5 Best Keg Taps (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Hosting a get-together for family or friends can be a lot of fun. However, you don’t want to run short of drinks when you are busy hosting them. Or, if you are a homebrewer, how about getting your latest brews to be sampled before you alter the yeast or the type of hops? You could waste days and days of hard work if the brew is not stored correctly. Get yourself a keg or a kegerator.

With kegs in place, you can store your fresh brews and still experiment with changes in quality or quantity of hops until you are satisfied. Now, if you are contemplating on the best keg taps, here are our in-depth reviews. So take a pause, read our reviews, and pick one that fits your needs the best.

Best Keg Taps

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Here are our best keg taps reviews:

1. Jansamn Type Kegerator Sankey D Tap

Jansamn Type Kegerator Sankey D Tap

It is time to refresh with either your homemade brew or a keg of beer from the market.  In either case, you will need a tap on the keg if you already don’t have one.

This unit’s coupler’s probe is made from 304 food-grade stainless steel. The coupler’s body is made from chrome-plated brass to withstand corrosion and rust. Designed for a perfect fit and to avoid any leakages, the gas/beer tail-piece outer diameter is 3/8″. This accommodates the 5/16″ inner diameter of the hose. The coupler’s pressure relief valve is set to open at 53 psi (standard).

Some folks who are using this product mention that disinfecting the pipes and coupler is important for first-time use. Once it is operational, depending upon the usage, you may like to clean it either every day or once a week if it’s not used often. How do you do that? Well, you could disinfect using a disinfectant first and then rinse it with clean water. Some folks preferred to pass hot water through the pipes.

You will need a CO2 (carbon dioxide) cartridge to dispense beer and keep it carbonated. Well, here is a tip from experts. Ensure that the tubing (on the beer /keg side) is long enough to prevent foaming. And you are all set-up to serve the beer.

Why do we like it?

  • The coupler probe is made of 304 stainless steel and is rust-resistant
  • Lockable coupler when not operational
  • The coupler body is made from heavy-duty brass
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2. Kegco Keg Coupler D/Sankey System

Kegco Keg Coupler D Sankey System

Now have your chilled beer served to you at a perfect pressure of 55-psi. Enjoy this drink and shake off the heat or stress of a hectic day. Let Kegco taps do the work that they are designed to do, their best!  This awesome unit is specially made to withstand a commercial unit’s demands like a pub or a restaurant.

This lever-style handle makes it convenient to use in top to bottom motion rather than the conventional types.  It is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NFS) in the USA. The coupler itself is made from a highly-durable forged brass body and is nickel-plated. The probe is made from 304 food-grade stainless steel that avoids corrosion and rusting for your health.

Working at a pressure of psi, the keg coupler prevents any over-pressurized gas from entering the system. This way, you are assured of a fresh glass of beer without too much head. The package includes the coupler with a tap handle and a threaded connector for the CO2 line. Other accessories like clamps, beer line connectors, etc., are available as extras. You should be aware that this unit may not be available for sale in California due to California’s Proposition 65.

Why do we like it?

  • Serves all famous brands like Budweiser, Coors, Miller, and more
  • Dispenses beer at a pressure of 55-psi
  • Easy to install and clean
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3. Kegco Keg Sankey Tap

Kegco Keg Sankey Tap

One of the best beer taps for busy pubs and restaurants is the Kegco tap.  Pour easily and quickly when the party is rocking with this Kegco tap. Just work the tap lever/handle top to bottom and back again couple of times to dispense the beer. The ergonomically designed handle does not tire you out. The probe of the keg is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel.

It is toxin free and much hygienic than couplers which have brass. You can easily dispense fresh draft beer with a pressure of 55-psi using a valve that releases any extra pressure. You should have no worries about any leakages or everyday breakdowns with this superb tap. This tap is compatible with all Sankey kegs, which are commonly used in the USA.

Why do we like it?

