Best Hand Mixers

5 Best Handheld Mixers (Reviews Updated 2021)

Have you been trying your hand at the lemon meringue or the chocolate soufflé?  Why is the dough just not rising? If you have a large get-together, are you planning to buy food from outside or outsource the cooking?

The solution lies in getting yourself a handheld mixer. These handheld mixers offer you versatility in blending, mixing, or kneading dough based on the choice of attachments you buy. Doing your basics for you in a matter of minutes, it is easy to handle varying cooking needs and that too swiftly. Which one to buy? Ah, the solution lies in our in-depth reviews of the five best handheld mixers. We invite you to read our reviews and choose one that best suits your needs.

Best Handheld Mixers

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Here are our best handheld mixers reviews:

1. Breville BHM800SIL Hand Mixer

Breville Bhm800sil Hand Mixer

Beating, whisking, and blending are made easier with the Breville hand mixer. This 240 watts motor is a power horse when you need to mix tough or easy batters to prepare for a pie or beaten eggs for a lemon soufflé or more. The specially engineered technology recognizes the attachment in use and recalibrates the speed automatically. Wonderful, isn’t that?

The unusually quiet beaters have maximum contact with the glass bowl and produce little noise while in action. This is the result of perfectly engineered whisking attachments that are rubberized at the head for noise reduction.

Many users expressed their pleasure in having control over the whisking/ blending through the 9-speed motor. It lets you control what speed you would like to operate, increasing or decreasing depending on the quantity and type of material being blended.

The ergonomically designed handle ensures that you are not tired and handling the mixer/blender is easy. The entire unit is made from plastic and has chrome accents.

The best part is the compact, snap-on storage unit, which can house all the attachments and the cord to make storage easier for you. The accessories included are two units each of scarper beaters, dough hooks, and balloon whisks.

Why do we like it?

  • Mixing light to view ingredients during the mixing process
  • One year limited product warranty
  • Compact storage unit
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2. Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus HM-90S Handheld Mixer

Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus Hm 90s Handheld Mixer

Now mixing or blending dough, beaten eggs, and flour, and more is easier with this handheld mixer from Cuisinart. This easy-to-use blender has a storage unit that can house all accessories and make them easier to store. Most users have reported that the whisks and other attachments do not rust or corrode despite heavy usage.

No, you can easily do the dough for homemade bread with the extra-long beaters, chef’s whisk, and dough hooks.  These accessories fit easily into the main unit; the mixer unit can easily start once they are strapped on. The control remains in your hand with a digital display and power speed indicated with bright LCD readings.

Say goodbye to splatters as the mixing bowl is large enough to hold the dough. Once you are done whisking, empty the dough into another bowl before setting these into the dishwasher for cleaning. Remember, you can put only the attachments and spatulas (included) into the dishwasher. The main unit with the electric housing is not safe for dishwashers and may be wiped dry of any stains.

The package includes beaters (one pair), chef’s whisk (one pair), dough hooks, spatula, and instruction/recipe book.

Why do we like it?

  • Made to North American Electrical Standards
  • A storage unit that is clip-on and can store all accessories
  • BPA free plastic parts
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3. KitchenAid Ultra Power Hand Mixer

Kitchenaid Ultra Power Hand Mixer

Now move with the hand blender to any area in the kitchen where the dough is.  Offering you five speeds, you can easily whip up eggs for a large family with this handheld blender.

Give your loved ones a choice of food dishes ranging from ice-creams, shakes, soufflés, and meringues to start with. Add chunks of chocolate or chocolate chips.

Designed for both the right and left-handed, this unit is beneficial for use of ambidextrous. You can keep the cord locked into either side and approach the mixer accordingly. Once done, press the release button to separate the accessories into the dough or the kitchen before you start to clean them. All the non-electrical parts are dishwasher safe.

The stainless steel balloon whisks can conjure up magic with almost all liquid ingredients. A slow start feature allows the whisks to gradually increase speed; a useful feature that ensures that the dough and blends do not splatter on to you or others standing close by.

Why do we like it?

