5 Best Insulated Lunch Boxes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you want to keep your food warm for hours when you are outside your home, you need a food box that will make that happen. The best insulated lunch boxes are excellent food for preserving food freshness because they aid your eating habits by ensuring that you have warm food whenever you need it. You can pack your food into the box for your outdoor trip with the full assurance that it will stay warm or cold until you need it.

Unfortunately, not every lunch box advertised online has insulated features, and not every insulated lunch box is a good lunch box. With so many options available, buyers have a hard time picking the right one. In fact, the possibility of picking the wrong one is much higher than picking the right one. To this end, we have decided to help you out by providing you with some of the best lunch boxes. Please do have a look.

Best Insulated Lunch Boxes

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1. Mier Adult Lunch Box Double Decker Cooler

Mier Adult Lunch Box Double Decker Cooler

This lunch box is one of the best insulated lunch boxes for men and women. MIER is a test and trusted brand known for the quality of their product offerings, and this lunch box right here is one of the best you can buy to preserve your food during outdoor trips. It has 2 compartments that is why it is classified as a double-decker lunch box. There is a top dry section with a U-opening and zipper to pull down for easy access to the compartment. This section is ideal for preserving your fruits and snacks.

Then there is the bottom cold compartment with a leak-proof insulated interior for preserving your cold beverages like juice, water, and any other beverage of choice. MIER is very easy to clean, and it is specially designed to maintain temperature for longer. Whatever you place in this lunch box will retain its temperature for several hours. This is what makes it a highly rated box for outdoor purposes.

MIER is very easy to carry using its adjustable and detachable hand strap. The strap is also covered with a silicone coat to reduce the pressure on your shoulders. There is also a small side pocket for keeping other smaller items like napkins, cards, keys, etc.

Why do we like it?

  • Fits North men and women
  • Dual temperature
  • Leakproof
  • Very reliable box
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2. Mazforce Original Insulated Lunch Box

Mazforce Original Insulated Lunch Box

Mazforce is an authentic insulated lunch box for adults. This unisex lunch box is designed to keep your food fresh for hours. Do you prefer home-cooked meals to eating at restaurants? What you need is a lunch box that will keep your food fresh for as long as possible. The same thing goes for your cold drinks as well. Many people complain of temperature loss even though their lunch box was not exposed to external temperature. With Mazforce, you will have no such problem.

This box is designed with tough insulated materials to keep your meals the way you want them. The body has an ultra-thick core foam insulation technology that prevents temperature loss. As for the interior, the manufacturer has designed Mazforce so that every inch of space is not wasted but utilized to maximum efficiency. It has a side water bottle holder to hold your bottles in place, there are also mesh pockets inside and a slim back pocket to provide you with enough room to stack all the food items you want to leave home with.

Mazforce is free of harmful materials like lead, PVC, and phthalate. This lunch box is safe for everyday use.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Leakproof
  • Lightweight
  • Quality design
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3. HighSpeedDaddy Large Thermal Lunch Box

Highspeeddaddy Large Thermal Lunch Box

If you carry a lot of food items when leaving home, what you need is a lunch box with enough space to accommodate all you wish to carry. HighSpeedDaddy will not only preserve the temperature of your food and drinks, but it will also accommodate all of them, with space left for more. This larger thermal box is the ultimate temperature preserver to keep your food in the state they were before you put them into the box. It has an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort as well as durable YKK zippers for easy access to the box compartment.

HighSpeedDaddy can accommodate up to 4 adult food containers. It can also accommodate 12 soda cans or beer bottles. There is are front pockets for your smaller accessories and utensils. A box with enough space to hold so many items at the same time is definitely one of the best insulated lunch boxes you can go for. The build materials are very durable and waterproof because they are made with high-quality military-grade materials. HighSpedDaddy measures 11x8x9 inches, so you can comfortably place it on your laps or your backseat or car trunk.

For your hot meals and cold drinks, you no longer have to worry about temperature loss because HighSpeedDaddy has got you covered. Its 8mm thick linen walls will keep your food warm or cold just the way you like it.

Why do we like it?

  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Made with durable materials
  • Very easy to clean
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4. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Hardbody Cooler

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Hardbody Cooler

Arctic Zone beer cooler is another user-friendly lunch box we had to include in our list. This product works differently compared to other lunch boxes we have reviewed so far, but it delivers the same results. Rather than prevent temperature escape by absorption, Arctic Zone insulated body reflects heat using a unique barrier fitted to the interior. This barrier ensures that the compartment remains warm, which in turn keeps your food warm. It has a patented flip opener without zippers that allow you to access your food and drinks. Furthermore, the Hardbody liner is made with FDA compliant materials. The removable smart shelf is another feature you will appreciate.

Arctic Zone is leak-proof with an insulated leak-proof pocket in front of the box. The interior lining is very easy to clean, and so is the exterior. The exterior is covered with Rhino-tech stain and water-resistant materials that will not scratch or crack even when placed on a rough surface. This is one of the best lunch boxes you should go for if you are on a low budget but desire an effective and long-lasting box for your food.

Let us also point out that the SmartShelf allows you to store hard items like drink bottles and cans away from delicate items, so they don’t get crushed. If you want to use the entire box in a single compartment, you can remove the SmartShelf for a single large interior space.

Why do we like lit?

  • Thoughtful design
  • Highly functional
  • Easy to carry
  • Waterproof
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5. HANGO Insulated Lunch Bag

Hango Insulated Lunch Bag

Last but not least on our review list of the best insulated lunch boxes is this unisex product by Hango. In this bag, there are two different sizes; a large and a small size for keeping your items warm or cold. Hango is ideal for everyday use with long-term value you can trust. It can be used to store food and drinks at a very stable temperature for a very long time. Should you go for this bag, you will get two bags for the cost of one. The large section is 6x6x10 inches, while the smaller section is a 5x5x7.5 section.

Hango is a great lunch box for outdoor trips like fishing, road trips, picnics, fishing, and camping. You can also take it to work loaded with food and drinks to last you the whole day. We also like the way it is designed with a practical style. It is portable and easy to carry around using the shoulder strap. What’s more? The zipper and polyester are high-quality fittings that will last as long as the box does.

Hango is designed to handle the rigors of daily use. Buy this lunch box today, and never worry yourself about paying for a new one for the next few years.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable build
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Large storage compartment
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Insulated Lunch Boxes Buyer’s Guide

What are the essential features to look out for when searching for an insulated lunch box to buy? We discuss some of them below.


You want to make sure that the lunch box has more than enough storage space to hold your desired items. Avoid buying a box that is too big simply because you are space conscious neither should you buy a box with limited storage space. Determine the contents you wish to place in them before you place your order.


We recommend a lunch box with at least 2 compartments. Different compartments allow you to store soft and hard items separately. If the lunch box only has a single compartment, some of the items you store in it will be ruined. Two or more components also allow you to store hot and cold food separately.


Be mindful of the weight of the box. If your box is too heavy, you will not be willing to use it as often as you should. The best insulated lunch boxes are portable and lightweight. They are also easy on the shoulder and do not cause shoulder sprains.