly read them.

Best Korean BBQ Sauces

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Here are our Best Korean BBQ Sauce reviews.

1. We Rub You Original Korean BBQ Sauce

We Rub You Original Korean Bbq Sauce

If you are looking for a healthy Korean BBQ Sauce for you and your family’s use, we recommend the We Rub You Original. It is the perfect Korean BBQ sauce and can be a marinade and a cooking sauce. It adds a unique savory taste derived from the mixture of gluten-free soy sauce and the sweetness of apples. The nutty and tangy flavor derived from sesame, garlic, and ginger in this sauce is sure to keep you hooked for a long time. It can be used on chicken, fish, tofu, steak, ribs, and vegetables.

Other ingredients in the We Rub You Original Korean BBQ Sauce include toasted sesame oil, white distilled vinegar, ground black pepper, cane sugar, granulated onion, and xanthan gum. It comes in a 15-oz bottle and offers about 24 servings at 1 tablespoon each. Each serving contains 35 calories, 7g of carbs, 6g of sugars, and 410mg of sodium.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains no MSG
  • No artificial ingredients included
  • Non-GMO
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2. CJ Korean BBQ Sauce

Cj Korean Bbq Sauce

Do you love beef? You’ll love the CJ Korean BBQ Sauce on it. Made from Korean apple and pear, the taste is authentic and satisfying. It can be used as a great sauce for basting your beef before grilling, roasting, or cooking it in the oven. Even when you choose to marinate your beef before cooking, this sauce instills amazing flavors that offer mouth-watering results. High-quality ingredients included in this sauce include soy sauce, high fructose corn syrup, wheat, pear puree, green onion extract, black pepper powder, apple puree, monosodium glutamate, and cooking rice wine.

The CJ Korean BBQ Sauce comes in a 29.63-oz bottle and offers up to 56 servings per container. Each serving offers you only 6g of carbs, 6g of sugars, and 340mg of sodium. So whether you’re grilling or stir-frying, this is a great sauce you can bank on.

Why do we like it?

  • Doesn’t contain saturated and trans fat
  • It can be used on other foods
  • Has a long shelf life
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3. Bibigo Korean Bbq Sauce

Bibigo Korean Bbq Sauce

Recreating Korean flavors in your kitchen just got easier. The Bibigo Korean BBQ Sauce helps you achieve this without making a dent in your pocket. Featuring a mixture of sweet and savory notes, this Korean BBQ Sauce goes well on chicken, fish, pork, ribs, and more. Offering enormous value as a marinade, it also gives an appealing taste when used for stir-frying and sautéing.

With ingredients such as soy sauce, apple puree, cooking rice wine, hydrolyzed wheat protein, high fructose corn syrup, pear puree, onion puree, garlic, green onion extract, black pepper powder, ginger extract, xanthan gum, and citric acid, you’ll be getting authentic flavors only. The Bibigo comes in a pack of six 16.9-oz bottles. About 25 servings can be gotten from each bottle. Each serving offers you 30 calories, 420mg of sodium, 7g of carbs, and 6g of sugars. Luckily, it contains no cholesterol.

Why do we like it?

  • Delicious
  • Wide-mouthed bottle
  • Great for sautéing
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4. We Rub You Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce

We Rub You Spicy Korean Bbq Sauce

The We Rub You Spicy variant of this great Bulgogi Korean BBQ Sauce will spice up your meals to a great extent. Perfect for chicken wings, you’ll be getting bold flavor with a sweet and spicy note. The sweetness is prevalent even without containing high fructose corn syrup. Additionally, no MSG and artificial ingredients are included in this Korean BBQ Sauce. Ingredients mixed together to make this BBQ sauce include ground red pepper, ground ginger and onion, apple juice concentrate, ground black pepper, white distilled vinegar, cane sugar, and soy sauce as a base.

The spicy We Rub You Korean BBQ Sauce comes in a 15-oz bottle and offers about 24 servings at 1 tablespoon each. Each serving contains 35 calories, 390mg of sodium, 7g of carbs, 5g of sugar, and less than 1g of protein. We recommend this Korean BBQ sauce as a marinade for your beef for exciting results

Why do we like it?

  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
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5. Jayone Korean BBQ Sauce

Jayone Korean Bbq Sauce

We added the Jayone Korean BBQ Sauce because it is perfect for brushing up your seafood, tofu, and meat for great taste. If you don’t want anything spicy, this is the ideal Korean BBQ sauce for you. Marinate your ribs in it to get wonderful flavors and zero spice. With this BBQ sauce, you’ll be getting homemade barbecue that tastes just as great as local Korean BBQ restaurants. We also recommend it for use on shrimps, grilled vegetables, and chicken bulgogi. Ingredients mixed to create this bottle of deliciousness include soy sauce, sesame oil, pear puree, pineapple juice concentrate, distilled vinegar, and sugar.

It comes in a 12-oz bottle and offers about 17 servings at 1 tablespoon full. Each serving boasts a low amount of carbs, calories, and sugar. In addition, the Jayone Korean BBQ Sauce assures you of flavourful meals when used for stir-frying and as a dipping sauce.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains no MSG
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
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Korean BBQ Sauce Buyer’s Guide

When grilling Korean barbecue, it is important to use the best charcoal grills, 3-burner gas grills, or the best natural gas grills to get the best quality. Subsequently, you’ll need the best Korean BBQ sauce to go with it. Read our buyer’s guide below for major things to consider when choosing a Korean BBQ sauce.


Take special note of the ingredients included in the Korean BBQ sauce you are about to pay for. Most Korean BBQ sauces contain soy, while some contain wheat which might have gluten. If you somehow have an allergic reaction to soy or gluten, it is necessary that you steer clear of ones that contain this ingredient. You can always find and use nice gluten free BBQ sauce.


Most Korean BBQ sauces contain a perceivable amount of spice. You’ll readily find spices like cayenne pepper and black pepper in the list of ingredients. If you can’t stand spiciness, we recommend that you go for Korean BBQ sauces with lesser amounts of these spicy ingredients. If you eventually purchase one that is not spicy enough, you can always add more spices to it from your spice rack.


Always remember that the deliciousness of Korean barbecue lies in the sauce. Ensure that you get the best Korean BBQ sauce thick enough to stay on the surface of the thin strips of pork and beef that make up Korean barbecue. If you cannot bear the extreme thickness of the sauce while you munch on the pieces of meat, you can always go for more fluid ones according to your preference.