  • Compatible with all American kegs
  • Easy to use commercial grade level lever
  • Beer is dispensed at a pressure of 55-psi
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4. Taprite Keg Pump for D/Sankey-System Kegs

Taprite Keg Pump For D Sankey System Kegs

Look forward no more as this keg pump for Taprite sets the mood of your party with a non-stop flow of beer to your guests. Compatible with all domestic beer kegs, you can easily serve Blue Moon, Coors, Coors Light, Modelo and more.

Weighing only 1.95 lbs, this light-weight beer tap is quite a heavy-duty performer. Its dimensions are 6”(L) x 4”(W) x 10”(H) inches.  With such a compact body, it can work long hours to serve beer from single valve kegs. The package includes a high-volume air pump, beer faucet and tubing, and a fortified metal tapping base.

Folks who have used this keg pump mention that this unit has a good and sturdy handle with a little red button on top that is easy to operate. The unit latches very easily to the keg and pumps consistently. This tap may not be available in California due to Proposition 65 warning to it.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy installation to the keg
  • Is portable
  • Simple to clean
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5. Heavy-Duty Complete D-System Beer Party

Heavy Duty Complete D System Beer Party

Here’s a cheer to a wonderful technology that keeps the beer flowing in a party even after the music has stopped. This 8″ air pump has a brass base and is chrome plated for a sleek finish that fits all decors. Built for commercial use, it withstands heavy usage quite easily and dispenses beer quicker than conventional pumps.

The pump’s base is encompassed in a tin-nickel plate. This pump is easy to clean and maintain with the pipelines being washed through with warm water. The package includes a D-System/American Sankey 8″ pump, a lever handle, and 2 feet of plastic beer line with a picnic faucet. Weighing 2.76 lbs its dimensions are 12 x 3 x 3 inches. The pump comes ready for your use, and you don’t need any assembly.

Why do we like it?

  • Manufactured for high-quality performance and durability
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Perfect for parties and events
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Keg Taps’ Buyer’s Guide

If you do not already have a kegerator with a beer tap on it, you may need to buy a Sankey/D-system coupler or a beer tap. This is directly linked to the type of kegerator you have, and what is the expected usage of this tap – commercial or heavy-duty domestic usage?  Before you buy a keg tap, here are some important points for you to consider getting the best bang from your buck.

Design of tap

Sealing: When attached to kegs, some pumps will need extra O-seals to manage the tubing joints and at the entrance to the keg. However, if the pump is of good quality, you may not need extra accessories. You want to ensure that beer is not leaking.

Pressure relief valve: Over-time, beer stored in a keg can develop extra pressure than is recommended.  If you start dispensing such beer, it will foam-up in the tubing giving you lots of head/foam in your beer. Having a pressure relief valve relieves this extra pressure to reduce this foam, ensuring you get only the best beer (with less foam).

Upkeep: Cleaning and maintenance are advisable after every day’s use for pubs and restaurants. However, you may want to manage it fortnightly or weekly for home use, depending upon usage. In either case, you want to ensure that the equipment is easy to clean, store and reassemble for usage for next time.

Connectors for kegs: Universally, there are six different types of connectors for kegs. America uses the D-type (D stands for Domestic) while European taps deploy S-type connectors, the German taps adapt to A and M –type connectors. Ensure that you have the correct type of connectors. You don’t want to keep your guests thirsty, do you?


Full kegs (15.5 gallons) and pony kegs (7.75 gallons) usually require a beer tap to be installed for dispensing.  Any stand-alone units mostly come with a tap towards the lower end, which is gravity-based.

Gas or pump based taps

Gas-operated taps work using nitrogen or CO2 gas. They have inlets and outlets feeding through the compressor or a cartridge to the keg to maintain the pressure while extracting beer to dispense.

Pump-operated taps have to be pumped a few times to create pressure inside the keg before the tap/faucet can dispense the beer. These pumps are like small towers 8 to 10 inches in height. They are preferred for a one-off party or picnic or where there is a lesser usage. They do not require any additional tubing or equipment and are easy to install and ready to use.