Best Kitchen Pantries

5 Best Kitchen Pantries (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Who doesn’t love a properly organized spice and dinnerware section in the kitchen? With arranged spices in many jars of even packs that are easy to locate. Having a great pantry in your kitchen is a blessing.

While some kitchens come with a built in pantry in the form of cabinets and cupboards, many kitchens don’t have enough space to hold all the flavors. In these cases, you might need a free-standing pantry that could grace your kitchen with the right space and storage you need. These free-standing pantries come in different sizes and shapes, and you can find the best one for you with our list of kitchen pantries.

Best Kitchen Pantries

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Here are our Kitchen Pantries Reviews:

1. Home Style White Pantry

Home Style White Pantry

This Home styles white pantry is one of the most stylish items on our list because of its innovative design, smart pain job, and a make that will last for a long time. Made up of high-quality hardwood solids, this product is durable as well as spacious for your kitchen. You will enjoy complements with this product standing tall and proud in your kitchen.

This product’s aged-worn look gives it a specific name, and this Nantucket-style pantry is made to give your kitchen a vintage and attractive look. The sanded distress will help you have a great theme for your kitchen, and you can be sure this product has a strength of a young, durable pantry. This cabinet has a storage drawer, has two cabinet doors, and two adjustable shelves.

With so many versatile options, you can be sure it will hold all your products and save you enough space. It can go with a variety of kitchen themes too. The built is made very strong and to withhold various items without toppling over.

Why do we like it?

  • It is antique brushed for an attractive look
  • It has two adjustable shelves
  • It is spacious
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2. Crosley Furniture White Pantry

Crosley Furniture White Pantry

Weighing 114 pounds, this product is made from solid hardwood, and you don’t have to worry about strength and space when you have purchased this smart item for your kitchen. It comes in two colors, black and white, and both are equally attractive and loved by the customers. Thaw solid hardwood and veneers construction make this product a great pick for your kitchen, and you can be assured that it will last you for years.

The weathered surface is there to soften the entire look, and the classical lines add to the elegance and sophistication of the product. The easy-gliding drawer is one of the most admired features of this product, and it can hold enough of your cutlery items or whatever you would like to place. The adjustable shelves inside ensure you can modify the spacing and cater it according to your needs.

Each shelf is made to withstand a high load and even many utensils without fear of toppling over. This solidly constructed kitchen pantry will elevate the look of your kitchen and increase the functionality to a great degree.

Why do we like it?

  • Very stylish and modern
  • Offers enough space
  • Has a solid construction
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3. Bush Furniture Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Bush Furniture Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

People who have many items in their kitchen to attend to yet cannot throw any of them away because they all are too precious. This bush furniture kitchen pantry cabinet combines class, design, perfection, and spacious storage. With so many shelves and double door features, this cabinet offers a lot of space to keep your dinnerware as well as arrange all your spices.

Made with high-quality solid wood and engineered to perfection, this furniture item has three adjustable shelves. You can vary the height and distance between each shelf and enjoy ample space to hold most of your kitchen items. With this free-standing kitchen pantry, your kitchen counters will free of that extra stuff lying outside.

As the two shelves are fixed, and three can be moved to manage the height and distance, this product has five high-quality, spacious shelves. You can place up to 25 pounds of weight on each shelf and not worry about it falling or even cracking a bit.  This product offers space and brings the best in your kitchen in terms of aesthetics as it is laden with minor decorative details.

Why do we like it?

  • It comes in seven different designs.
  • Made in smooth Euro style
  • Spacious and has five shelves
  • Made from high-quality wood and craftsmanship
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4. Ameriwood Kitchen Pantry

Ameriwood Kitchen Pantry

We love the design, color, model, and make of this kitchen product. It features a single door cabinet with four shelves ideal for the small to the medium-sized kitchen. The dark brown paint job makes this product a treat for the eyes and allows you to have wonderful kitchen space.

This kitchen cabinet is made with an old pine finish, so your kitchen has the perfect cabinet to complement the overall look. The single door is pine laminated to ensure longevity and high-quality operation over the years. This cabinet is not only painted in an old pine kind of paint job, but the decorative and intricate details make this cabinet great addition to your kitchen.

The 2 of the four shelves are fixed, and the other two are free to move so you can adjust the height according to the product you are going to keep in it. Just because it is a single door does not mean it cannot accommodate enough items in it. You can also make this cabinet with one or two or even no shelves and place big items into it as you like.

It is not only for the kitchen but can be a great partner in your laundry room where you can keep all the broomsticks and mops to keep them hidden.

Why do we like it?

  • Enough space with four shelves
  • 18 inches wide to get the perfect space
  • Each shelf can hold up to 40 pounds
  • Antique and classy
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5. Vasagle Storage Cabinet

Vasagle Storage Cabinet

While this storage cabinet is mainly to store bathroom supplies, it works great for the kitchen. This product’s functionality and flexibility are because of the wide space and many options to carry into this shelf. Made in a complete white look, this product has two shelves at the top with no front or sidewalls and a bottom drawer with a cabinet.

So you can get all your wishes fulfilled, whether it’s an open, semi-open, or closed pantry for your kitchen. This compact design makes this product fit in tiny corners and spaces where you can limit the kitchen pantry. You can even place heavy appliances such as microwave oven on this shelf, and it won’t break.

Owing to the high strength, this product is made up of fiber wood, making it durable and gives it the due strength to withstand high load and pressures. The cabinet itself is very lightweight and easy to move, although it won’t topple over with weight, so you don’t have to worry about that. Moreover, the anti-toppling device is there to give you peace of mind, so you don’t worry about your kitchen pantry toppling over.

Why do we like it?

  • It is semi-open and semi-closed
  • It offers a great space
  • It comes with the anti-toppling device
  • It is workful for every kitchen
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Kitchen Pantries Buyer’s Guide

If you have reviewed different kitchen pantries, you must have understood there are various factors at play when choosing the right pantry for your kitchen. Each pantry is different from the other, and you must choose the one that meets your needs and is not only rated as best by others. To make your choice for kitchen pantry easier, here are several factors you need to pay attention to.


The majority of the kitchen pantries are constructed with wood as it is an inexpensive option and gives a great feel and complements to your other furniture. But some large pantries have extra strength because they have wooden shelves and metal sides or vice versa. Both of these options are great, and you can find the one most suitable for your kitchen.

High-class and kitchens who want to be more stylish choose all wooden pantries.


The size of the kitchen pantry is a huge factor at play. You don’t want to buy something that looks out of place. Something too tall and it overshadows the kitchen and something too tiny, it won’t fulfill your needs.

For a kitchen pantry to be a perfect size, choose one that complements your kitchen’s dimension as well as enough to accommodate all the items you plan to keep in an organized manner.


Storage of the pantry is the essential factor. A pantry that has a large exterior but not enough shelves do not make up a good choice. A storage pantry must have multiple shelves, and another great feature is when the shelf heights and distance are variable so you can arrange the items in your pantry according to height.


Some people love open pantry, some admire semi-open, or some may even want to hide all of their special flavors behind doors. If you are going to add to the aesthetic with great appliances and jars that are attractive, you might want an open-door pantry, although it becomes hard to clean because of continuous dust exposure.

For something more secretive like your groceries and plates that are not too eager to elevate your kitchen’s look, you might want to choose a closed-door pantry.