5 Best Ice Buckets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you host a lot of events during which a lot of drinks are served? Are you looking for a very handy and cool bucket to hold your ice? If the answers to one or both of these questions is yes, what you need are the best ice buckets. Quality ice buckets have good insulation features that help preserve temperature so that your ice packs don’t melt quickly. They also have spacious Interiors to hold not only your ice but bottles of wine as well.

The varieties of ice buckets sold online and at shopping malls are too numerous to count. They may look similar or different, but they all have different qualities. We understand how challenging it may be for you to identify very good ice buckets, which is why we have compiled this review of very good ice buckets. Read through to find an ice bucket that will suit your requirement.

Best Ice Buckets

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1. FineDine Insulated Ice Bucket

Finedine Insulated Ice Bucket

FineDine is one of the best ice buckets you can spend your money on. This set right here comes with a lid and an ice tong. The bamboo lid has a modern look, while the tong handle is comfortable on the hand. FineDine has spacious 3-liter storage for your ice and wine bottles, making it a good option for your home bar. You can use it to chill your beer, wine, and cocktails while on the move if you so wish. FineDine is also great for events like holidays, barbeque parties, pool parties, and beach bashes.

The double-walled insulation doubles its protection level to keep the ice frozen for a considerable period. Even if you keep your ice or drink in this ice bucket for a very long time, it will remain cold for several hours outside your freezer. Another advantage of this double-walled feature is that the bucket will not sweat as a result of evaporation.

The stainless-steel exterior has a spotless finish that is pleasing to the eye. FineDine is also immune to fingerprint marks and stains caused by smudges. This ice bucket provides you with a cool way to preserve your ice packs.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to carry
  • Attractive Lid
  • Value for money
  • Thick build
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2. Oggi Double Walled Black Bucket

Oggi Double Walled Black Bucket

If you’ve been looking for a very good ice bucket, here is another very good one by Oggi. This ice bucket is handcrafted with double-walled stainless steel to keep your ice frozen for a very long time. It is convenient and easy to carry due to how the handle is crafted to cause no discomfort to your hands. As for the lid, it has a seal made of acrylic, which helps to prevent temperature escape. This seal traps temperature in and prevents external air from gaining entry when the lid is in place.

The lid is transparent, so you can see your contents inside the lid without opening it. You will also find the handle to be quite convenient because it is made of light stainless steel with a drip-proof holder. While many other buckets tend to drip due to evaporation, Oggi does not. The holder remains dry no matter the volume of contents sealed up in the chamber.

Oggi has a large chamber that can accommodate up to 4-quarts or 3.8 liters of ice. If you wish to put beer cans or wine bottles into it, you can do that, but you will have to reduce the ice volume.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Tough body construction
  • Anti-scratch feature
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3. Colleta Ice Bucket

Colleta Ice Bucket

Colleta Ice bucket is a medium-size bucket that can hold up to 1.7 liters of ice per serving. This bucket is double-walled like the other buckets mentioned in this review, and it comes with a tong and an insulated lid. This ice bucket is the perfect option for your parties and get-togethers with friends and families. Spotting a classy look, you can place it alongside your drinks and other preparatory materials, and it will not be out of place. Standing at 6 inches tall, Colleta has an extra-wide 6 inches diameter width.

The lid is easy to open by simply pulling it up. The metal tong is highly functional for easy carriage. We are sure that you will also like the fashionable rhinestones, which improve its looks greatly. If you are hoping to make a fashionable statement at your next party, Colleta is one of the best ice buckets to go for. It is easy to clean and also pretty lightweight without ice contents.

We also recommend Colleta for your outdoor events, such as your backyard parties, beach parties, and camping activities.

Why do we like it?

  • Attractive features
  • Sturdy and flat base
  • The body stays dry
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4. Amerigo Exclusive Insulated Ice Bucket

Amerigo Exclusive Insulated Ice Bucket

Amerigo Exclusive Ice Bucket is a 3-liter bucket made with premium stainless steel materials. It has a dual-wall structure that is designed to preserve temperature. Many buyers often have a hard time choosing between an ice bucket with a scoop and another with a tong. This ice bucket has both a scoop and a tong. This affords you the option of picking one for your occasion that suits you best. Amerigo also has an inbuilt strainer that allows you to drain water without opening up the bucket completely.

One great feature of this ice bucket is the separation quality. When you load it with ice, as the ice gradually melts, there is a separate compartment by the side which the water flows into. By separating water from ice, your ice blocks maintain their form for longer since they will not melt on time due to constant water exposure.

Cleaning Amerigo is also easy. All you need is a soft sponge, soap, and water. Worry not, as the stainless steel material has a polished coat, so it will not corrode.

Why do we like it?

  • High-quality design engineering
  • Anti-scratch and anti-stain
  • Polished exterior
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5. Royalty Art Vintage Ice Bucket

Royalty Art Vintage Ice Bucket

As you already know, no party is complete without ice-cold drinks and cocktails, and what better way to preserve your ice flakes than with a vintage bucket having spacious storage. This ice bucket can be used to preserve your beer, soda, and other beverages. It comes with a complete set of lid, carry handle, and ice scoop for easy ice pickings. Royalty Art is convenient, portable, and spots a classical look, unlike the modern looks most ice buckets have.

The carry handle is made of wood, so you will not feel uncomfortable carrying it for long periods. The steel construction is made of galvanized steel, so should you buy this bucket, it is one product that will last you for a very long time.  As for the storage, it can hold up to 110 ounces of ice at a go. We call Royalty Art an ultimate ice preserver because it is resilient and perfectly insulated.

The reusable scoop is one of the best we have seen of any product that guarantees buyers long-term use. This ice bucket is good value for money and one we highly recommend.

Why do we like it?

  • High-quality accessories
  • Resilient bodies
  • Matching colors
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Ice Buckets Buyer’s Guide

If you plan to buy an ice bucket any time soon, you need to be very careful, so you don’t buy an inferior product that will rust or lose form within a short time. Even though there are loads of ice bucket options out there, you need to understand that not all of them offer value for money. Some of them may not meet your requirements, or they are made with poor quality materials. To ensure that you go for only the very best ice buckets, here are some features to keep a close eye on.


The very first feature you want to focus on is the quality of the material. Ice buckets made with stainless steel are by far the best and the ones you should be going for. The walls are also very important. Single-walled buckets are not ideal because they don’t preserve ice well enough. The best ice buckets have double-walled features and prevent speedy condensation.


The main purpose of buying an ice bucket is to help you store your ice with ease instead of making regular trips to your freezer for more. To avoid constant trips to your freezer when your party is ongoing, consider buying a bucket with spacious storage. An average-sized bucket should contain at least 1.5 liters of ice. If you want something bigger, you can go for a bucket with a 3.8-liter storage capacity. However, do note that such an ice bucket will cost you more.


Sellers offer great deals to buyers, so you are in luck. However, avoid the temptation of paying more than what you can afford for a bucket. The size of the bucket as well as the insulation feature qualities will influence the final price. Ice buckets with extra attachments like scoops will also cost more.