5 Best Instant Coffee Products (Reviews Updated 2022)

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There are millions of coffee drinkers in the US alone who like their coffee hot or cold or both. While hot coffee remains the most popular style, there remains a large section of the population who also prefer instant coffee products because they are relatively easy to brew. If you, like many others, prefer coffee that will not take up too much of your time, then you need to order the best instant coffee products.

We know that there are so many of them out there. In fact, if you browse the internet, you will find so many of them. How then do you identify the very good products? We can, and we have. Find below some of the best instant coffee products you can buy today.

Best Instant Coffee Products

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Here are our Best Instant Coffee Products.

1. Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee

Nescafe Taster's Choice Instant Coffee

Nescafe remains the most popular coffee brand in the world, so no review of coffee products will be complete without mentioning at least one of their products. Nescafe’s Taster Choice is one of the best instant coffee by the company. This product has two packs, each containing 7 ounces of coffee. The roast type is the light roast variant that has a smooth and inviting flavor. Every single content in each pack contains 100% natural coffee. No mixtures, no additives, or preservatives.

Furthermore, Nescafe’s Taster’s Choice is a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee of the highest quality. Both coffee species complement each other to give you that strong but yet, delicious coffee taste that will linger in your taste buds for long. We also included this product in our list because it is very easy to make and will take very little of your time. Whether hot or cold, you can brew it just the way you like.

Both packs contain 14 ounces of coffee, and to prepare, just follow the label’s instructions. And lastly, make sure you lock the jar tightly once you are done to preserve the freshness.

Why do we like it?

  • Well balanced flavor
  • The lid of the jar locks the coffee in and keeps air out
  • 100% premium Arabica and Robusta Coffee
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2. Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen is another very good instant coffee product for you and your family. This product comes in a 7oz packet fully loaded with original Arabica dried coffee. This coffee right here is a perfect coffee for outdoor events like camping, hiking, and social events. If you don’t want to waste your time preparing coffee, this is a perfect product to go for. Due to the unique value of Mount Hagen, it has won numerous awards and has become a top choice for lovers of Kosher diets.

To preserve the freshness of the coffee, the manufacturer has packaged it in a resealable pack that can be sealed and unsealed with ease. Each pack contains 7.5oz of coffee, which is enough to serve your needs or the need of a few people. The package also comes with a jar that can be used to preserve several more batches of coffee in the future.

As for Mount Hagen’s origin, this product is sourced from Papua New Guinea and is a single origin product, not a mixture of two different coffee species. For its organic quality and the ease at which you can prepare it, Mount Hagen is one of the best instant coffee products that money can buy.

Why do we like it?

  • Brilliantly packaged
  • Large quantity sold at an affordable price
  • Picked, processed, and packaged under hygienic conditions
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3. Nescafe 3-in-1 Original Instant Coffee Sticks

Nescafe 3 In 1 Original Instant Coffee Sticks

If you consume coffee daily, we are sure you will prefer to buy products that will serve you for several days or even weeks. No coffee drinker will like to buy a product with only a limited content that will last only a few days. Here we bring you Nescafe’s 3-in-1 Instant coffee sticks. This package right here has 28 sticks in all. If you are buying this for your consumption or have a small household, that’s enough coffee to go around for weeks.

Nescafe’s coffee sticks is filled with Malaysian coffee species of the best quality. The beans are hygienically sourced and packaged quickly in small batches, so they do not lose their freshness. We recommend this blend if you already have a history of drinking Nescafe’s Regular Coffee version. The 3-in1 coffee sticks is an upgrade of the Nescafe Regular. This product is creamier with an inviting aroma to work up an appetite.

Another thing that makes this product one of the best instant coffee products is that you don’t need to add milk if you don’t want to. The 3-in-1 content contains coffee, milk, and sugar. All you need to enjoy a good cup of coffee is present in the content.

Why do we like it?

  • Take less than a minute to make
  • Ideal for a cold or hot brew
  • The extra agents are plant-based additives
  • Value for money
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4. Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee

Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee

If you have never tried Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee before, now is the time to do so. This product is highly rated and originates from Germany. With over a hundred years of experience serving the needs of coffee enthusiasts all over the world, Kronung is one of the most recognized European brands. This product comes in a 200 Gram airtight jar, and it is delivered to you fresh. The content is soluble and quickly breaks down in the water in a matter of seconds.

If you want to brew hot coffee, all you need is to add 1 or 2 teaspoons of Kronung instant coffee in a mug with a tablespoon of cold water. Then, you pour hot water into the mug and stir. As you stir, you can add your sugar, spices, or any other flavor you want, including cream. For cold coffee, just add one or two teaspoons of the coffee and repeat the same stirring action while adding your cream and other flavors. But this time, you will have to wait for a minute or two for the coffee to dissolve before you drink.

Jacobs Kronung is one of the best instant coffee products for cold or hot brews. The coffee grounds dissolve on time, and it blends well with spices. This product is a great buy.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to prepare
  • Very strong taste
  • Pleasant aroma
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5. Trung Nguyen 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

Trung Nguyen 3 In 1 Instant Coffee

This product ticks all the right boxes for its great taste, huge coffee volume, affordable price, and preparation ease. Trung Nguyen G7 3-in-1 coffee is a blend of creamer and sugar ideal for different brewing styles. Each sachet in the pack is loaded with coffee powder, sugar, and non-dairy creamer and blended perfectly to give you a great taste. It is also very easy to prepare since the coffee powder dissolves in water within seconds.

The coffee beans in Trung Nguyen are sourced from Brazil, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. These beans are blended together to create one of the best coffee products on the market. If you are looking for a brand that will offer you an unlimited supply of coffee, Trung Nguyen is arguably the best gourmet coffee to buy. With so many sachets in a single pack, a single order will last you for a very long time.

So no longer should you spend money buying brewing tools or waste more time preparing your coffee before you brew them when you can enjoy coffee on the go with Trung Nguyen. It is easy to prepare, affordable, and truly satisfying.

Why do we like it?

  • Nice aroma and flavor
  • Blended to perfection
  • Requires no extra ingredients
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Instant Coffee Products Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy only the best instant coffee products available for sale, you need to pay close attention to the information listed on the label. By so doing, you should be able to determine whether the coffee is as good as the manufacturer claims. Besides reading the product information, you also need to know what to look out for; otherwise, you may end up buying an inferior product. To help your case, we have listed some of the things to look for when shopping.

Ease of preparation

The idea behind buying an instant coffee product is that you don’t have to put in extra work to prepare and process the beans on your own. Since time is always of the essence, you should ensure that you only go for the best coffee products that are easy to prepare. Any product that will take you more than 3 minutes to prepare is not good enough.


The quantity also matters, especially if you drink coffee daily. Consider buying a product that contains at least 75oz of coffee powder. A significant quantity will ensure that you enjoy your order for a long time. Moreover, ordering a large quantity is a great way to save money over time.


If you want your coffee to stay fresh for a long time, make sure you pay attention to the packaging quality. The best instant coffee products are packaged in jars or resealable packs. If you go for a jarred product, make sure that the lid is airtight. If you go for a pack, make sure you seal it up properly after removing the content you need for the day.