5 Best Kegs for Home Brew (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Hosting a get-together for family or friends can be a lot of fun. However, you don’t want to run short of drinks when you are busy hosting others. Or, if you are a homebrewer, how about getting your latest brews to be sampled before you alter the yeast or the type of hops? You could waste days and days of hard work if the brew is not stored correctly. Get yourself a keg or a kegerator.

With kegs in place, you can store your fresh brews and still experiment with changes in quality or quantity of hops until you are satisfied. Now, if you are contemplating on the best keg for homebrew, here are our in-depth reviews. So take a pause, read our reviews, and pick one that fits your needs the best.

Best Kegs for Home Brew

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Here are our best kegs for home brew reviews:

1. Kegco Ball Lock Keg

Kegco Ball Lock Keg

This keg is also called a Pepsi keg or a Cornelius keg.  It is designed to work with a ball lock keg coupler. It has a long life with the food-grade 304 stainless steel used for its construction. The keg features molded rubber skirting at the bottom for easier stacking. At the top, it has molded rubber handles that are easy to hold. Users for this keg are generally small pubs and restaurants, and individuals. They opt for these as they find it convenient to stack these for storage, saving on space.

Now host your family and friends, and you will never run out of beer. This Kegco KM5G-RBT keg holds up to 5 gallons of brewed beer, soda, tea, wine, or cold brew coffee. Everything is held in place using the ball lock keg couplers combined with the lids. The lids are constructed with stainless steel and have pressure-release valve fasteners. You can easily access and clean the ball lock lid. One can easily clean and maintain the ball lock and any other sealing equipment.

Some owners have covered the kegs with reusable keg covers advertising their brands on them. The keg stands 25 inches tall and has an 8.5 inches outer diameter.

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight at 10 lbs
  • Easy to clean, store and stack
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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2. NutriChef Mini Keg Homebrew Growler Beer Dispenser

Nutrichef Mini Keg Homebrew Growler Beer Dispenser

Aha! Life just got easy with this growler beer dispenser.  Carry your beer with you as you travel or go out camping or into the forest. Enjoy your beer outdoors or indoors as you play a game of backgammon. In a layman’s language, a beer growler is a vessel/jug used to transport beer. A beer growler is usually made of glass, steel, or ceramic. The Nutrichef Mini keg Homebrew growler offers you a beer or any other carbonated drink, fresh for up to three months. While the conventional kegs let your beer go flat after the first pour, these growlers hold carbonated beer under pressure. So no fizz is lost!

The beer is kept vacuum pressured for freshness. Each time the growler gets empty, carry it to the local pub to fill it up. Store your beer under It vacuum pressure and have a beer any time till 3 months.

It is scratch-resistant as the external body is coated with a black matte powder coating. On the inside, the growler has a safe and hygienic 304 food-grade strong stainless steel body. It keeps the 128 ounces (1 gallon) of the beverage under pressure with an aluminum regulator, brass tap, silicone O-ring kit & 47.24″ tubing. You can easily monitor and adjust the beer pressure with the turn of a dial to a perfect 30 psi which ensures you get a smooth head for your beer.

Why do we like it?

  • Portable for night outs or while traveling
  • Fill it up with different aerated drinks when you want a change
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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3. Gallon Home Brew Keg by Old Ale Homebrew & Beverage Supply Co.

Gallon Home Brew Keg By Old Ale Homebrew & Beverage Supply Co.

This super chilled-out product from Old Ale Homebrew & Beverage Supply Co. is an ISO 9001 and NSF certified product. It can easily accommodate up to 5 gallons of beverage.  The highly durable stainless steel construction of the keg tank cools your beverage/beer faster than normal kegs.

Working on a ball lock mechanism, this unit has handles on either side for a better grip and your safety. They are covered with rubber for ease of use. This unit is available with all pipelines for air and gas.

Why do we like it?

  • 5-gallon size
  • Holds beverages fresh up to 3 months with a compressor
  • The ball lock mechanism makes it easy to install
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Keg for Home Brew Buyer’s Guide

So if you are planning to make the summers cooler for yourself, here are the homebrew kegs that can accommodate various cartridges with nitrous or oxygen-type cartridges. As you make your investment, here are some points for you to look-out for as you want the best keg for your homebrew.

Placing the keg/kegerator

Before you buy a keg, you need to be sure where you are going to place it. Ensure that it is an easily accessible area – no going up/down the stairs, electrical sockets are easily available, and you are using that area frequently.  It is little use to place your kegerator in the basement if you have great outdoors fair weather.  Going up and down the stairs will only make you tired lugging the keg or for a glass of draft beer.

Remember to consider some space for the pipelines that come along with it. Any kegs/kegerators will need a water inlet and outlet points nearby for easy washing, cleaning, and drainage for spills and drainage water.  This may not apply to portable kegerators and growlers where you already have the beer filled-in them.


Sizes: Kegs are available in various sizes; ½ or ¼ barrels: 64 ounces, 130 ounces, or simply 5 gallons. Determine what the size that you require is? If this will be a standalone unit, you may want to consider how you will dispense it? Will you have a countertop model in your basement bar, or will it be on the kitchen counter for everyday use.  Are you perhaps comfortable with a growler or a portable keg that allows you greater mobility? If you are looking at a kegerator, then do the kegs fit in there?

Handles: If the kegs have a rubber handle, it makes for ease in moving them around for placement, storage, or returns after use.

Body: The best kegs have a 304 food-grade, high-quality stainless steel body which is rust and corrosion-free.