Best Kids Kitchen Sets

5 Best Kids Kitchen Sets (Reviews Updated 2021)

Is your kid watching too much telly or spending endless hours playing games on screens? Are they into the digital mode only? How do you get them to interact with other kids? How do you get them off the screen?

Solution? A kid’s kitchen set is one of the best play sets.  Kids can be imaginative, develop their motor skills, and enhance learning language and grammar, and more. Pretend play makes a large part of a child’s growing up as it is in a non-controlled environment. Peer learning adds to the child’s social skill development. If you are wondering which play set is the best, here are our in-depth reviews of the five best kid’s kitchen play sets. Step ahead, read our reviews and opt for one that serves your need the best.

Best Kids Kitchen Sets

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Here are our best kids kitchen sets reviews:

1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

The Melissa & Doug Chef’s Kitchen is an excellent play set for children. They can be engrossed in the kitchen for hours and make themselves a quick chocolate milkshake with ice cream. The entire set is made from wood and can accommodate every cookware included in the play set.

Pediatricians encourage parents to let kids play imaginatively to develop their thinking capacity and imagination. This play set makes for a beautiful gift for children on their birthdays or any special occasion. It comes with a play oven, sink, stove, microwave, refrigerator and ice dispenser, and freezer. With knobs to turn and handles to open, kids are busy thinking of how granny would cook them up a snack.

Don’t be surprised as you see kids reasoning why they would want a different colored egg for breakfast. This kitchen play set teaches kids many life skill lessons by doing rather than just the theory behind it.  Inculcate good habits of storage, cleaning up, or helping another family member to complete house chores.

Let us go to La-La-Land for high tea, should we?

Why do we like it?

  • Made from wood and not plastic
  • ‘Working’ kitchen appliances
  • Easy to clean and maintain, even by kids
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2. Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen Play Set

Step2 Fun With Friends Kitchen Play Set

Playing with children was never so much fun. With the Step2 Fun with Friends kitchen play set, kids can play with their friends or with you in the makeshift kitchen.  Now cook eggs, bacon, sausages or dish up sumptuous food for a party.

Everything is a dream to cook with the play gas stovetop with electronic lights and burners that work with a special frying pan and boiling pot. Grab yourself a cup of coffee with your breakfast with the pretend insta coffee-maker single-serve or carry it to your workplace or school with the travel mug.

Complete the dishwashing manually in the built-in sink with a swivel faucet after dinner.  See kids learn from each other on etiquette that they learn at school or practice at home. Cleaning-up is easy with the storage bin area to keep any kitchen accessories handy for the next time.

This unit is easy to clean by parents and children alike. You can easily clean with a soft cloth using a dry-wet-dry soft cloth or ass disinfectants.

Why do we like it?

  • Sturdy unit and does not tip forward
  • Easy to assemble – does not require an electric drill
  • Similar to real-life products and brands
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3. KidKraft Ultimate Wooden Play Kitchen

Kidkraft Ultimate Wooden Play Kitchen

With the KidKraft ultimate wooden play set, there is hands-on learning for children. The pretend play set includes burners/ cooktops, icemakers with authentic sound. This kitchen play set has doors to open, knobs to turn, cooktops that light up and make nearly the same noises as the original does. It can keep the kids busy for hours together.

This corner piece kitchen play set can solve your concerns about large spaces that may be required for playing. It occupies less space with its corner design and lets kids enjoy their makeshift kitchen.

The kitchen shelf and the backdrop are made from wood (MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard), while the rest are made from plastic.  A play phone is included in the set that enables kids to call the grocers or bakers for a few urgent and low-in-stock items, or take a call from a dear friend as the pie is being cooked, just as ‘mom’ does.

To enhance their culinary skills, you could always buy them some pretend to play fresh vegetables and fruits. With a counter height of 21 inches, this corner kitchen play set is perfect for the tiny hands and great minds to dish up some beautiful dishes, perhaps their favorite?

