Best Hamilton Beach Toasters

5 Best Hamilton Beach Toasters (Reviews Updated 2021)

Bread at the breakfast table is a tradition from centuries ago. Earlier they would be either freshly baked or eaten cold. Now, who wants to have a cold slice of bread early in the morning? Not you!  A simple toaster can make or break your day! Especially if it is a toaster from a trusted brand, Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach toasters offer you so much, including extra-wide slots for bagels, deep slots for sandwich bread, auto cut-off, keep warm, toast boost, dual controls, and much more. How do you select which one to buy with so many choices in features and sizes? For your benefit, we are here with in-depth reviews of the best 5 Hamilton Beach toasters. Go ahead, read the reviews and pick one that fits your needs the best.

Best Hamilton Beach Toasters

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1. Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Extra Wide Slot Toaster

When a freshly brewed cup of tea/coffee awaits you, with freshly made toasts and a choice of preserves, you just can’t resist them.  What else could one ask for? With this Hamilton Beach toaster, you can toast up to 2 slices easily and quickly. Wide slots to warm bagels, or if you prefer the French bread from the bakery on the street, the extra-long length slots are a perfect match.

Quick heating ensures the next diner isn’t waiting too long. The unique keep warm feature keeps your toasts warm up to 3 minutes after they are done without a need for reheating them.

A bagel button? What’s that? Specially designed for bagel lovers, the wide slots enable you to choose bagels over toasts. If you opt for a slice of frozen bread, you can use this Hamilton Beach toaster to defrost it first. Remember to use the defrost button.

The much-needed toast boost feature saves your fingers from getting burnt as you don’t need to dig in to reach for the toasts. The toaster brings up the toasts higher than usual toasters, making it convenient for you to remove them. This unit stays cool on the outside for your safety with its cool wall feature. The attractive buttons are lit for easy viewing.

Why do we like it?

  • Heats-up quickly
  • Available in 3 different elegant colors
  • Stainless steel sides that are easy to clean and maintain
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2. Hamilton Beach 31344D Easy Reach With Roll-Top Door Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach 31344d Easy Reach With Roll Top Door Toaster Oven

Breakfast with this Hamilton Beach toaster is never going to be the same again. For people with accessibility and physical concerns of the hand, this countertop toaster makes it convenient to reach in for a toast.  A see-through glass roll-top door opens upwards and saves you space on the countertop.

You can toast, broil or bake in this 3-in-1 cooking appliance. The package includes a baking pan to get you started on baking pizzas (9″), lasagnas, baked cheese, and more. A simple and easy to operate toaster from Hamilton Beach, it has an auto timer for 30 minutes, after which it shuts off the operating unit.

The top-roll door is easily removable and can be quickly cleaned by a gentle hand wash. For any crumbs and flakes, the easy-to-access crumb tray is completely detachable for cleaning.

People who have used this product mentioned that there is rubber at the back of the toaster. Hence it does not go right against the wall and maintains a distance for the heat to escape.

Coffee and toasts, anyone?

Why do we like it?

  • Easy access to food and countertop
  • Removable door for easy cleanup
  • Easy-turn contoured knobs for your safety
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3. Hamilton Beach Professional Professional 4 Slice Toaster

Hamilton Beach Professional Professional 4 Slice Toaster

Mornings couldn’t have been much more awesome than this!  This Hamilton Beach toaster can toast up to 2 pairs of bread slices at a go; that is a total of 4 slices, each pair with its own temperature control and pop-up slider. Translated, it means two diners can use this toaster simultaneously and reduce wait times between family members. It also can warm up bagels using the extra-wide slots and defrost frozen bread or frozen waffles. One slot warms the cut side of the bagel while the second slot toasts the other part of the bagel.

The toast boost feature saves your fingers from burns as the toasts come-up higher than other toasters, giving you easy access to the toasts. The durable stainless steel body has cool looks and matches with any kitchen decor. The cord storage unit on the underside saves you from any accidents due to loose cords.

Maintaining cleanliness is easy as both crumb trays come out for cleaning. The exterior stainless steel body is super easy to maintain with a dry wipe.

Why do we like it?

