5 Best Keto Ketchup Brands (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Ketchup is a diverse product, although the main ingredient; tomatoes remains largely unchanged, the quality, flavor, and texture of ketchup varies significantly. Unfortunately, most ketchups are full of carbohydrates and preservatives. However, the good news is there are products in the market that are low in carbs, rich in protein and keto diet-friendly.

Even though keto-friendly products are on the rise, customers are still not aware of them. As a result, customers find it hard to decide, and we are here to guide them. Below is a list of the best keto ketchup that is available in the market.

Best Keto Ketchup Brands

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1. Yo Mama’s Keto Classic Ketchup

Yo Mama’s Keto Classic Ketchup

This tomato ketchup is manufactured by Yo Mama’s. It consists of non-GMO tomato concentrate, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, garlic powder, mustard seed, bay leaf, monk fruit extract, and water. This product is free of preservatives; it is low in Glycemic and contains no sugar at all. This product also contains freshly harvested tomatoes.

This tomato ketchup is low in carbohydrates and is keto diet-friendly and paleo diet-friendly. You can eat this ketchup as a dip, use it as a dip or add it to your favorite dishes. This product comes in a glass bottle that is sturdy and durable. This Yo Mama’s tomato ketchup also comes ready to eat and requires no preparation.

Yo Mama’s tomato ketchup is a healthy product, and it contains no sugar, is low in carbs, and is keto diet-friendly and paleo-diet friendly. This product comes in a durable glass bottle; it can be used as an ingredient or a dip and is free of preservatives. This item also comes ready to eat and is made of natural and safe ingredients.

Why do we like it?

  • Keto-friendly
  • Natural and safe ingredients
  • No sugar
  • Low in carbs
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2. Heinz Healthy Ketchup

Heinz Healthy Ketchup

This ketchup from Heinz is a healthy product, has no sugar, no harmful preservatives, and is keto diet-friendly. This product is also vegan-friendly and contains no sugar at all. In addition, this tomato ketchup contains natural sweetness, is made from freshly harvested tomatoes and contains natural and healthy ingredients.

This Heinz ketchup comes in a glass container that is sturdy and durable. You can store this keto-friendly tomato ketchup for a long time. You can also consume this product in various ways, and it can also be used as an ingredient. This product is safe for consumption as it contains no additives and harmful allergies.

Heinz manufactures this tomato ketchup; it is keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, and contains no sugar. This product consists of natural sweetness and is made of natural ingredients and freshly harvested tomatoes. This ketchup comes ready to eat; it is storable and safe to consume.

Why do we like it?

  • No sugar and preservatives
  • Low carbs
  • Natural ingredients
  • Freshly harvested tomatoes
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3. New Primal Tomato Ketchup

New Primal Tomato Ketchup

This tomato ketchup is produced by New primal; It consists of water, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, garlic powder, various spices, sea salt, and pineapple juice concentrate. This product comes in a durable glass bottle and is storable. This tomato ketchup also comes ready to eat and requires no preparation. In addition, this ketchup is gluten-free and keto-certified.

This New primal tomato ketchup is also free of preservatives, additives, and artificial flavoring. This product is safe to consume and is also paleo diet-friendly. All the ingredients of this ketchup are natural and healthy. You can use this tomato ketchup as an ingredient, a dip, or eat it as it is. This product contains no soy, is sugar-free, dairy-free, and trans-fat-free.

This tomato ketchup by New primal is a healthy and delicious product.  This ketchup is gluten-free, trans-fat-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. In addition, this product is keto-certified, paleo diet-friendly, and comes ready to eat. This tomato ketchup comes in a glass bottle and is storable.

Why do we like it?

  • Sugar-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Keto and Paleo-friendly
  • Durable glass bottle
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4. True Made Foods Vegetable Sauce

True Made Foods Vegetable Sauce

True made foods produce this tomato ketchup, and it is a paleo-diet friendly product, keto-diet friendly, and gluten-free. This product has a rich texture, natural flavor and consists of various vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, carrot, and butternut squash. This product is also safe to consume for vegetarians and is non-GMO.

This ketchup is different from other tomato ketchup because it contains different vegetables that make it even healthier and delicious. In addition, this product comes in a plastic container and has a long shelf life. Therefore, you can consume this sauce in many different ways, as a dip or as an ingredient.

This True made ketchup is a mixture of different vegetables; it is healthy, keto-friendly, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contains no preservatives. This product comes in a plastic container, has a long shelf life, and comes ready to eat. This product is also non-GMO and is safe to consume.

Why do we like it?

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Keto-certified
  • Vegan-friendly
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5. Keto Primo Keep it Simple Super Ketchup

Keto Primo Keep It Simple Super Ketchup

This ketchup is manufactured by Keto primo; it consists of apple cider vinegar, monk fruit sweetener, water, tomato paste, pink Himalayan salt, and much more. This tomato ketchup comes in a glass bottle; it comes ready to eat and is low in carbohydrates. In addition, the ingredients of this product are safe and healthy.

This Keto prime tomato ketchup contains no sugar; it is free of preservatives, artificial flavoring, and additives. This ketchup is full of natural flavor and has a thick texture. This product is also non-GMO, low in glycemic, gluten-free, and is safe to consume for people with diabetes. You can eat this tomato ketchup in a variety of different ways.

This tomato ketchup by Keto prime is a quality product; it is healthy, full of natural flavor, and contains no preservatives. This ketchup is gluten-free, is safe for people with diabetes, and is also keto-friendly. In addition, this product contains low carbohydrates, is free of sugar and artificial flavoring.

Why do we like it?

  • Keto-friendly
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Gluten-free and Non-GMO
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Keto Ketchup Brand Buyer’s Guide

There is no shortage of keto products such as best packaged keto snacks in the market. However, as with all types of products, the quality varies significantly. On most occasions, customers fail to judge the quality of the product and invest in cheap and poor-quality products that also cost them a lot of money. Check out the five best keto cookbooks.

However, usually, customers just need a bit of clarity, and we want to provide them some. With the right guidance, customers can buy the product they need and deserve, which is why below we have given a list of factors that customers need to study before they invest in keto ketchup. Do try canned vodka sauce.


Before you buy keto ketchup, read the ingredients of the product. Keto products should be low in carbohydrates, free of gluten and preservatives, and rich in protein. However, some manufacturers just write keto on the packaging and sell it. Be vary, study the product details, conduct some research and then buy keto ketchup. Check out the five best sweet BBQ sauces.

Ready to Eat

Most ketchups in the market come ready to eat and come in durable containers with a long shelf life. However, customers should not take anything for granted; before buying keto ketchup, make sure they are ready to eat and do not require any preparation. Also, try to always invest in products that are made by well-known brands such as Heinz.


When it comes to keto ketchup, health is crucial. Most ketchup in the market contain unhealthy ingredients, are full of sugar and fat. Please make sure the product you invest in is sugar-free, has no harmful fat in it, and is safe to consume. Check out canned tomato sauce.