5 Best Kegerators (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Hot, sunny, and arid weather outside, and you have just run out of beer?  Summers could always be harsh, and without a drink at home, you will be dried.  How about your family? Is the refrigerator in good shape and cooling? Or are you over piled in the refrigerator? Stop! You need to cool down and think carefully.  Would you rather not get a kegerator to manage all your cooling needs, some of which can be converted to a refrigerator within minutes when required?

That’s it! If you have trouble at hand, you need a kegerator to provide you great chilled drinks like beers, carbonated drinks, and more. We have selected the best five kegerators for your convenience and taken the time to review each of them in-depth. Grab a chilled beer, take a seat, read through our reviews, and opt for one that serves your need the best.

Best Kegerators

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Here are our best kegs for homebrew reviews:

1. EdgeStar Craft Brew Kegerator

Edgestar Craft Brew Kegerator

Aha! It is time to enjoy a chilled beer at home or your cottage. A must-have for regular home brewers, this compact kegerator houses a sixtel so that you can have a fresh beer every time you need it.  If you are home brewing, you can easily change the brew by having extra sixtel kegs at home, and you can change the flavors as needed. The interiors are large to hold a filled-up CO2 inside along with a sixtel or Corny keg.

Now you don’t have any need to go to the stores or order accessories online. The KC1000SS comes with 100% accessories required for your ease. The blue LED lights light-up the interior as you reach-in replace a sixtel. The digital thermostat adds to the cool and modern looks of the décor of your room. The LED temperature display is easy to read even at a distance.  The unit is slim at 17.5″ yet large enough to hold the kegs comfortably.

The column draft tower beckons you to pour a drink from the chrome-plated brass faucet.  As you pour, the drip tray can catch any drips easily so that the countertop remains clean and inviting for the next round of beer.  We love the integrated lock installed for keeping your brews safe from the nosy ones who are always up for a grab of a beer glass.

Do remember that the door is reversible to manage a comfortable reach as per your room design.

Why do we like it?

  • Tower column with elegant faucet to pour
  • Reversible doors
  • Integrated lock
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2. EdgeStar Dual Tap Kegerator

Edgestar Dual Tap Kegerator

Now live the convenience of a bar right at your home! Here, if you are a commercial establishment, there is to a greater capacity and durability with this Edgestar dual tap full-size kegerator. This unit does not support over-sized kegs or rubberized kegs like those of Miller or Coors.

This portable kegerator is the coolest in the market, with temperatures as low as the early 30s to mid-40s. This unit is not an under-the-counter model. It is meant for indoor and freestanding use only. The CO2 cartridge can be mounted internally or externally. If you decide externally, space is provided at the back of the kegerator.  This frees-up space inside for kegs. This CO2 cartridge does not require cooling. This CO2 cartridge is delivered empty for safety reasons; you will need to get it charged locally.  A two-piece drip tray helps drainage and any leakages.

The package includes a full-sized kegerator; a 5-pound CO2 cartridge (empty); NSF approved beer lines and airlines; a single metal plate that allows two kegs to sit on it (helping distribute the weight of the kegs inside);

Why do we like it?

  • Chrome safety rail and beer dispensing tower with an option of 1 or 2 taps
  • Reversible doors to fit in with your room settings
  • Easy conversion to a refrigerator for extra storage when not using kegs
  • CO2 cylinder can be mounted externally at the back of the kegerator  – saves you internal space
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3. Kegco Kegerator

Kegco Kegerator

Now you can invite more friends over for a get-together with this kegerator offering a beer tower with dual taps. Serve two different types of beers or a combination of beer and aerated drinks, and more. The latest design has digital temperature controls and cooling that is forced by fans for a super chilled interior.

The Kegco Kegerator K309B-2 is a one-stop-shop unit and has all accessories needed. No need to get to stores for any accessories.  The package comes with a complete keg tapping kit including a CO2 tank (5 lbs, aluminum), a CO2 regulator (single-gauge), a blue air line assembly (5 feet of 5/16 inch internal diameter); 2 snap clamps; and a chrome-plated metal (a 3″ diameter); a dual-faucet draft tower; and a set of D-system keg couplers. Other features include black casters (for portability), a built-in drip tray (removable), a chrome guardrail (to save your glasses from toppling over), and a dual-faucet beer tower. The black matte finish on the door and sides does not register any scratches and keeps it looking chic.

