Best Kitchen Trash Cans

5 Best Kitchen Trash Cans (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Kitchen trash cans are not the most exciting kitchen tool to shop for, but it is essential. Keeping a trash can in your kitchen allows you to clean as you cook without making too much mess. You are probably reading this if your old trash can is wearing down and you need a new replacement.

Trash cans have evolved over the years, and different brands are offering various kinds. The best kitchen trash can should have great design and capacity. There are also trash cans that include extra features to make your life convenient. Here are the five best kitchen trash cans that are worth the investment.

Best Kitchen Trash Cans

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1. simplehuman Kitchen Trash Can

Simplehuman Kitchen Trash Can

The simplehuman Kitchen Trash Can is a good-quality trash can, in fact, one of the best available. The trash can is made using premium materials that make it sturdy and long-lasting. Therefore, making this trash can reliable.

The trash can has been constructed from stainless steel that can withstand rough uses and challenging environments. Along with being strong, the trash can also has an appealing look. The seamless, smooth surface allows the trash can to elevate the look of any kitchen. It can easily match the theme of your kitchen. The trash can has been designed to be compact that takes less space, and gives a tidy look.

The trash can comes with a soft-close technology that closes the lids without making any sounds. You do not have to dwell on any loud noises and disturbances. A liner rim is also included made from stainless steel that prevents liners from slipping and keeps them in place. The added liner pocket allows you to store liners and dispenses them inside the trash can.

Disposing liquid contents always creates a mess. To help you tackle this problem, this trash can has a drip guard that collects any drips and prevents messes.

Why do we like it?

  • Long-lasting.
  • Dent-proof lid.
  • Modern design.
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2. Rubbermaid Trash Can

Rubbermaid Trash Can

The Rubbermaid Trash Can is an affordable option as compared to others. If you are looking not to spend much on trash cans, we suggest you give this one a try. This trash can has a simple and minimalist design and a white colour. The design and overall look enable the trash can to blend into the theme of any kitchen.

The lid of the trash can swing, or it can also lift to dispose of the trash. This makes it convenient and easy. You can get rid of the trash the way you prefer. The trash can has a resin construction that allows it to be durable. You will find that the trash can is sturdy and can withstand rough usage.

Most people complain about trash cans being difficult to clean. The Rubbermaid trash can is effortless to clean because of its material. You can simply wipe the surface or give it a good wash with water. The trash can’s size is perfect for indoors. The close-packed design will not take much space in the kitchen. So, if you have a smaller kitchen or looking to save space, this trash can do the trick.

Why do we like it?

  • The lid can swing or lift.
  • Compact design.
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3. NINESTARS Step-on Trash Can Set

Ninestars Step On Trash Can Set

If you are looking for a reliable trashcan made using good-quality materials, the NINESTARS Trash Can will make a perfect choice. This trash can comes with advanced technology to add convenience to your life. The trash can’s lid closes quietly without making any sound. Hence, you will not have to slam any lids and cause disturbance around the house.

The material of the trash can is stainless steel. This means that the trash can is sturdy and will last a long time. You will also find that the surface is resistant to any fingerprints, so cleaning the trash can not be a hassle. Hence, it will always have a clean appearance.

You will receive a good deal if you purchase this trash can for your kitchen. Along with the bigger sized trash can, you also receive a smaller one for your bathroom, making this an economical choice. With this trash can, you can use any trash bags or the ones created by NINESTARS. The bucket liner of this trash can keeps it in place and ensures that it does not slip or move. The liner also prevents the trash bags from hanging out, giving off a tidy look.

Why do we like it?

  • Fingerprint resistant.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • No-sound technology.
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4. Home Zone Living Kitchen Trash Can

Home Zone Living Kitchen Trash Can

The Home Zone Living Kitchen Trash Can is a great modern choice for modern kitchens. This trash can has a seamless steel construction that adds an elegant touch to any kitchen. To make your life convenient, this trash can includes all the necessary features.

The trash can has a silent close lid technology. You no longer need to slam the trash can to ensure that it closes. This prevents any unnecessary loud noises and disturbances in the house. The silent close lid technology also allows the trash can to have more extended durability.

With most trash cans, removing the trash bag seems like a hassle. The Home Zone Living trash can come with a tuck band as a removable liner to counter this problem. This allows for the easy removal of trash bags. You can also avoid the untidy look that oversized trash bags give by tucking the excess trash bag under the tuck band.

If you have a larger amount of trash to dispose of, you can do so with ease. You can make use of the stay-open lid feature. Open the lid as usual and move your foot away from the steel pedal. This will keep the lid open for as long as you require. After you are done disposing of the trash, tap the pedal gently to close the lid.

Why do we like it?

  • Fingerprint proof.
  • Removable liner.
  • Long-lasting metal pedal.
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5. iTouchless SoftStep Kitchen Trash Can

Itouchless Softstep Kitchen Trash Can

If you are looking for a trash can that is unique and modern, with a touch of technology, the iTouchless Kitchen Trash Can is worth looking into. This trash can elevates the trash disposing game and brings something different to the table with its features.

The trash can has a classic colour and design that looks great in any kitchen. The rose gold colour will bring out the beauty in your kitchen. The stainless-steel construction prevents any fingerprints and allows for effortless cleaning. Moreover, the surface is also resistant to smudges.

What really sets this trash can apart from the traditional ones is the odour control feature. Many trash cans are accompanied by an unpleasant trash odour that spreads through the entire kitchen. The odour control feature includes an odour filter that absorbs any smells and neutralizes the odour. This odour filter can work for as long as three months.

The trash can’s pedal is sturdy and ergonomic, allowing you to tap it gently without much effort. You also have the option to keep the lid open in case you have a lot of trash to get rid of.

Why do we like it?

  • Ergonomic pedal.
  • Includes an odour control filter.
  • Attractive appearance.
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Kitchen Trash Cans Buyer’s Guide

Trash cans are the most underrated kitchen equipment, even though they are essential. When looking to purchase a trash can, you still need to consider certain must-have features. Many trash cans have differentiated attributes. What makes a trash can best for you depends on your requirements.

If you purchase a trash can and it does not fit your set criteria, then there is no point in it. Hence, to ensure that you receive the correct trash can, which gives you the desired result, you need to decide what you want. To help you in this process, here is our buyer’s guide.


The first important feature that you should consider when purchasing your trash can is the material. If your trash can be constructed using good quality material, it will last longer and be sturdy. However, if you choose to purchase something cheaper that is bad quality, it will not take time to falter. A kitchen is a busy and tough environment to survive; hence, your trash can should withstand it.

Lid options

Different trash cans come with different lid options. You will find that there are trash cans with a swinging lid while some must be lifted. There are also trash cans with lids that remain open for as long you require. Depending upon your choice and convenience, select a lid option that you can work best with.

Extra Features

Trash cans built these days include extra features that you should take complete advantage of. Some of these features include a drip tray or an odour filter. Ensure that your trash can has at least some of these features to make life easier.