5 Best Hot Water Dispensers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Hot water dispensers are close substitutes for electric kettles. They offer users an opportunity to access hot or warm water without having to boil it. The best hot water dispensers are ideal tools for brewing tea and coffee, and they have high-grade temperature control options for warm and hot water. Although a hot water dispenser works in the same way as a normal water dispenser works, however, the emphasis of this technology is on its heating features. With so many options out there, no one should judge you if you have a hard time picking a very good hot water dispenser.

That is what this review is for. To provide you with some of the best options for sale to make an informed choice from among the alternatives.

Best Hot Water Dispensers

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1. InSinkErator Hot 100 Water Dispenser System

Insinkerator Hot 100 Water Dispenser System

Never mind the name, but this dispenser is one of the best hot water dispensers you can buy. The Hot 100 comes with a faucet and a tank that is plated with Chrome. It is very simple to use, and the look is one you will find welcoming. InSinkErator boils water pretty fast due to the quality build materials and the high power element it has. The faucet has an easy push button. The power capacity is 750 watts, and the steel tank can contain up to 3 gallons of water.

InSinkErator has a temperature control feature that allows you to heat water between 160-210 degrees. The tank is conveniently placed, and there is a dry start protection feature that will prevent the dispenser from functioning if there is no water in the water tank. This hot water dispenser is easy to install and use. The user manual contains all the information you will ever need for an easy and stress-free operation.

The seller is also offering this product at an exclusive 1-year warranty. More so, you can also brew your beverages with this device, not just hot water.

Why do we like it?

  • It is a versatile device
  • Easy to use temperature control knobs
  • Installing the tank does not require any special tools
  • Low energy consumption
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2. Chefman Hot Water Pot Urn and Dispenser

Chefman Hot Water Pot Urn And Dispenser

This Chefman heater right here is both a water dispenser and a water storage device. The urn can contain up to 3.6 liters of water or beverages to fill up about 20-quart teacups. The dispenser, on the other hand, has dual features. It has an automatic and a manual dispense feature, meaning that if there is no electric power, you can still remove water from the urn using the manual faucet.

Chefman has an automatic shutoff feature if there is no water in the tank, which is a great feature to prevent accidental fire outbreaks. The exterior and particularly the interior of this dispenser are made with sturdy stainless-steel materials. No matter the heat level, Chefman will remain firm and will not crack or flake. The insulated body also allows your water to remain hot for several hours after heating. This 700-watt hot water dispenser is a low energy consumption device that will serve your entire family well.

You can view the water level in the dispenser without opening it so as to preserve the heat. Chefman is a user-friendly dispenser that is sold at an affordable price. This is one product we highly recommend.

Why do we like it?

  • The locking lid prevents spills
  • Flexible one-handed dispense button
  • Guarantees long-lasting performance
  • Made with BPA free materials
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3. Ready Hot RH-200-SS Dispenser

Ready Hot Rh 200 Ss Dispenser

Ready Hot RH-200 SS is an instant water dispenser with a stainless-steel water tank. The water tank in this device makes it a large-scale industrial water heater for homes and offices. Ready Hot dispenser can dispense up to 60 cups of boiling water per hour. That may seem too good to be true, but yet, it is. Ready Hot heats water faster than most dispensers, making it one of the best hot water dispensers you can buy.

It has a temperature control panel so that you can adjust the heat levels from 140-200 degrees. The 110 Volt/ 13000 heating element is made of stainless steel tubes for long-lasting value. Make no mistake, guys, the heating element in Ready Hot does not rust even if you leave water in it for days and weeks unend. An automatic reset thermal fuse also protects the element to protect it from burnout should the temperature become too hot.

Ready Hot is easy to install. You don’t require any technical skills to set it up in your home. Furthermore, you will not rack up high energy bills because it does not consume too much power, which is another plus.

Why do we like it?

  • Automated tank protection
  • Energy efficient
  • Large storage
  • Quality heating component
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4. Panasonic RA41660 Thermo Pot Boiler Dispenser

Panasonic Ra41660 Thermo Pot Boiler Dispenser

Panasonic has long been a household name for home appliances, so we were not really surprised when we came across this Thermo Pot Dispenser with so many amazing features. If what you want is a hot water dispenser with easy controls and versatile functionality, well, dear friend, this is the hot water dispenser brand you have been looking for. It serves as both a boiler and a cooker. Why so? Simply because you can do more than heat water with it. You can also warm or cook baby food, heat your soup or brew your tea and coffee with it as well.

Panasonic has 4 different temperature settings, which are the 160. 180, 190, and 280 degrees. What this device gives you is multiple heating options for your contents. The water tank can accommodate up to 3 liters of water. The tank interior is coated with bincho-tan charcoal. For those who may not know what this material does, bincho-tan charcoal purifies water to make it cleaner. If you brew coffee with this machine, the charcoal cover will serve as an extractor to extract every ounce of flavor from your coffee.

Panasonic is a homeowner’s delight. It helps you save energy if you initiate the 6-hour timer, which will shut off the machine to conserve power if it is not in use.

Why do we like it?

  • A multi-functional dispenser
  • It has a 360-rotating base for stress-free access
  • Detachable power cord
  • Safety lock
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5. Rosewill Hot Water Boiler and Warmer

Rosewill Hot Water Boiler And Warmer

Rosewill is another hot water dispenser brand to make our list.  This electric dispenser has a 4-liter water tank built with premium stainless steel. The dispenser has a one-touch switch under the spout for releasing your contents into a cup or any other vessel of choice. One feature we like about this device is the big window gauge that allows you to view the water level to determine when it is right to refill it. The blue LED light that comes alive when the machine is on allows for clear visibility even in the dark.

Rosewill is easy to control using the computerized temperature system. It has 3 temperature settings which are the 149-, 185- and 208-degrees options. You can pick any of these heat levels for your water or beverage. There is also a dry boiled feature protection to prevent the device from working when it has no water in the tank.

Rosewill is ideal for outdoor trips because it has a sturdy handle attached to the body. The base is also protected with a skid foot made of stainless steel for rough surfaces.

Why do we like it?

  • Auto-lock Splash prevention feature
  • Energy conserver
  • This device cleans itself using an auto-clean feature
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Hot Water Dispensers Buyer’s Guide

Are you planning to buy a hot water dispenser anytime soon? Do you have a hard time pinpointing the essential features to look for? Is it your desire to buy a very good dispenser that will last you for several years? Take your time to read our buyer guide as we highlight the ideal features a very good hot water dispenser should have.

Dispensing Mode

When searching for a dispenser, keep an eye out for models with faucets or taps attached to the body. Remember that you are dealing with hot water, not cold water. A faucet or tap will enable you to control water flow to prevent accidental splashes.


Going for a large dispenser with a big tank is advantageous for two reasons. Firstly, a large storage tank ensures that you have enough water to last you for long. Secondly and most importantly, large storage will reduce the possibility of boiling several water batches, which will further raise your energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

This is one other feature of prime importance. Heating systems draw considerable power, so be mindful of the model you go for. The best hot water dispensers do not draw too much power. We recommend a dispenser with a 700-watt heating element as they are energy efficient. Also, consider dispensers that have Energy Star ratings.

Temperature Control

The temperature controls should be user-friendly. They should also have multiple heat levels to increase your options. The best hot water dispensers have at least 3-4 heating functions. We recommend models with as many functions as possible.