5 Best Kitchen Islands (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you have been finding storage space in your expanding kitchen to be less, you are in trouble. All the crockery, kitchen appliances, and pots and pans are soon going to pile up on your countertop or flow on the dining table (if within the kitchen).  Arggh! The kitchen looks terrible with such a big pile of things.  Accidents could happen, and there is no stopping that. Well, that’s what you say!

May we recommend that you consider a kitchen island cart that gives extra counter and storage space? You can always put a kitchen island against a wall too. It all depends upon what you need from your kitchen versus the amount of space that you have.  Here is an invitation to explore the five best kitchen islands that can solve all your problems. Here are our in-depth reviews of each of them. Do read our reviews, and opt for one that serves your need the best.

Best Kitchen Islands

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Here are our best kitchen island reviews:

1. Home Styles Monarch Kitchen Island

Home Styles Monarch Kitchen Island


Add style to your kitchen with the Monarch kitchen island that blends function and form to uplift your kitchen. This hardwood unit comes with profiled edges and four legs that are thick spindle-shaped posts.  The entire unit is pleasantly sanded with touches of antique white. The leaf drop feature is supported by two posts that roll out and provide excellent support to the leaf. With the drop leaf in place, you get a sizeable lovely breakfast tabletop that increases the surface from 25″ to 40″.  Add in two bar stools, and you have got a family table for a couple or more.

Some folks who are using it do not recommend using the hardwood top for hot pots/pans.   They recommend the use of trivets or potholders to place under the hot pan/pot. Some people have changed the hardtop to a pleasant granite or marble finished top!  You could also consider giving the hardtop two coats of poly finish to protect it from scratching.

The four adjustable shelves give you ample storage space to accommodate just about anything.

Why do we like it?

  • Drop leaf provided
  • Sturdy mobile leg-supports for drop leaf
  • White antiqued finish
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2. Home Styles Liberty Wood Top Kitchen Cart

Home Styles Liberty Wood Top Kitchen Cart

An elegant-looking piece of furniture that doubles up as a kitchen table top too, is a great pick for your kitchen island.  It has lots of storage space, a towel holder, and a rack to keep condiments, making it easier to reach them. Some folks, who had less space in their kitchen, are using the main unit without the towel holder and the condiments rack. The unit without these two pieces is 44 inches wide by 18 inches in depth. If you extend the drop leaf, you get an additional 9” of width.

The tabletop is constructed from hardwood and is finished in a natural color rubber-wood top.  Some folks who are using this trolley recommend using a chopping board on top of the cabinet; the top cannot be used as a chopping board or as a butcher’s block by itself. The unit has two shelves (adjustable) in each cabinet door and three drawers for storage. This Home Style Liberty Kitchen Cart is simple in appearance, elegant by looks, and fully functional.

People who are using it mention that the unit is more ivory than white. Some folks who are using it found the paper towel holder and condiment rack were interchangeable, helpful for those whose dining table was on the other end.

Why do we like it?

  • Simple yet elegant
  • Easy to roll casters included
  • Light-weight yet sturdy
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3. Casual Home Kitchen Island

Casual Home Kitchen Island

This kitchen island cart from Casual Home is a simple yet elegantly designed kitchen island for any kitchen. With the countertop wearing a natural finish, the entire unit, including the legs and shelves, is painted white, adding light and purity to your kitchen.

The unit itself is very sturdy, with 1.5″ square legs that can accommodate casters or glides (sold separately). Hence, the mobility of the unit is restrictive unless you can lift it and move it.  In reality, not having casters gives it a higher sturdiness.  Some folks who use this kitchen island suggested using a cutting board on top of the unit for chopping /slicing dicing requirements. The drawer rolls out easily, and you could use it to store small kitchen tools or a set of knives or just some cookbooks and more.

The two study shelves below have a large storage space area. You can keep various things here, including toasters and other appliances, until you are ready to use them. You can fix the wooden shelves to the mainframe/legs. Fixed shelves give you a higher sturdiness.  With the countertop varnished, the remaining part of the island is painted in white. There are more color options available. Some folks who are using it mentioned that the tabletop could handle heat well, but for safety reasons and to protect the countertop, they advise using a silicone pad.

Why do we like it?

  • A sturdy unit
  • Wide-open shelves
  • Pleasantly designed yet simple multi-purpose countertop
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4. Dorel Living Kitchen Island

Dorel Living Kitchen Island

Wheel it in, wheel it out.  Easy to move, this convenient and complete package of the Dorel living kitchen cart is your solution to a kitchen island.  Be it for storage or extra counter space that you are seeking, this unit has it all.  With casters that provide smooth portability, you wheel it in and lock the casters for a standstill unit.

Whether you get the white painted or the natural wood colored unit, the Dorel living Kitchen Island adds uniqueness to any décor. This kitchen island is a compact unit that offers just the right amount of storage with a drawer and a cupboard. Additionally, it has a towel holder and a spice rack for functionality.  The shelf is adjustable, and there are three different positions for placing it.  The drawer is very smooth to operate with wooden glides to guide it. This kitchen island has the back panel finished and trimmed in the same way as the sides and the front.

Why do we like it?

  • Available in two colors
  • Portable
  • Ample storage
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5. Liberty Kitchen Cart

Liberty Kitchen Cart

Amplify your kitchen storage and countertop space with this elegant unit by Home Styles. The Liberty kitchen cart makes an excellent kitchen island with both the front and the back that is finished well.

The entire unit is a sturdy construction and is made from hardwood and at places engineered wood. This kitchen island is available in white, with the unit top stainless steel top (0.8mm thickness).  Inside the unit, you have two shelves that can easily be adjusted with the extra cavities provided. The three single drawers add to the ease of storing things as they can be pulled out easily. With a towel rack on one side and a spice rack on another, this unit is complete to take on your kitchen’s workload.

All knobs are made from brushed nickel, adding ingenuity to this white kitchen cart from Liberty.  The casters are sturdy and move smoothly to move the trolley to any interior or exterior location.  The casters can be easily locked to make the unit standstill. When assembled using the Allen wrench (provided), the unit has a dimension of 53.5” x18” x 36” (W x D x H).

The manufacturers do recommend using a cutting board on top of the stainless steel. For assembly, it is cautioned that you use power tools below 8 volts only.

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable shelving
  • Solid wood unit
  • Portable with two casters lockable
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Kitchen Island Buyer’s Guide

After reading our reviews and your search, we are sure you have shortlisted a few of them. Before you pick any of them, here are some important points to consider when selecting the best kitchen island for your needs.


Most people are seeking extra storage and extra counter space top from their kitchen island. For a few, it’s a place to catch up on coffee conversation as you grab breakfast for the family members who seemed to be rushed. Consider your purpose, space available, and your budget before you start looking for other features.


If you are looking to create more counter space, you would want open-spaced shelves and a plain countertop. However, if all you need is storage space, you will need to look at something more closed with shelves and cabinets, and hooks on the sides.

Some folks use the kitchen table for grabbing a coffee conversation as one or two of the family members cook. Well, in that case, you are searching for a kitchen island with bar stools, perhaps?

Portability: Portable carts are always helpful for mobility. If you are looking to store many appliances on the kitchen island, perhaps you should consider a kitchen island without casters for stability and sturdiness.

Electrical & plumbing requirements

Before you select a kitchen island, it is always helpful to look for other things like the number of electrical sockets available near this island. It will help you plug in most appliances like a microwave or a toaster and other minor machines, perhaps while storing it on the kitchen island?