Why do we like it?

  • The corner set saves space
  • Wood and plastic parts – ensures lesser plastic to play with
  • Lights and sounds as good as original
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4. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Wooden Play Kitchen

Kidkraft Uptown Espresso Wooden Play Kitchen

With the KidKraft Uptown Espresso set, now pretend play to a cup of espresso, cappuccino, or a dinner party.  Kids can enjoy their time playing with this real-life type play set where they have eleven pieces of metallic accessories set.  Kids can do role plays, imitate mommy and daddy doing cooking, or even do a makeshift Masterchef series in the convenience of their playroom.  This play set is large enough to have multiple children playing at the same time.

With doors opening, knobs turning at the oven, and the removable sink, you can expect a perfect dinner to be set up.  Kids can peek into the pretend fridge, freezer, and oven to see if the pizza or burger is available before being cooked.  Pies and muffins go into the oven, which glows to show that cooking is in progress.

Don’t be surprised to see a note on the chalkboard surface (on the freezer) for you to do your homework and be a good boy/girl.

Why do we like it?

  • Eleven-piece accessories set included.
  • Made from a combination of solid wood, MDF, and plastic
  • East to set-up with minimal assembly
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5. CUTE STONE Pretend Play Kitchen Set for Toddlers & Kids

Cute Stone Pretend Play Kitchen Set For Toddlers & Kids

Children can learn a lot from pretend play that involves live scenarios, communication skills, and multi-tasking. You are on the right course if you teach life skills to your children through this Cutestone pretend play kitchen set.

This set combines a few natural things and pretend equipment to make the cooking and dishwashing look real.  The multi-purpose kitchen sink and water spray lights up and plays sound as if you are filling in the water.  Enabling children to experiment, the kitchen faucet has an automatic water system for smooth water flow and uniform speed.  The upper part of the sink has a removable unit that can store most small parts when the kitchen is not in use. Kids learn to peel, cut, slice, and dice vegetables and fruits with the knife set.

A wide array of tableware accessories and kitchenware allows your kids to multi-task between cooking and dishwashing, just as daddy helps mommy or perhaps be better at it!

The top sink portion comes apart, and all the pieces can fit inside the bottom portion. If you want the play set to work well with actual water, just don’t add it to the play items.

Why do we like it?

  • Uses actual water for pretend play
  • ABDS durable plastic – safe for children
  • Multiple accessories set included
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Kids Kitchen Sets Buyer’s Guide

After reading the in-depth reviews, we are sure you are excited to get a kids kitchen set. Before you pick any, here are some essential points to consider.


Kitchen play sets are made of wood, plastic, or in rare cases, metals. While the entire backdrop and the shelves are made of wood, plastic is used for fresh vegetables and fruits and most cookware. Do check that the wood is smooth and has softened edges so that kids don’t hurt themselves.

Wood may be challenging to assemble, but it provides durability.  Wooden backdrops or larger pieces may need to be fixed to the walls to prevent any accidents. Opt for ones that are sturdy and have enough support to hold the kitchen set together.

Plastic play set options need to be BPA-free for your child’s health.  If there are any metal parts, check that they are rust-free and don’t have any sharp protrusion.


Measure the area where you will set up this kitchen play set.  You do not want to get an odd sized play set that doesn’t fit into the room you have in mind. Remember, kitchen play sets also come in L-shaped/corner kitchens to manage a compact area. You may want to plan for some more space in case you plan to invite kids to play with your child.

Do keep additional areas marked to store a box full of kitchen accessories like pots and pans that may need tidying up.


Most kitchen play sets will have a small number of accessories included. You may want to order some extra ones if more kids are going to play with your child. Kids are high on imagination; consider getting different accessories or different varieties of vegetables and fruits or more.

Many accessories like cooktops today have lights and sounds built-in that attract kids and teach them to recognize sound and light movements. For an enhanced experience, you may want to buy a play set with these offerings.