5 Best Juicer and Blender Combos (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Two-in-one products are always appealing. They not only save you countertop space and energy consumption, but they also save your precious time and a whole lot of cleaning. If you know the value of fruits and vegetables in your diet, juicer and blender combo machines are the best kitchen devices to have.

Juicer and Blender combos give you the flexibility to extract the juice from your fruits and veggies or blending them into a smoothie. When you juice, you get the nutritional content of the ingredients without the pulp. But when you blend, you derive the entire nutritional content plus 100 percent fiber.

Tech enthusiasts usually recommend that you get separate machines for juicing and blending. Nevertheless, if you plan to save a lot of money and require a juicer and blender combo, we have done the major work for you. Below are our five (5) best juicer and blender combo reviews.

Best Juicer and Blender Combos

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1. Cuisinart CPB-380 Hurricane Compact Juicer and Blender Combo

Cuisinart Cpb 380 Hurricane Compact Juicer And Blender Combo

Cuisinart CPB-380 Juicing Blender is a force to reckon with when it comes to offering you high-quality fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. Easily accessible rotary-dial controls give you the flexibility of switching to low speed for juices or high speed for smoothies. What you want is what you get. With a durable plastic construction, there are no risks of electric shock, rust, or corrosion.

Many accessories accompany this easy-to-use juicing blender. One of them is a streamlined 32-oz Tritan jar for holding and breaking down whole fruits and vegetables for your consumption. Another one is the smaller 8-oz chopper cup that is perfect for mincing spices and herbs that can be added to your juice or smoothie. Even if you travel a lot, one 16-oz double-walled travel cup and another 16-oz single-walled travel cup is included for your juicing pleasure.

Blending in batches is recommended if you plan to blend a large portion; this is due to its small jug capacity. Its 1 horsepower motor assures you of a smooth blend while preserving the nutrients embedded in each ingredient. Note that the threads of the juicing blender go the opposite way.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with 4 heavy-duty reusable straws
  • Features removable blades for easy clean-up
  • Doesn’t take up much space on the counter.
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2. Cleanblend 2001 Commercial Juicer and Blender Combo

Cleanblend 2001 Commercial Juicer And Blender Combo

Just in case you are tired of having several kitchen appliances littering on your countertop, the Cleanblend Commercial Juicer and Blender Combo is your best bet. This top-quality kitchen appliance features a high-performance 1800-watt motor. Worrying about getting a smooth blend is the last you need to do. Not only can it juice and blend, but it can also chop, grind or liquefy any ingredient you put into its jar.

Probably, you have a large family gathering to blend up some nice smoothies for; the Cleanblend Commercial Blender will handle it efficiently. The manufacturer is so confident of its abilities; they offer you a full refund if this incredible machine doesn’t meet up to your expectations in 30days. Apart from the fact that its pitcher is Bisphenol-A free, it is also built to handle severe pressure without breaking.

Stainless steel blades and an 8-blade sealed ball bearing are some of the features that make this appliance one of the best juicer and blender combo. When you have heavy-duty projects to accomplish in your kitchen, the Cleanblend Juicing Blender is sure to impress you. Performance-wise, this machine is a top-level kitchen appliance.

Why do we like it?

  • 5 year protection warranty
  • 3 horsepower motor power
  • Highly durable
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3. Oster Pro 1200 Juicer and Blender Combo

Oster Pro 1200 Juicer And Blender Combo

If you seek convenience, you should settle for the Oster Pro 1200 Juicer and Blender Combo. Featuring a 1200-watt motor, you are assured of smoothly pulverized fruits and veggies. Ingredients are bound to reach the blade easily and repeatedly due to its specially designed 3.5-inch jar diameter. Basically, it comes with an extra-large 64-oz Tritan plastic jar that is transparent, durable, and stylish. Its unbeatable performance is due to its dual-direction blade technology. This feature gives it enough power to precisely grind and chops fruits and vegetables to a smooth consistency.

Total control is yours as the Oster Pro 1200 juicing blender features 7-speed control levels. All it takes is one touch, and your smoothie would blend just the way you want it to. For sockets that are far away from your countertops, the 16-inch cord length comes in handy. It is essential to note that this machine might be quite noisy.

