5 Best Irish Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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About 9.7% of the US population have partial or complete Irish ancestry, so it is no surprise that Irish cuisines are quite popular in many homes and restaurants. If you are of Irish descent or interested in expanding your cooking skills, picking up a few Irish recipes is one way to improve as a cook. It doesn’t require knowledge in rocket science to master the art of Irish cooking. All you need are some of the best Irish cookbooks.

The best Irish cookbooks contain classic and contemporary recipes that you can learn in the comfort of your home. You don’t need a tutor because very good cookbooks contain practical recipes with clear cooking instructions. To help you choose the best Irish cookbooks, we have taken the time to review some of the best editions there are. Have a look.

Best Irish Cookbooks

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Here are our Best Irish Cookbooks.

1. Real Irish Food by David Bowers

Real Irish Food By David Bowers

In this classic work, David Bowers brings to the notice of the reader 150 classic recipes from old Irish country. This cookbook can best be described as a blast from the past. Certain Irish recipes have lasted for generations, and the author compiles them into this volume and shows the reader how to prepare each recipe every step of the way. The recipes are largely family-oriented and homemade so that you can prepare them at home.

Some of the recipes in Real Irish Food include vegetable recipes, baked scones, cakes, jam tart fruits, and many more. David Bowers leaves no stone unturned to provide the reader with helpful information about cooking techniques, ingredient measurement, and preparation time. He also provides the reader with tips and tricks on how to use American ingredients to get Irish results.

Every page contains colored illustrations and images to inspire as well as to educate. With the Real Irish Food cookbook, you can learn a thing or two about Irish cooking in the comfort of your home.

Why do we like it?

  • It contains practical recipes
  • The recipe ingredients are easy to source
  • Loaded with classic and modern recipes
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2. The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook by Parragon Books

The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook By Parragon Books

The Complete Irish Cookbook by Parragon is an extensive compilation of some legendary recipes that form a part of historical Irish feasts. The Publisher has a track record of publishing informative and self-help books, and this cookbook is only one of a long list of books they have published over the years. The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook is suitable for beginners with little or no experience about Irish food and expert cooks looking to learn something new.

There are recipes in this cookbook for Christmas feasts, Saint Patricks Day, Backyard Parties, and Family Get-togethers. There are recipes for every occasion and event, so you are not limited by what you can cook. This book is loaded with recipes from different generations. You will learn how to make Irish Stew, Split Pea, Ham Soup, and Corned Beef. You also get to learn how to prepare modern recipes like Raspberry Cream and Scallop Chowder.

The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook is affordable, but the value it offers will last you for a lifetime. It is worth your time and money.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains appetizer and dessert recipes
  • The recipes are simple and easy to prepare
  • The pages are loaded with brilliant pictures
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3. Our Irish Grannies Recipes by Eoin Purcell

Our Irish Grannies Recipes By Eoin Purcell

In this edition rated as one of the best Irish cookbooks ever written, Eoin Purcell goes back into the past to bring to light some of the long-forgotten recipes that made Irish food a stuff of legend worldwide. Our Irish Grannies Recipe is filled with historical cuisines from the Emerald Isle. Recipes that were passed from one generation to the next are all contained in this cookbook. We rate this book very highly because of the simplistic texts and how the cooking steps are espoused for the reader’s clear understanding.

Eoin Purcell has included authentic recipes that you can prepare in the comfort of your home using the ingredients you have. Some of the tested and trusted recipes included are Northern Granny stuffing, Old fashioned Soda Scones, and Dublin Coddles. There is also the Guinness Ravenscroft Beef Stew. Even though the recipes are classic, the practical cooking steps are very easy to master.

If you want a book filled with tasty recipes, this is one edition to go for. The author lays everything bare for all to see. Every single page contains valuable information that will teach you a lot.

Why do we like it?

  • The author has tested every recipe in this book
  • Contains recipe ideas for small and large gatherings
  • Details are properly itemized
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4. An Irish Country Cookbook by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Cookbook By Patrick Taylor

When we decided to review some of the best Irish cookbooks online, our mission was to only list books that contained practical recipes, and we have kept to that promise every step of the way. In following the same pattern, we bring to your notice, An Irish Country Cookbook by Patrick Taylor. In this book, Mr. Patrick teaches the reader how to prepare more than 140 Irish recipes. The New York Times bestselling author does more than recipe revelations. He also includes 10 Irish short stories and relates them to the recipes he unveils in the book.

This volume reveals generational recipes passed from mothers to their children and further down the line. The information is organized in sections for your clear understanding. There are sections for Soups, Bread, Mains, Sauces, Cakes, Candy and Treats and Sides. A special section is dedicated to Christmas Ulster recipes to slice up your feasts during the yuletide. Patrick Taylor teaches the time-honored culinary traditions of the Irish in ways that only very few authors can.

If you are tired of visiting Irish restaurants or eateries where Irish dishes are sold, consider bringing the recipes to your home. In a few hours or less, you can serve tasty Irish meals that your family will love.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains recipes for all occasions
  • Practical cooking steps
  • Bold texts and attractive images
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5. My Irish Table by Cathal Armstrong

My Irish Table By Cathal Armstrong

My Irish Table Recipes from the Homeland is one of the best Irish cookbooks we have seen. The work happens to be the first book by Cathal Armstrong, but you would never know if you were not told. The professional manner in which it was written makes it a classic cookbook for beginners and expert cooks. In this book, Cathal showcases 130 modern and classical recipes. All the recipes can be prepared at home using everyday ingredients.

The 4-star chef and restaurant owner leading the fight for sustainable food preparation and preservation shows you how to make the most out of the ingredients you have. Most of the recipes require fresh organic ingredients that are easy to access no matter where you live. He also dedicates a section of the book to his journey from his Dublin homeland to the US. As you read along, you will be inspired and motivated to do more with what you have. Cathal teaches the reader how to prepare several captivating recipes like his Shepard’s Pie, Mam Apple Pie, Irish Stew, and Butter Poached Lobsters.

My Irish Table makes cooking look easy because of how well the cooking steps are crafted. No matter your level of experience, this book will help you improve your cooking skills maximally.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Straightforward and Articulate
  • Contains ingredient substitutes and recommendations
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Irish Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

Before you commence your search for an Irish cookbook, you need to bear certain things in mind if you want to avoid books that offer you little or no value. Searching for cookbooks will come up with so many options, and if you are not careful, you may end up picking the wrong book. To avoid making the wrong choice, take your time to read our buyer’s guide.


The first thing to bear in mind when doing your search is to focus on the Irish niche. There are so many cookbooks of different nationalities. These books contain nation-specific recipes. An Italian cookbook will contain Italian recipes. An Indian cookbook will contain Indian recipes. If you want an Irish cookbook, focus your search on cookbooks containing Irish recipes.

Number of recipes

Another thing you want to avoid is to buy a cookbook that contains a few dozen recipes. Firstly, you will not be able to prepare all the recipes in the book for several reasons. This may be down to a lack of time, unavailability of resources, etc. Secondly, a cookbook with fewer recipes limits your options. Let us also add that you will run out of recipes in a matter of months; if not weeks, should you go for a book with only a handful of recipes. If you want more options, only consider cookbooks with at least 100 recipes or more.

Classic and Modern Recipes

The best Irish Cookbooks contain modern and classic recipes, and we recommend them because they contain more value than books that focus solely on the latter or the former.