Best Home Brewing Kits

5 Best Home Brewing Kits (Reviews Updated 2021)

Beer is a favorite of many, and it remains one of the most consumed beverages in the world. There are millions of beer drinkers who rank beer as a personal favorite of theirs in the US alone. If you want unlimited beer access, why not consider brewing your own within the confines of your home? It doesn’t take rocket science or complicated tools to brew your own beer. With the aid of the best home brewing kits, you can brew quality beer for your enjoyment.

The challenge you will have to deal with is how to find very good kits to buy. With so many kit brands available today, making the wrong choice is possible. To ensure that you don’t get it wrong, we have compiled a healthy review of some of the best home brewing kits. Scroll down to have a look.

Best Home Brewing Kits

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1. Craft A Brew Home Brewing Kit

Craft A Brew Home Brewing Kit

Oktoberfest is a festival celebrated in Munich, Germany, on the first day of October, and beer is an integral part of the celebration. At this annual festival, some of the best beer in the world is served to fun-seekers who grace the event. Do you wonder where most of the beer comes from? Well, most of them are home brewed. You, too can brew your own beer Oktoberfest style using Craft A Brew home brewing kit.

This kit is essentially for beer drinkers who want to gain maximum control over the quality of the beer that they consume. Craft A Brew offers you reusable value that will last you for a long time. You can cut down on how much you spend on branded beer by brewing yours in the comfort of your home. All you need is one of the best home brewing kits to help you out. This kit is complete with all the brewing tools you will ever need to brew the best ale.

The kit comes with a 1-gallon starter set to brew a considerable volume of beer at a time. Craft A Brew is easy to use. Simply follow the instruction manual attached to the package.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for beer drinkers and hobbyist
  • Perfect brewing kit for beginners
  • Elegant design
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2. Northern Brewer Home Brewing Starter Kit

Northern Brewer Home Brewing Starter Kit

You don’t have to be an experienced brewer to brew quality beer for your enjoyment. Northern Brewer makes sure of that. This brewing kit is made for beginners or brewers with little brewing experience. This package comes with a starter set, brewing tools, and a recipe booklet for 5-gallon beer batches. There is also an instruction booklet to guide the user on how to get the best results with the kits.

Northern Brewer is easy to use. It also comes with a beer kettle and a customized Hank Hefeweizen kit. When you brew your beer with this tool, you will get a golden and hazy beer with low bitterness and fermentation. Your beverage will taste so nice; anybody who drinks it will find it hard to believe that you brewed it at home, all on your own.

To help you improve and to get the best results consistently, there are online videos and digital manual resources you can watch to perfect your art.

Why do we like it?

  • Allows you to brew beer in large volumes
  • An abundance of self-help resources
  • Contains more than enough accessories
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3. Mr. Beer Starter Kit

Mr. Beer Starter Kit

Mr. Beer is another kit that we rate as one of the best Home brewing kits money can buy. This kit is of the premium gold edition with a complete set of tools to make your brewing experience worth your while. The kit is designed for first-time brewers trying their hands on beer brewing with no prior experience. Mr. Beer will lead you every step of the way from one stage to the next with detailed instructions. With the included guide, you can never go wrong during your brewing exercise.

This 2-gallon kit is a quick action tool if you must know. It only takes you 30 minutes to brew a single batch of beer. That is great news because you can brew several batches in less tie when you have guests coming over to your home in the coming weeks.  Mr. Beer only requires simple ingredients. You don’t need large pots of strainers. The need for extra brewing tools is not required because you have all you need in this kit.

Cut down the amount of money you spend on branded beer. With Mr. Beer, you can brew quality beer as good as the branded one you are used to, if not better.

Why do we like it?

  • Offers consistent quality
  • Protects your brew from contamination
  • This package comes with refills
  • Ferments beer in 4 weeks or less
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4. Brewer’s Best Beer Ingredient Kit

Brewer’s Best Beer Ingredient Kit

Beer brewing can be a complicated process, so kit manufacturers produce kits that uncomplicate the process. With Brewer’s Kit, you have a product that you can trust to help you brew your beer efficiently. This 5 Gallon kit is of the    Mexican Cerveza variant. The finished product you get with this product is something you will appreciate. Your beer will come out at the end of the fermentation process looking light with a medium malt bitterness.

Brewer Kit is very easy to use, and the ingredients have a minimal dose of peeled lime and citrus aroma. So what you get is not only a great tasting beverage but an enticing aroma that will make your taste buds come alive. Might we also add that the kit contains specialist brewing accessories for your brewing requirement? Once you buy this kit, there will be no further need for you to spend money on any other tool.

Brewer’s Best Beer Kit contains all the ingredients and tools you need to make beer in the comfort of your home. For the best results, follow the instruction manual accurately.

Why do we like it?

  • Safe brewing kit
  • Contains quality ingredients
  • Ideal kit for beginners and pros
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5. Mr. Beer Bonus Edition Kit

Mr. Beer Bonus Edition Kit

Are you looking for one of the best home brewing kits that are easy to use? Look no further than Mr. Beer Bonus Edition Kit. This kit contains some of the best ingredients you will ever find in a beer kit. The hopped malt extracts are of the highest quality, and they give you the best taste and consistency, just the way you like it. The kit is also very easy to use. All it takes is 30 minutes to be done with your brewing.

We decided to add Mr. Beer Bonus edition to our review list because it is a multi-level brewing kit. Your level of brewing experience does not matter. You may be a beginner or a professional brewer; it doesn’t matter. This brewing kit is easy to use but yet delivers consistent quality through and through.

Mr. Beer offers an efficient brewing process that is why it is highly rated. Do note that after the brewing stage, you will have to leave the beer for about 3 weeks for the ingredients to ferment completely before you drink.

Why do we like it?

  • Locks in the flavor of your ingredients
  • Contains necessary attachments
  • Affordable kit
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Home Brewing Kits Buyer’s Guide

If you wish to buy brewing kits of the best quality for your home brewing, here are some features to look out for.

Kit Complexity

When shopping for brewing kits, ensure that you buy kits that fit your experience level. If you are a beginner, you don’t need a complex kit that requires an extended process. The last thing you want is to buy a kit that you cannot use. Beginner kits have straightforward instructions that are easy to follow. If you are a pro in the brewing game, you can go for complex kits.

Batch Size

The batch size you buy will determine the volume of beer you can brew at once. Smaller kits have a brewing capacity of 1-2 gallons of beer. These small-sized kits are cheaper and occupy less space. Larger kits can brew 3 gallons and above. Let the number of consumers you have in your home determine the size you pick.

Type of Beer

Another thing not to overlook is the type of beer you wish to brew. Beers are of different types. We have ale, dark lagers, pale lagers, wheat beer, porters, stouts, and so many more. The good thing is that the best home brewing kits offer a wide range of recipes. However, if you desire a special variety, you will have to search for a kit that offers what you need. Essentially, the ingredients are the most important thing to look out for when conducting your search.