  • Extra-wide slots
  • Dual temperature controls for each pair of toasting slots
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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4. Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Oven Combo

Hamilton Beach Toastation 2 Slice Toaster And Oven Combo

Now bake any dish as you toast the bread. No need to wait with this versatile 2-in-1 oven and long slot toaster.  Now enjoy your toasts even if they are extra wide from the bakery around the corner. No need to skip that nutritious and freshly baked loaf of artisan bread.  Or If you prefer bagels, this Hamilton Beach toaster can accommodate them too. Hamilton Beach claims that it toasts 35% faster than its competition.

If you are ready to bake a cake, go right ahead. The package includes a baking pan and oven tray for your ease. Food is ready for kids as they come home from school with fresh hot sandwiches or appetizers with the keep warm function, which keeps your food warm. A cancel button stops the toast function, and you can have a lightly browned toast if you are in a hurry. Cleaning and maintaining it is easy with the detachable crumb tray.

Hamilton Beach says that you may see a different glow on the front burners than the rear low ones. This Hamilton Beach toaster is specially designed so and heats the oven uniformly.

Why do we like it?

  • Saves on counter space
  • Convenient for small portions & meals
  • Opening the oven slides out the baking rack as it is attached to the door
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5. Hamilton Beach Digital 4 Slice Extra Wide Slot Stainless Steel Toaster

Hamilton Beach Digital 4 Slice Extra Wide Slot Stainless Steel Toaster

Designed for a relaxed morning, this Hamilton Beach toaster is ready before you are in the morning. Switch it on for a warmed–up bagel or toasts as the coffee brews. The 4 extra wide and deep slots make it easy for you to toast regular bread or artisan bread, or Texas toasts.  If you don’t care for toasts much, heat-up frozen waffles using the defrost button.

The toast boost feature lifts the toasts a little higher than a regular toaster for your convenience. No more struggles to get the toast that you need. Well, in case you are running late, use the cancel button, grab your bagel in a paper bag, and munch it on the way to the office. The cancel button allows you to exit the toasting process at any time. This Hamilton Beach toaster has two crumb trays that you can pull conveniently and completely for easy cleaning.

Well, toasts only? Where are the eggs now?

Why do we like it?

  • Easy push buttons
  • Toast shade settings with a digital display
  • Indicator lights for defrost, cancel, and bagel buttons
  • Auto shutoff and cancel
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Hamilton Beach Toasters Buyers Guide

You may think that buying a toaster is child’s play. But as you browse the shelves or online, the range of prices and features makes you wonder what the expensive ones are hiding in them? Diamonds? Phew! How do you select one that’s value for money for such a simple thing as a toaster? Relax as we have it covered for you. Here are top pointers to consider while you select the best Hamilton Beach toaster that fits your need.

Your needs

As you consider a 2 or 4 slice toast, consider how many folks in your family will be using it daily? Do all come in at the same time for breakfast? Do you need to warm-up bagels, English muffins, or waffles too in the toaster? Do you have a baked dish also going simultaneously, necessitating a need for a  2-in1 toaster-cum-oven?


Individual controls: Some 4 slice Hamilton Beach toasters give you dual controls for each pair of slice so that two diners can brown toasts simultaneously; helpful when you have school-going kids and are always in a rush.

Auto shutoff: An important feature, it shuts off the entire toaster when a pre-decided temperature or timing is achieved.

Material: While environment-friendly folks go with the stainless steel-bodied Hamilton Beach toasters, those who are just looking for the basics and price points can easily select one with a plastic body with varied colors or designs on them. If you choose a metallic bodied, ensure that you have read the instruction manual for the insulated body (they usually are but you want to make sure).

Timer: Some Hamilton Beach toasters come with a timer to let you know the countdown till your toasts or bagels are ready.

Toast slots: Most toasters now offer extra-long and deep spaces for you to warm-up every kind of bread/bagel/waffles, including artisan bread from the bakery around the corner.

Toast shade: Hamilton Beach toaster either has preset menus to help you with this or dial knobs to select the heating temperature. Easy isn’t it?

Cleaning: Detachable crumb trays are preferable over those that are hinged to the Hamilton Beach toaster’s main body.  This feature makes them easily accessible for cleaning.

Cord storage: When you can store any extra cord under or behind a toasting unit, you ensure a safe work area for yourself and others who use the toaster. Always opt for toasters with this feature.