5 Best Kamikoto Knives Set (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you looking for a high-quality knife set that gives you precision in cutting, chopping, dicing, slicing, or simply shredding vegetables or meat? If you are tired of blunt knives and sharpening them over and over again, without much success, you are at the right place.

Japanese knives are world-renowned to offer high quality and precision in cutting. Owning a Kamikoto knife set gives a privilege that few enjoy. You could be known as a master chef who knows his knives. If you are now in doubt about selecting a Kamikoto knives set, here are our in-depth reviews of the best 5 Kamikoto knives. So, pause, take a while to ‘sharpen your saw’ (knowledge) of Kamikoto knives set, and pick one that fits your needs the best.

Best Kamikoto Knives Set

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Here are our Kamikoto knives set reviews:

1. Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

Every chef desires to have the best set of knives as these are his prime tools. Whether you are a professional or a home chef, if you enjoy cooking, you have to have this in your knife collection.

The Kamikoto Kanpeki knife set is presented in an elegant ash-wood box for the elite. Inside you discover three high-quality precision-engineered, handcrafted knives, each designed for a special purpose. This exquisite gift box houses a set of three knives: one Nakiri or vegetable knife (7 inches), one slicing knife (8.5 inches), and one utility knife (5 inches).

Made from the finest quality of steel, the Kamikoto Kanpeki knife set is an ode to thousands of years’ craftsmanship. Every knife from this set is precision balanced to manage its durability and performance. They showcase the deep knowledge and tradition of knife-making that has been passed through generations.

Remember, these knives are known for their fine finish, which means you don’t have to struggle with cooking. Whether it is slicing, dicing, chopping, or shredding, the razor-sharp edges are beveled only on one side while the other side is flat. The bolster gives you a strong grip, and the cutting action can rock from front to back or the other way around. The handles are designed for use by both the right-handed and left-handed.

This Kamikoto Kanpeki knife set is handcrafted by a set of artisans offering you the best-in-class so that your work is outstanding too.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable blades from forged stainless steel
  • Very fine cutting with blades
  • Easy to clean with simple hand wash
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2. Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

They say a chef’s prized possession is his knife set. The Kamikoto Kensei knife set distinguishes you just by its brand and upgrades you into the elite class. This elegant knife set houses three intricately designed knives; a boning knife, also called Honesuki (6.5 inches), a Kiritsuke knife (9.5-inches), and the Kata-ha blade (single beveled).

Get ready for the mise-en-place to start cooking with deboning the poultry birds with the Honesuki or dice and chop pieces of meat with the Kiritsuke knife or slice a fish with the  Kata-ha knife. This knife set takes care of most of your cookery needs except perhaps a meat bone chain cutter or a cleaver. Some folks who purchased this set and are using it mention that the Kiritsuke knife is well balanced, medium weight, and has got a sharp cut to it.

You can always showcase this knife set in your kitchen or at a dining table as you have folks over for dinner. Be ready for eyes glancing at the knife set only rather than listening to you as a host when displayed at the dining table. If that has set you thinking about this knife set’s quality, it is time to explore and pick-up a set.

Let’s see your culinary skills refined with this knife set cooking some lip-smacking, sumptuous, delicately cooked Lamb Rotisserie Avec Jus or a Grille Poisson Avec Hollandaise?

Why do we like it?

  • Double beveled with a high finish for cutting
  • Hand-crafted from high-quality steel
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3. Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set

Kamikoto Ryoshi Knife Set

Another marvelous offering from Kamikoto, protecting and possessing the craftsmanship that’s more than a thousand years old; this is the Kamoto Ryoshi knife set.

Made from the fine steel from the island of Honshu, the Kamikoto blades are handcrafted by a group of craftsmen. Each artisan is specialized in a particular process, whether forging, carving out the handle, or finishing the blade.