  • One-year hassle-free replacement warranty
  • Choice of eleven colors
  • Dishwasher safe (all non-electric parts)
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4. Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Electric Hand Mixer

Mix with ease as you blend eggs for a meringue or a chocolate ice-cream with the blender function. This unit from Hamilton Beach offers you six different speeds with a quick burst function, which you can use as you like during the processing cycle. The burst feature gives you an additional speed, irrespective of what speed you are operating the mixer.

The 250 watts of motor power allows you to wade through the toughest mixtures or with the chunkiest pieces. When tired or introducing additional ingredients, you can rest the mixer/blender’s body on the bowl. This is the bowl rest feature, where a built-in groove allows you to pause as you take a quick check on the finished products. A rare but quite helpful feature when operating, you will love the bowl rest feature.

The package includes a pair of traditional beaters and a whisk. Some folks find that the lowest speed is too fast for making bread dough unless covered manually.

Now store this entire unit easily with the Snap-on storage case. You don’t have to rummage the kitchen drawers looking for one of the whisk legs while the other still is in the kitchen drawer.

Why do we like it?

  • Snap-on storage case
  • 250 Watts peak power
  • Six-speed power
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5. Braun HM 5100 Electric Hand Mixer

Braun Hm 5100 Electric Hand Mixer

With an electric hand mixer, you get mobility and a free hand to manage the batter or dough you want to mix. Now you can easily knead, whisk or blend any dough or eggs and more as per your choice.

The 350-watts motor is equipped to deliver 50% more power than most handheld mixers in its class. It can handle the toughest of the food mixtures with a breeze.  It has been engineered with special technology that distributes the mixture’s weight from your hand into the bowl for an easy mix experience.

One of the best things is that the motor unit is completely packed inside a plastic housing. So no more stains, no more fear of water getting into the body. Cleaning becomes easier and quicker.

Unlike most mixers, this one has up to 9 mixing speeds; you can mix the toughest of the dough easily with the Turbo option.  You get fine and consistent results.  No more big and small cuts or patchy blends of dough.

You can switch from blending to whisking as the same attachment does both functions.  No need for you to stop, clean, and then change attachments. Life becomes tireless and super smooth with these time-saving attachments. Included in the package are multi-whisk and sturdy dough hooks.

Braun, Germany-based, is known for its engineering and high-quality products for any range. It has a soft-grip handle that resists your hand from slipping for your safety and ease of operation.

Why do we like it?

  • 350 watts motor power
  • Dishwasher safe for all attachments (excluding electrical parts)
  • Storage bag included
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Handheld Mixers’ Buyer’s Guide

A handheld mixer gives you ample mobility to move between different countertop areas of a kitchen (with lengthy cords). There is a wide choice of handheld mixers that are available for you to buy. For your benefit, we have highlighted important factors to consider while purchasing the best handheld mixer.

Motor power

Motor powers range from 150 watts to 800 watts for commercial handheld mixers.  For domestic use, you will need to know your requirement before you opt for one. As a practice, home handheld mixers above 250 watts are preferable for minimum tasks like mixing bread and cake mixes. However, if you plan to blend chocolate pieces or nuggets, heavy motor power of 600 watts is suggestive. Opt for a motor as per your needs.

Type of beaters

Most folks prefer to have traditional beaters for blending flour and eggs. Some folks like to use a whisk attachment for fluffing eggs for a meringue. Look for what your needs are and choose accordingly.


While most mixers offer you fancy six to nine speeds, you need to consider the slowest speed. The slowest speed at which a blender works will determine if the flour is splattered out of the bowl or not, something that you don’t want.


Cord length and storage: What is the distance from the socket to your work area? Could the mixer come closer to your bowl if it is battery/cell-driven types?  What is the minimum length of the electrical cord that you need?

Bowl rest: Some mixers offer you to rest the handheld mixer on the bowl when you plan to pause to add an ingredient perhaps or do a minor chore.  Ensure that the bowl where you rest has the ingredients in it so that the bowl doesn’t topple over with the mixer’s weight.

Countdown timers: Handheld mixers like Cuisinart’s and Breville’s have built-in timers that switch off the machine after the set duration, depending upon what you are kneading/blending.