Best Hot Chocolate Mix

5 Best Hot Chocolate Mixes (Reviews Updated 2021)

During the cold weather, instinct kicks in, and you literally go into a frenzy to find ways to keep yourself warm. To chase away the cold, you can get yourself wrapped up in a blanket or sit by the fireplace. You can also cuddle up with a loved one. But most importantly, you can make yourself a cup of hot chocolate mix.

Keeping warm is not the only reason you need a cup of hot chocolate mix. If you love good health, you need a daily cup of hot chocolate mix. The large amount of antioxidants in every cup of hot chocolate mix keeps cancer far away from you. It also helps keep your blood pressure in check, heal your cough, lower the risk of diabetes, and helps you fight against depression.

You might have considered starting a daily hot chocolate mix routine, but you’ll like to know and get the best hot chocolate mix available. We have helped you check out the best hot chocolate mix available for sale in shops and stores. Below are our five (5) best hot chocolate mix reviews.

Best Hot Chocolate Mixes

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Here are our Best Hot Chocolate Mix reviews.

1. Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix

Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix

You can make your mornings brilliant and better. A cup of the Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix guarantees you that and more. This packet containing 30 sachets is filled with nourishment to start your day on a good note. Each sachet contains 340mg of calcium, which is a whopping 25% of your daily value calcium need. It also contains 1 gram of dietary fiber, 5g of total carbohydrate, and 135mg of sodium.

While rushing out to work on a cold day, you should not miss your cup of Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix. It not only warms you up, but it also offers you deliciousness on a higher level. This hot chocolate mix contains zero total fat, zero saturated fat, and zero cholesterol. Your heart will thank you for every sip you take.

The Nestle Hot Chocolate Mix is one of the best hot chocolate mix in stores and malls with no added sugar. It is essential to note that this hot chocolate mix may contain soy and wheat. Each sachet also boasts of enriching you with 6% of your daily iron need and 2% of your daily potassium need.

Why do we like it?

  • It can be added to the batter of a classic pound cake
  • It is caffeine-free
  • Each serving contains only 25 calories
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2. Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix

Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate Mix

You love chocolate flavors, and we know it. If you desire a hot chocolate mix with a deep chocolate flavor, the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix is what we recommend for you. This excellent chocolate mix is made majorly with ground sweet chocolate and cocoa. Each packet offers you 24g of sweetness with a lingering chocolatey taste.

With a 7% daily value of dietary fiber and 4% of your daily need for iron, the Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix is one of the best hot chocolate mix available. It contains 0.5g of saturated fat but zero trans-fat. With each serving, you’ll be getting 22g of carbohydrate, 130mg of potassium, 10mg of calcium, and 1% of total fat.

It is important to note that this hot chocolate mix might contain tree nuts and wheat. It also offers 90 calories per serving. This hot chocolate mix tastes best when mixed with milk.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to prepare
  • Contains real vanilla and real chocolate
  • It can be used to make impressive desserts
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3. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix

Every moment is a perfect moment for a nice hot chocolate mix. Whenever you or the kids want a quick fix, the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix is what we recommend. It is gluten-free, making it the right choice for anyone with a gluten allergy. This tasty chocolate mix contains no artificial sweeteners.

Balanced nutrition is achievable with every sip of the Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix. It boasts 10% of your daily need for iron, 8% of your daily need for potassium, 6% calcium, and 2g of protein. It contains zero trans-fat and zero cholesterol but has 1.5g of saturated fat.

This hot chocolate mix contains milk and is not certified to be vegan. It also contains 25g of total sugars and 160 calories per serving. Whether you serve it hot or you put some ice in it, this is one of the best hot chocolate mix with a taste you can trust

Why do we like it?

  • It does not contain preservatives
  • Caffeine content is very low (less than 0.1%)
  • Serves as a great night time treat
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4. Hershey’s Hot Chocolate Mix

Hershey's Hot Chocolate Mix

Feeling good just got a lot easier. If you desire a product that grants you nutrition with a great taste, the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix is the right one for you. This hot chocolate mix satisfies your lingering chocolate hunger. It contains only 90 calories which is less than most desserts. A cup of this nice hot chocolate mix takes you back to your childhood days.

One pouch offers you 10% of your daily sodium equivalent to 230mg. It contains 1g of saturated fat, zero trans-fat, and less than 5mg of cholesterol. This is a great product sold at a great price. With ingredients including skim milk, whey, cocoa, cream, and a natural flavor, this is one of the best hot chocolate mix available at marts and malls and online.

You can warm yourself up on a cold winter day with this top-notch hot chocolate mix. At the same time, you’ll be giving yourself 110mg of calcium that’s good for your bones, 1.5mg of iron, and 5% of your daily need for dietary fiber.

Why do we like it?

  • It can be prepared in minutes with just 3 steps
  • It has a rich and delicious taste
  • It goes well with coffee
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5. Nestle Abuelita Hot Chocolate Mix

Nestle Abuelita Hot Chocolate Mix

To get the real deal out of Mexican hot chocolate mix, do not settle for anything less than the Nestle Abuelita Granulated Hot Chocolate Drink Mix. You can’t go wrong with this top quality hot chocolate mix containing only 70 calories per serving and 17g of total carbohydrate; you can’t go wrong with this top quality hot chocolate mix. Note that this product contains milk and soy ingredients.

It is possible to meet up your daily requirements of essential minerals to boost your health. The Nestle Abuelita Hot Chocolate Mix contains 2% of your daily need for iron and 10% of your daily calcium needs. It is also enriched with 1g of protein and 1g of dietary fiber. You won’t want to miss a cup of this tasty chocolate mix.

With zero cholesterol, 0.5g of saturated fat, and zero trans-fat, this hot chocolate mix helps you keep your health in check. This hot chocolate mix has a wonderful aroma and foams nicely.

Why do we like it?

  • Dissolves easily in hot milk
  • Requires less time and effort to make a cup
  • It comes in a re-sealable pouch
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Hot Chocolate Mix Buyer’s Guide

There’s no better way to start a cold day than starting it with a hot chocolate mix. You deserve the great taste, flavor, and vitality that every cup has to offer. If you plan on purchasing packets of hot chocolate mix, there are some major things you need to consider. Read our buyer’s guide below to get yourself acquainted with important things you should look out for.

Ingredients and Nutritional Value

We recommend that you carefully go through the ingredient list of the hot chocolate mix you intend to buy. It is important to do this to pinpoint ingredients that you are allergic to and stay clear of such products. If you are lactose intolerant or vegan, going through the ingredient list will save you many unwanted problems.

Ease of preparation

It is important to consider the process of preparation of your hot chocolate mix. While some require more time, kitchen tools, and effort to make, some can be made very easily with three or fewer steps. It would help if you also considered what other additional ingredients you would need to make it taste better. Most hot chocolate mix brands taste better when prepared with hot milk.


Always go for a flavor that you like. Hot chocolate mix packets come in different flavors. If you are buying it for a friend, do well to ask which of the varieties or flavors he or she would prefer. You can also have fun experimenting with different flavors.

Dietary choices

If you are dieting, you must compare various brands of hot chocolate mix and settle for one that suits your dietary plans. Going for products with lesser calories, lower trans-fat levels, cholesterol, and saturated fats might suffice well for you. If your work requires that you consume a high-calorie drink, there are hot chocolate mix drinks that contain higher calories.