Convert this kegerator into a refrigerator should you wish to. The unit has two adjustable shelves that come along. Smooth casters allow you to move the unit anywhere. Lock the wheels for your safety as you set the kegs into them.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes a complete keg tapping kit– no need to buy any extras
  • Reversible doors
  • Converts to a refrigerator easily when not using for kegs
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4. Homecraft Full-Size Kegerator

Homecraft Full Size Kegerator

Now Nostalgia Products offers you a full-size kegerator for the largest party ever you can throw. Serve beer faster than the people tap their feet to the sound of music with the spring-loaded tap. No more efforts in closing the faucets and trying to control beer wastage with this superb tap. The kegerator is finished with black color and a stainless steel construct. The unit can easily be moved around on its casters to fit the decor in your home or garage. It is mounted with a hardtop pouring system, U-shaped chrome finished guardrails (to prevent your glasses from toppling over), a black tap tower, and a drip tray (removable for easy cleaning).

Be a perfect host; offer your guests not just chilled beer but also other canned or bottled beverages. Store them inside the kegerator on the two racks provided. The recessed door handle prevents any accidents and provides safety. Simultaneously, it gives the entire kegerator a sleek and chic look.

Why do we like it?

  • Full-sized kegerator with a variety of features
  • Countertop to serve with a beer tower and tap
  • Casters to move around the house to the party area, or for cleaning, or storage
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5. NutriChef Mini Keg Dispenser

Nutrichef Mini Keg Dispenser

Now keep your home brews fresh for up to two months and under the right pressure with this mini kegerator by Nutrichef. Taste the beer, change the hops or the yeast combinations; add flavorings; make another brew. Keep it safe for two months, or allow beer enthusiasts to sample it at your pad.

Easy to carry and store, this unit works with a disposable CO2 cartridge (extra, not included in the package).  Giving you value for money, each CO2 cartridge pours 128 oz. of beer easily.  The CO2 cartridge has an NPT to allow 16g cartridges of CO2 to fit into the regulator. So, go ahead, give it the fizz it requires now.  Regulate the pressure of the beer with the regulator gauge (provided). If you are based in hot and humid geography, do remember to cover the Nutrichef mini keg dispenser with an insulator sleeve so that your beer stays cold.

Why do we like it?

  • Portable mini keg dispenser
  • Standardized NPT allows CO2 cartridge (any brand) to fit easily
  • Unlike a growler maintains the beer pressure
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Kegerators’ Buyer’s Guide

Well, if you are ready to opt for a kegerator, pause for a few minutes longer. To help you get the best value for your money, you must consider some pointers before investing in a kegerator. Here are top pointers for you to consider.

Space for kegerator

Kegerators could be freestanding, under-the-counter, or over-the-counter units. They require space to be placed, maintained, and moved around. Determine the amount of space you have available in the house or the pub/restaurant.

We recommend that you provide space for tubing/pipelines/ externally mounted CO2, regulators too.  Ensure that there is a 110 AC power socket nearby to hook up the kegerator. Some folks prefer to have a drainage outlet nearby to ensure they can clean the unit easily. However, it is not mandated.

An important consideration is access to the kegerator, specifically when you load it up. How far or inaccessible is the kegerator from your porch? Or is it placed on the beautiful greens of your terrace house on the 2nd floor? You want easy access to the kegerators for replacements.


Types of beer: Before you buy a kegerator, you want to be sure of the type of homebrews or beers you prefer to have/serve.  You will need a different tap/coupler if you have a hard–poured beer like a Guinness, a few stouts, and some more.

Sizes: Kegs are available in various sizes; ½ or ¼ barrels: 64 ounces, 130 ounces, or simply 5 gallons. Determine what the size that you require is? If this will be a standalone unit, you may want to consider how you will dispense it? Will you have a countertop model in your basement bar or be on the kitchen counter for everyday use.  Are you perhaps comfortable with a growler or a portable keg that allows you greater mobility? If you are looking at a kegerator, then do the kegs fit in there?

Handles: Kegerators handles should be recessed into the door of the kegerator to avoid any accidents. You don’t want accidents from non-recessed handles that could catch fabric from a flowing gown or a shirt sleeve.