When you own this Kamokoto Ryoshi knife set, you are an icon of quality. This delicately crafted set includes the Deba and the Yanagiba knives. This knife set is in demand by people who love fish that has been carved out delicately and cooked to perfection. The Deba knife has a wide blade for ease in filleting a fish. On the other hand, the Yanagiba knife is sharper and narrow-bladed for perfect skinning and slicing a fish or various cuts of sushi and sashimi.

Why do we like it?

  • Specially designed for filleting and skinning & slicing fish
  • A combination of wide and narrow blades
  • Made from high-quality Honshu steel
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4. Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set

Kamikoto Kuro Series Knife Set

In Japanese, Kuro stands for black; and black is a symbol of the elite class. Kamikoto is a well-known brand, and as you have read through each of the four reviews above, you are aware of the quality of Honshu steel and the fine precision cutting they offer.

However, this knife set is not made from steel. These Kuro series knives are made from zirconium dioxide blades that are the hardest and toughest ever blades made by Kamikoto. This Kuro series knife set comes with its certificate of authenticity to end any questions of its originality.

This knife set offers you possession of three different and varied knives for most of your kitchen’s cooking needs. It has a Santoku Knife (7”), a Kuro Series Nakiri Knife (6.5″), and a Kuro Series Utility Knife (5”). Equipped with these knives, you can easily manage the daily cooking needs of your kitchen.

So what are you waiting for? What’s on top of your weekend menu this week?

Why do we like it?

  • Tough blades
  • Easy to maintain
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5. Kamikoto 7 inches Santoku Chef Knife

Kamikoto 7 Inches Santoku Chef Knife

As a home chef or a professional, there are times when you want to use a single all-purpose knife for most tasks. The Kamikoto 7 inches Santoku chef’s knife offers just that – a power horse that can deliver almost all of your cookery needs.

The knife is single beveled and made from the finest steel from mills on the Honshu island. Handcrafted as per traditions passed down over several generations, the Kamikoto Santoku chef knife is one of the best knives you will ever own in your collection. The steel blade resists corrosion and is finished to a shine.

Only a novice will attempt to use this Santoku chef knife on meat with bones or hard/frozen meat or vegetables. While they are safe to be put in the dishwasher, experts recommend that you always hand wash them with mild soap and wipe them dry to store. They are housed in an ash-wood box with a natural color, making it a perfect gift.

Some folks who have used this find it well balanced and very sharp, making it easy to use.

So go on, carve that piece of lamb and let’s get cooking!

Why do we like it?

  • Great aesthetics
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • A non-slip handle for best grip
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Kamikoto Knives Set Buyer’s Guide

When you plan on buying a Kamkoto knife set, you should consider a few important points. Here is our list of these important points:


Kamikoto has been making knives in two materials, high-quality stainless steel from Honshu Island in Japan or Zirconium dioxide, which is a tough and durable material for blades. In either case, it is not advisable to use the Kamokoto knives for frozen products or to cut boned meat products. Zirconium dioxide blades are the toughest that Kamkoto makes.


Before you opt for any, focus on your need for the Kamikoto knives set. What type of food products do you normally cut?  Opt for a knife considering its sharpness, length, and width of the blade.

Rockwell hardness scale

The Rockwell hardness scale (HRC) defines a knife’s toughness or the ability to resist deformation when pressure is applied. The higher the rating, the higher is the blade strength. However, here is a word of caution. Even the toughest blades will break if a higher HRC is aimed as they tend to become brittle. Normal kitchen knives are in the range of 55 to 63 HRC. Kamikoto knives do not mention the HRC of their products on their site.


If the blade of a knife goes from the tip right up to the handle’s end, it is called a tang knife. A single blade offers you great strength unless they are too long and narrow lest they break. Unless you have a specific requirement, always opt for a tang knife.


The bevel of a knife is the knife’s angle on one side of the knife’s edge. Kamikoto knives are normally available as single beveled. A double-beveled knife allows you to shift the knife from right to left or the other way if you are an Ambi-dexterous or you are a left-handed user.