5 Best Kombucha Brands (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you open a can of soda on a summer evening and regret it later? Stuffing your body with sweetened, artificially treated, and carbonated beverages is quite unhealthy. It can bring you a sense of enjoyment for a bit of time but problems in the long run. Kombucha is a healthy fermented potion that can easily replace your soda. It is a tea with a mix of sugar, bacteria, and yeast and is exceptionally beneficial for the gut. This drink is fizzy, and you’ll be able to enjoy it in place of your beer or favorite can of aerated drink.

That said, numerous brands sell Kombucha online. However, we are listing the five top best kombucha brands so that you can choose between bringing the most desirable ones to your home. Happy Reading!

Best Kombucha Brands

ImageBest Kombucha BrandsRating
Humm Probiotic Kombucha1. Humm Probiotic Kombucha99%
Gt's Kombucha2. GT's Kombucha96%
Healthade Kombucha3. HealthAde Kombucha92%
Wild Tonic Kombucha4. Wild Tonic Kombucha89%
Brew Dr. Kombucha5. Brew Dr. Kombucha85%

Want to learn more?

Here are our kombucha brands reviews.

1. Humm Probiotic Kombucha

Humm Probiotic Kombucha

Are you on a diet and looking for an excellent alternative to your regular drink? The Humm Probiotic Kombucha will be ideal because it is keto-friendly with fewer amounts of carbs. It is a highly delicious and nutrition-rich kombucha drink that you will enjoy. It will help you to maintain excellent health, and your gut will thank you for having it. This is one of the best kombucha brands as they make different types of drinks with a good amount of probiotics. Yes, probiotics allow better digestion and cut health. Therefore, you will have better metabolism and no stomach issues. Start living healthier and switch to better options. Including kombucha in your daily diet will help a lot.

It comes in a can and is easily be accessible to you. Take it along in a party or open it up for a hot summer evening. The taste is delicious, and the product is very healthy.

Why do we like it?

  • It comes with zero sugar
  • The taste is delicious with no artificial flavors
  • It is not made from genetically modified organisms and gluten-free
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2. GT’s Kombucha

Gt's Kombucha

Looking for a healthy, low sugar drink? The GT’s kombucha drink is an ideal choice because it is packed with a strong flavor and is crafted with love for you. It comes with the least amount of sugar, 6 g per serving, and you will be happy to pick up this flavor-packed bottle. There are different flavors available as this brand has one to match your taste. The quality is incredible, and every bottle has freshness packed inside it. The product comes with a good amount of fizz and is ready to replace your regular drink.

All you need to do is take it out from the fridge, give it a good shake and get ready to enjoy your aerated beverage. It is healthy for your overall health and will keep the diseases at bay. This product needs to be refrigerated because it is raw and organic and might expire soon. Bring home the goodness with GT’s Kombucha drink.

The sugar level of this drink can be maximum 5 to 7 g of sugar per bottle. If you have issues with sugar then choose the drink only after reading the label carefully before you commit to it.

Why do we like it?

  • It is unfiltered and raw
  • The product’s fermentation is slow and in small batches
  • It is naturally effervescent without any adulteration
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3. HealthAde Kombucha

Healthade Kombucha

HealthAde is one of the best kombucha brands currently in the market. It sells you authentic and highest quality Kombucha, which is delicious and healthy at the same time. It comes in various flavors, and you can decide between the spicier one or balance out between sweet and tart. You will get a subtle kick with every single sip as it is made from the best quality methods. The drink is brewed in a small, nearly two and a half-gallon jar so that you can get a fresh and accurate taste.

It is high-quality and authentic; therefore, it tastes different than other brands. You can choose any flavor you like as all of them are utterly delicious. You will get a sufficient amount of product that you can sip at different times of the day.

The brand HealthAde offers high-quality drinks. This particular kombucha is therapeutic and healing. It will fill you body with anti-oxidants and improve your immunity. You should start consuming it with any second thought. However, if you are a pregnant lady you should consider your doctor.

Why do we like it?

