Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans

5 Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans (Reviews Updated 2021)

Are you feeling hot and sweaty in the kitchen? Are you usually sneezing and too tired to cook because of the spices you are using in the kitchen?  Humidity, heat from cooking, food smells, and odor can remain trapped in the kitchen if you do not let this air be removed and let fresh air in. And that is the job of a kitchen exhaust fan.

A kitchen exhaust fan removes bad odor, heat, and moisture, oil build-up from food that dirties your stovetops/ chimneys/ walls, and pulls-in fresh air so that you have a comfortable cooking area. If you are now wondering which exhaust fan to install, here are our in-depth reviews of the five best kitchen exhaust fans. So go on, read the reviews and pick one that best suits your needs.

Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans

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Here are our best kitchen exhaust fans’ reviews:

1. iPower Exhaust Fan High Speed 1620RPM, 940 CFM, 12 Inch Shutter

Ipower Exhaust Fan

Keeping you cool in the worst of the weather, this iPower high-speed exhaust fan works with 1620 rpm, one of the best in its class. Keep your barn, greenhouse, storage spaces, commercial space, or house cool with this power horse. The iPower 12” exhaust fan is perfect for displacing up to 940 meters of cubic spaces within moments. It can remove hot and foul air and moisture to make the room comfortable for your use.

The gravity shutters are helpful to prevent any insects from entering as they open outwards when the exhaust is switched on.  An extra safety grill on the fan prevents any large rodents or birds from entering this space. The motor unit has additional leads for any bespoke customization required while installing.

No more assembling as this unit is pre-assembled out of the box.  Only the wires have to be clipped into a three-pin socket to operate the exhaust the fan. How cool is that! No need to lubricate the motor as it is permanently lubricated and sealed thermally in the holder. The aluminum shutters and blades are corrosion-resistant thus increasing the durability of the unit.

Some folks, who have installed this unit at their house, recommend installing a temperature-controlled switch that automates the vent operation. Others found it helpful to add a bug screen to keep tiny insects and bugs out. Some people found it beneficial to file away the metal corners before use as they are quite sharp. This filing of metal helped prevent any accidents at a later date,

Why do we like it?

  • Safety grille present
  • 940 CFM, for a higher volume of air displacement
  • Rust-proof aluminum shutters
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2. iLIVING Exhaust Fan Wall Mounted 10″ (ILG8SF10V)

Iliving Exhaust Fan

Cut your cooling costs when summer is at its peak. An excellent option, this unit can be easily installed as a wall-mounted exhaust.  It removes musty air, bad odors, and hot air. It keeps your home or large rooms cool and fresh, easily.

With the shutters made in aluminum, they lift easily when the exhaust is on, throwing out the bad air. On the inside, a safety grill prevents pets, birds, and you from accidentally approaching the fan blades.  With a dimension of 4.53” x 13” x 13” (LxWxH), this is a compact unit for installation.

It is a ready-to-install unit when you open the package.  The exhaust fan needs only a plug to be fixed before use. The fan motor is thermally sealed for durability and safety. The motor requires little maintenance. You can easily control the fan for adjustable speeds with an add-on speed controller (sold as an extra).

This compact unit may seem tiny, but it is a powerhouse for providing you with fresh and cool air. The 10 inches of fan blade work on 1580 rpm per minute and refresh 600 cubic feet of air per minute.

Why do we like it?

  • Rust-free aluminum shutters
  • Powerful motor with 1580 rpm
  • Easy to install
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3. Air King 20″ Whole House Window Fan (Model 9166F)

Air King Whole House Window Fan

Cooling your house has never been easier with the Air-King exhaust fan with 20 inches fan blades. These are perfect to fit window openings with dimensions of (HxW) 26.25″ x 27″ to 38” wide. It displaces 5.42 cubic feet of air in a minute.

The three-speed motor, which works on 120V, is single-phased and is the unit’s nerve centre. The engine offers little or no maintenance as is it has permanent lubrication and is sealed thermally. The motor provides low/medium/ high speeds of 1100/1450/1600 RPMs. This Air King whole house window fan is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) noise levels (Low/Med/High) 50/ 57 / 64 dB. This unit is also compliant with the Electrical Testing Laboratories standards in the USA.