With a dimension of 15.25 x 7.25 x 8-inches and a weight of 7.9 pounds, vegetarians would find this machine very delightful. Also, to make things very convenient for the Oster Pro 1200 Juicing Blender user, the 64-oz jar and the 40-oz food processor are interchangeable and user-friendly.

Why do we like it?

  • The cleaning process is not tedious
  • The jar is dishwasher safe
  • Very versatile
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4. Vitamix E310 Explorian Juicer and Blender Combo

Vitamix E310 Explorian Juicer And Blender Combo

Overheating isn’t a problem with the Vitamix Explorian Series 310 Juicer and Blender Combo. Its thermal protection system with its radial cooling fan allows you to juice and blend more ingredients for a longer period. Optimal performance is guaranteed due to its aircraft-grade hardened stainless-steel blades. No matter how dry and hard the ingredients you put in are, you’ll get quality results non-stop.

The Vitamix Explorian Juicer and Blender Combo is not very large. It will superiorly handle medium-sized family meals at a go. If you need to prepare large batches, you might have to do it in several small batches. Refining your blend’s texture to your preference is possible due to its 10 variable speed control switch. Interestingly, you can utilize the pulse function of this appliance to create quick bursts of power.

The jar design of the Vitamix Explorian allows the fruit or vegetable you are blending to fold back to the blades. Stopping the machine to scrape the sides is out of the question because this blender comes with a tamper for processing thick and stubborn blends. This machine will clean itself in 30 – 60 seconds provided you add warm water, soap and set it to its highest speed.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes a cookbook
  • It can heat cold soups to serving temperature in 10 minutes
  • Highly durable
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5. Blendtec Original Designer Series Juicer and Blender Combo

Blendtec Original Designer Series Juicer And Blender Combo

Saving time is what the Blendtec Original Designer Series Juicer and Blender Combo is made for. It features a jar design that creates a vortex that pulls your vegetables and fruits towards the blade. No need for a tamper to get the ingredients to the blade. The fact that it can heat up food in minutes is one of the major reasons we recommend it. You won’t need to get your other pans dirty because the heat generated by its blade friction does it all for you. Nothing beats the versatility this original kitchen appliance offers.

With a 1560-watt motor and advanced technology, optimum performance is guaranteed. Comfortably feed 4 – 6 people with its Bisphenol-A free, 90-oz WildSide+ jar. Note that its blending capacity is 36-oz. Most blenders on the market feature sharp blades that cut the users when cleaning.      However, the blades of the Blendtec Original Designer Series are dull, blunt, and made of stainless steel. This makes it approximately 10 times stronger than other blender blades.

You would love the touchscreen interface of this technologically advanced kitchen appliance. A LED display shows the remaining blend cycle time with 7 blending options that give you total control over the blending process.

Why do we like it?

  • Reduced motor noise due to internal baffling
  • Has a 35-inches cord
  • Cleans itself in lesser time
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Juicer and Blender Combos Buyer’s Guide

There are basic factors that you need to consider when you want to purchase the best juicer and blender combos. We have included them in our buyer’s guide below.


You will need to pay adequate attention to the blade of the juicer and blender combo you want to buy. We recommend that you go for a machine with a blade covering the width of the jug and is made of stainless steel. With this, no fruit or vegetable particle will escape the blade action.

Jug type and size

Jugs are commonly made with either glass or polycarbonate. Plastic jugs are also available for some machines. Plastic products are tougher and durable than their glass counterparts. You can choose between the square-shaped jugs or the round jugs. Square jugs are efficient because the ingredients hit the walls and bounce back to the blade. If you have a large household, take your time to choose a jug size that can fit in many ingredients at a time.


The motor’s power rating determines how well the machine will operate and slice through anything fed to it. At least 1 horsepower or 800 watts and above would serve you well. Although, the more powerful it is, the more noise it tends to make.

Safety and Warranty

Safety features like the ability to automatically turn off the motor when overheating and at least 3 – 10 years warranty are factors you should consider. A longer warranty shows that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in their products.