5 Best Instant Oatmeals (Reviews Updated 2022)

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One of the most effective ways to lead a healthy life is to eat healthily, but unfortunately, many are unable to stick to a healthy diet due to several factors, one of which is time. Without the luxury of time, they settle for unhealthy meals. Oats have remained very popular across several generations because they are easy to prepare and nutritious. If you run a very busy schedule and barely have enough time to cook or visit your favorite restaurant, you can simply make yourself a quick bowl of some of the best instant oatmeals.

Instant oatmeals are easy to prepare in only a matter of minutes or less. To ensure that you maintain a good nourishment level, we have researched some of the best instant oatmeals you can stock up in your home. Please read our review and select any of the five we have on our list.

Best Instant Oatmeals

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1. Quaker 3 Minute Oatmeal

Quaker 3 Minute Oatmeal

For generations now, Quaker has brought supreme nourishment to our homes, and the brand has held its own in the face of extreme competition posed by other brands. No review of instant oatmeals will be complete without adding Quaker to the list. This brand has so many oatmeals in different varieties, but this 3-minute oatmeal is one of their best products. It comes in 2 flavor varieties and individual packets that are 32 in all. All it takes is 3 minutes to prepare, and your meal is ready.

Each packet is loaded with 100% whole grains and no additives. Furthermore, the grains contain low cholesterol and fat, making it an ideal meal for people trying to cut down on their cholesterol intake or want a meal that does not contain too much fat. The 32 packets per package also provide you with an abundant supply to satisfy your family’s demands.

Quaker is well packaged in an attractive pack. To maintain the oat’s freshness, only open a pack that you intend to consume as left-over oats in open packs fully will go stale in no time.

Why do we like it?

  • Authentic product
  • Rich in fiber
  • Contains different flavors like cranberry and Blueberry
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2. Happy Belly Maple and Brown Sugar Instant Oat Meal

Happy Belly Maple And Brown Sugar Instant Oat Meal

Happy Belly is another brand worthy of inclusion on our list of best instant oatmeals. Contained in this pack are 20 packets of whole-grain oats flavored with brown sugar and maple for a tasty flavor. The grains in this pack contain 2% less fat than the fatty contents in many other brands. It also contains guar gum, calcium carbonate, ferric phosphate, which is a natural iron, and Vitamin A palmitate. Happy Belly is highly rated because it contains healthy ingredients in the right doses.

To prepare HappyBelly for your family, all you need to do is pour the desired amount of oats into a bowl of hot water and stir continuously. After stirring until you have your desired texture, let it cool down for a minute or two before serving. If you want to microwave it, the same process should be applied, but this time, you leave it in the microwave under a high heat setting for not more than 2 minutes. Once the oatmeal becomes thick, remove and stir. Add your milk and sugar, and your oatmeal is ready for consumption.

Do note that when using a microwave, keep the door open if it is running on a high heat setting. If you wish to close the door, keep the temperature at low heat so that your oats does not overcook.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains 100% whole grain oats
  • Rich in natural flavors
  • Very easy to prepare
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3. Bob Red Mill Classic Oatmeal

Bob Red Mill Classic Oatmeal

Do you prefer to live on partial or complete gluten-free diets? If you do, Bob Red Mill Classic oatmeal is one of the best oatmeals for you. This product contains a pack of 12 packets of 1.81 oz oats. We call it a product that you can consume on the go because that is exactly what it is. All it takes is a few minutes to prepare. Bob Red Mill is healthy, nutritious, and affordable. Its contents contain rich omega-3 acids that help nourish your household.

Each pack provides you with 7 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein. Furthermore, this brand is ideal for consumers who maintain a strict kosher, vegan, or gluten-free diet. If you are a vegetarian, you will not break your lifestyle by consuming this oatmeal. It is free of animal fat which is one reason it is a favorite of vegetarians. Let us also add that it does not contain artificial colors or flavors. In each pack, you have a natural combination of oats and other organic ingredients for your consumption.

Bob Red Mill is easy to prepare by hand stirring or in a microwave (stirring is required) in 3 minutes or less.

Why do we like it?

  • Highly proteinous
  • Microwavable
  • Nice packaging
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4. Bakery On Main Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal

Bakery On Main Unsweetened Instant Oatmeal

Bakery On Main is another gluten-free oatmeal to make our review list. Each pack is loaded with a rich blend of quinoa, amaranth, and ancient grains. There are 3 boxes containing 6 packets in each carton, and each packet has 30 grams of oat. This product is a wholesome meal that can be consumed at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a light meal that digests as soon as it is consumed, so constipation issues will not arise. Bakery On Main has also been individualized to meet the dietary requirement of every consumer.

The traditional and unsweetened flavor of this meal makes it one of the best instant oatmeals you can buy for your family as it is enjoyed by both old and young. Bakery On Main does not contain artificial flavors or ingredients. It is GMO-free under the GMO project certification category of whole foods. We must also point out that it is one of the few brands to have passed the GMO certification test by third-party examiners.

Bakery On Main is unsweetened oatmeal, so you are free to add the right dose of sugar you prefer. It is better enjoyed when doused with evaporated milk.

Why do we like it?

  • A rich blend of natural flavors
  • Highly organic
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • affordable
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5. Quaker Oatmeal Express

Quaker Oatmeal Express

Tired of consuming sweet oats? This is one option to go for. Quaker’s instant oatmeal is not an unsweetened meal, but it only contains minimal sugar compared to other oatmeals by the same seller. Quaker has rich textures and blends well with other flavors too. To improve taste, cinnamon pecan has been added to the flavor. In this package, there are 12 packs, with each pack containing 1.41 ounces of oatmeals.

The seller has also given your health top priority as each pack is low on cholesterol and fat. Reducing the fat and cholesterol content is an effective way to prevent heart disease in high-risk individuals. Quaker comes in a disposable cup, so you only need a spoon to do your mixing. You don’t require a bowl, nor would you create a mess during preparation. Everything has been made easy for you, which is why it is classified as instant oatmeal.

This package is loaded with organic whole grains and rich fiber contents per serving. We recommend that you consult the nutritional information imprinted on the pack to ensure that the product is right for you before you purchase it.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for Vegetarians
  • The disposable cups are non-toxic
  • Easily digestible
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Instant Oatmeals Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy the best instant oatmeals representing value for money, you can not afford to pick the first product you find. You need to be more selective in making your choice. The best instant oatmeals are rich in nutrients that improve the health and wellbeing of the consumer. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing an instant oatmeal product.


The first thing you want to do is make sure that the product you pick is filled with organic grains. Organic grains are 100% whole grains, not a mixture of whole grains and other artificial condiments. You also want to make sure that if there are extra flavors like cinnamon and Blueberry added to the content, they are all natural ingredients and not artificial additives like processed syrup sweeteners. Avoid products that are not organic.


Oats contain very little sugar, which is why it is a top choice for people who live on low cholesterol foods. However, some sellers add between 10-15 grams of sugar to improve sweetness. The sugar they add may be white sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar, or fructose. If you don’t want too much sugar in your oats, consider buying an unsweetened version or a product that is labeled 50% sugar-free like the Quaker Oat product reviewed above.


You also want to ensure that the oatmeal is delivered to you fresh. This is a function of the quality of the packaging. The best instant oatmeals are carefully packaged in airtight packets before loaded into a carton and sealed. Oatmeals sealed in airtight packets are the best because they maintain freshness for a long time.