This unit comes equipped with a 7-foot long cord (black color). The package has a ready-to-use, assembled fan with storm guard panels (sliding) and mounting hardware. The instruction manual (provided) helps mount the unit.  So here you are, ready for a cool flow of air to cool you down.

Why do we like it?

  • 3-speed motor
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • 1-year limited warranty
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4. Holmes Twin Window Fan with LED & Thermostat Control Dual 8″ Blade (Model HAWF2043-N)

Holmes Twin Window Fan

This unit can cool large rooms in your house for a long period of time. You can fix the Holmes twin window fan easily in most double-hung and slider windows. This Holmes twin window fan has an adjustable extender screen (up to 37”) that covers larger spaces. Additionally, it has a slider stage extender. This extender doubles up to provide extra support to the frame when installed vertically.

The eight-inch blades provide a dual operation as they have the latest electronically reversible motors. You can reverse the motor independently to bring in fresh air or throw out the bad air. They are water-resistant even in bad weather. Using the one-touch feature, you can easily set the speed of the fans. You can also preset the temperature on the thermostat. Some folks who like to sleep to the soft hum of a fan will need to turn off the thermostat, lest it makes noises while switching on and off through-out the night. The strong powered motor and fans give you a CFM of a low 320 to a high of 430.  An excellent exhaust fan, it is not designed to be used as an AC.

Why do we like it?

  • Uses up to 60% less energy
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Reversible airflow
  • Two-speed settings
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5. Bionaire Window Fan Twin Reversible Airflow Blades & Remote Control

Bionaire Window Fan

Breathe in fresh and cool air with this Bionaire window dual fan exhaust. Each 8.5″ fan can work independently or as a combo unit. You can also alternate the fans to work for fresh air intake while the second throws out hot air. For your convenience, a remote control helps you set the temperature to give you peace of mind.

With its three-speed settings, even a warm day could seem cool with this dual-unit window fan. The water-resistant motors are running at their best even when the weather outside is wet and slippery.

For larger windows, use the extender to cover 24 to 37 inches of window space vertically.  Folks who have a mesh on their windows found it helpful to leave the mesh while mounting the unit. This mesh prevents small insects and tiny mosquitoes from being sucked-in. The airflow is not compromised when it is installed in front of the air mesh.

Depending upon kitchen size and how close the exhaust fan is installed to your cooktop, the air inside the kitchen can be fresh from odor and remain cool.  It is very soft to operate and hardly makes any noise.

Why do we like it?

  • Reversible, independent fans
  • Water-resistant motors
  • Remote-controlled
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Kitchen Exhaust Fans’ Buyer’s Guide

If you are trying to beat the heat by installing a new kitchen exhaust fan, it sure sounds like a cool plan. Here are some important points to consider for the best bang on your buck before you buy a kitchen exhaust fan.


Be sure to know the position where you need the exhaust fan to be placed. Measure the sizes of the door/ window or wall where the unit will be mounted. Other things that affect your decision are the availability of a socket, the strength of the door or window frames to hold the unit’s weight, accessories required, and more.

Air displacement rate

The air volume to be displaced with new air is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This air is the amount of air that the fan will circulate out or in.  The CFM of an exhaust fan required depends upon the size of the room and the cooling required. Do read the CFM values before you buy. Lower the CFM, lower is the amount of air displaced with lower noise levels.


While you want a kitchen exhaust fan that does its job, you also wish to have less noise.  The noise made by an exhaust fan is measured in sones. For domestic/home use, a rating of 3 to 7 sones levels is recommended, while for commercial establishments, it is 7-21 sones.

Size of fan blades

Depending upon the area to be covered and the motor capacity, the manufacturer decides the number of blades. Some exhaust fans may give you a variant model.  For domestic kitchens, an 8 to 10″‘ fan blade size is recommended. Two blades will dispel air quickly.