  • It is gluten-free and prepared in an allergy-friendly facility
  • It is handcrafted
  • It has low sugar content and a great taste
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4. Wild Tonic Kombucha

Wild Tonic Kombucha

Do you like consuming sweet beverages but want them to be healthy? The Jun kombucha from one of the rarest forms and can be an ideal choice for you. It is brewed using honey, not fruit juices and sugar. It is very healthy and sweet at the same time. This particular flavor is having a kick of mint, giving you that subtle relaxation at the back of your mind. You will easily be able to replace your unhealthy beverages and switch to this elixir.

The low sugar content makes it a healthy choice for the fitness freaks as well. You can take it to the gym or consume it after the workout. It comes in a glass bottle and a tight lid. You can always enjoy this drink in small servings and keep it for subsequent use.

The product has USDA organic mark and you can be sure of the drink that it is naturally fermented and organic. Get ready to enjoy a healthy and fizzy drink.

Why do we like it?

  • It is naturally fermented and not made from genetically modified organisms.
  • It is gluten-free and prepared hygienically
  • It has a light and subtle flavor with effervescence
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5. Brew Dr. Kombucha

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Are you looking for something that can clear your mind in the mid-day? The kombucha drink from the brand Brew Dr. will make your day and stuff your body with a plethora of probiotics. It is healthy and low in sugar. Consuming one cup will give you just 5 g of sugar, and it is the ultimate option to consume for your 3 PM slump. The best thing about this brand is that it does not add any juices, sugar, and flavoring to its Kombucha after fermentation.

It is fruity, and other qualities come directly from the handpicked tea blend. Clear your mind and have a pleasant day with a good supply of antibiotics with this drink. This drink is therapeutic and will benefit your gut. It can even become a party drink for you and your friends.

It is rich and whole natural. The natural fermentation of the Scoby gives it a unique flavor and effervescence. It might be you don’t like it at first, but it will become a staple once you enjoy it start drinking it.

Why do we like it?

  • It is certified by the B Corporation
  • It is an authentic and raw Kombucha
  • It is kosher, GMO, and gluten-free
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Kombucha Brands Buyer’s Guide

Kombucha is healthy and tasty. Individuals from every age group can enjoy it. However, it is advisable to have it in a small portion throughout the week rather than one large amount at a time. It is a drink that is fermented, and that’s why it is enriched with numerous antioxidants.

Getting a drink from the best kombucha brands can change your overview. But before you pick one bottle from your supermarket shelves, there are certain factors you should consider. We are listing the most important ones below, so do not skip reading!

Powder or liquid

Kombucha is available in different forms that are bottled in the liquid body or lying around in packets like a probiotic powder. It depends on you, whichever way you want to consume it. You can purchase the powder, mix it into the water and consume otherwise. A bottle will come in handy. You can open it quickly and drink it.

The powder one might be quite pleasing and travel-friendly. However, the liquid kombucha has a fresher taste and does not require any effort to make.

Sugar content

Kombucha is a fermented drink, and therefore it requires a lot of sugar. The culture consumes it so that you can have that unique taste. However, modern techniques have limited sugar content and use alternatives. The excess sugar content can lead to weight gain and diabetes. Therefore, it is advisable to go for the one with less sugar so that you can enjoy the benefits of kombucha drink guilt-free.

Organic or non-organic

Organic Kombucha is the best because it is not made with any genetically modified organisms. It means that the drink will have Scoby, tea, sugar, and some added flavors. You must always go for the one which is organic, raw, and GMO-free. Such drinks are healthy and rich in flavor. The number of probiotics, antioxidants, and free radicals is greater and will benefit the immunity.

The best kombucha brands always offer their clients organic and best quality ingredients. While choosing your drink, make sure you are playing your hands on a well-known brand.


Kombucha’s brewing includes tea which can be both green or black. Well, it has no caffeine because all of it burns during the fermentation process. If you want to have a caffeinated drink, Kombucha is not a beverage for you because most of it is dead while fermenting.

If you are a fan of tea flavor but not caffeine, Kombucha can be stable for you. The best kombucha brands make drinks with a unique flavor and no caffeine!