5 Best Ground Cinnamon (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cinnamon is a personal favourite of both professional chefs and foodies because it is one of the only spices used in both desserts and savoury dishes. With Cinnamon in your kitchen’s arsenal, you get access to thousands of well-received recipes which will leave your mouth-watering every step of the way. Cinnamon is amazing for your health because it has antioxidant properties that help with inflammation in your body. It also improves the digestive system so your metabolism can function twice as better in the Winter season.

There are plenty of Cinnamon brands out there who will sell you a great deal when it comes to multiple cinnamon packs, but it takes a keen eye to spot the right one. Good quality cinnamon only reduces blood sugar and ensures that you do not fall at risk of heart failure. With that said, the following article contains several best cinnamon products in the market.

Best Ground Cinnamon

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1. McCormick Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon

Mccormick Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon

The brand is well-known for its all-natural Cinnamon and its easy-to-handle bottle that weighs around 9.92 ounces. The bottle has two outlets that let you either sprinkle the Cinnamon or extract it in major chunks. The Cinnamon is also USDA certified, which means you won’t have to worry about any health-related issues while using the Cinnamon.

The Cinnamon taste is exceptional, and you can probably make the best cinnamon rolls out of it with the right recipe. The strong spicy, and sweet flavours will leave you wanting more after you sprinkle it on top of a dessert or savoury dish. The Cinnamon that is used to make this product is Saigon cinnamon which is known to have antioxidant properties, which makes it a perfect partner to hot beverages like lattes, chai tea and hot chocolate.

McCormick is one of America’s best spice brands as they are known for their flavour and rich spice. You can use the Cinnamon to help relieve you of stomach aches and keep your metabolism fresh throughout your day. You will surely feel the difference once you invest in the brand and taste the magic of Saigon cinnamon.

Why do we like it?

  • The Cinnamon is USDA certified, so you can rest assured that consuming it will not risk your health in any way.
  • You get a 2-way lid that either sprinkles the Cinnamon onto your food or adds it in chunks.
  • The Cinnamon is made through an organic process; hence it is environmental-friendly to use.
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2. Frontier Co-op Cinnamon Powder

Frontier Co Op Cinnamon Powder

The Frontier Co-op Cinnamon powder is made from Ceylon cinnamon that is known for its strong scent as well as its high-quality flavour. Cinnamon is a perfect addition to all kinds of food types, and there are no additives that make Cinnamon toxic to your health. The brand uses organically grown Cinnamon for its customers and ensures that your health does not deteriorate.

Instead, you will feel it getting better as you use the Cinnamon in chai tea or eat it with your cinnamon rolls. It is delicious to taste and has the right balance between sweet and spicy to give you the kick you need. Authentic Cinnamon has a flavour of its own, and you can tell that once you sprinkle it on your food.

The company also grows Fair-Trade certified cinnamon which means you will be supporting the livelihood of happy farmers all over. The Organic guarantee of the Cinnamon ensures that there are no toxic chemicals used to grow the Cinnamon which should help you stay relieved. The company has had a reputation since 1976 for producing fine quality cinnamon.

Why do we like it?

  • The company grows Fair Trade Certified and Organic Cinnamon which means you are putting your investment in the right way.
  • The product tastes superb when added to different food items.
  • Has the right balance between spicy and sweet for people who love that extra kick while they drink their hot beverages.
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3. Happy Belly Cinnamon

Happy Belly Cinnamon

The overall bottle weighs 15-ounces, and the Amazon Brand contains decent quality cinnamon that is both economical and blends well with any food you use it in. Happy Belly cinnamon works exactly how it sounds to prevent your stomach from any potential inflammation. As soon as you open the lid, the aromatic smell takes you over and the warm sensation your feel in your mouth as you eat it shows the premium nature of this Cinnamon.

Happy Belly cinnamon pairs best with cumin, nutmeg and ginger to make wonderful, aromatic dishes that will leave your family or friends wanting for more. Adding it to tea will help clear away any toxins from your body and will ensure you feel active. The brand does not use any artificial flavours or additives, which helps keep you safe from any unnecessary toxins.

The brand is a competitor of McCormick Ground Cinnamon and has earned its place at the top alongside some of the best cinnamon brands in the market. As a customer, you will find its taste exquisite, followed by its functional properties to work best with savoury and sweet food types. We recommend trying it out to see how well it works.

Why do we like it? 

  • Fresh, aromatic smell that can improve your mood halfway through your meal or drink.
  • Helps relieve you of stomach pain and ensures your metabolism works fine in the Winter season.
  • Tastes on par with some of the top cinnamon brands in the market.
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4. Frontier Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon

Frontier Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon

If you are a vegan and only prefer the finest quality organic cinnamon, Frontier’s Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon is the one for you. The company ensures both flavour and smell when it comes to eating food with the powdered Cinnamon sprinkled on top. You can use the Cinnamon in lumps too to complete your recipe and remain carefree regarding the quality of the Cinnamon used.

Frontier’s organic Vietnamese Cinnamon is unique in the way that it contains 5% oil content which is fairly higher than most in the category. This oil helps uplift the flavour and expand the aroma so that the result of your cooking is loved by all those who try it. Surprise guests with a burst of sweet and spicy flavours mixed with the texture of your favourite meat or dessert.

What’s more is that by using the Frontier Organic Vietnamese cinnamon powder, you are contributing to saving the planet. The company donates a fraction of its revenue to the preservation of forests which is why purchasing cinnamon from them can be fruitful. You get the Cinnamon in a glass bottle that has a contemporary look and feels to it, which you can refill by purchasing refill pouches from the company.

Why do we like it?

  • The company grows Cinnamon organically and stands in line with protecting the planet; hence, it is perfect for you if you are a vegan.
  • The container you get is made out of glass and can be refilled using pouches from the company.
  • Contains 5% oil content which improves the flavour and aroma of the Cinnamon and makes it more useful in hot beverages.
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5. Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

The Ceylon brand uses Cinnamomum Verum, which is known as the most amazing Cinnamon in the market. The Cinnamon powder is from Sri Lanka and has less coumarin, which helps protect your kidney from harmful substance. This makes the Ceylon Cinnamon powder one of the healthiest cinnamon powders in this article.

The Cinnamon has a mellow texture, followed by being more sweet than spicy, but you can still feel the spice at the back of your throat. Cinnamon can be used for all kinds of savoury and sweet dishes because of its exclusive flavour. However, exclusive things are expensive to purchase. Hence, the pouch can cost you.

Still, the Cinnamon is 100% organically grown, which is why you will get the true flavour of what all-natural Cinnamon has to offer. The company places a lot of confidence in their product which is why they are ready to give a 100% refund to anyone who doesn’t like it. That should make you feel secure about your investment.

Why do we like it?

  • The company grows 100% organic cinnamon which ensures the quality of the flavour and aroma.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for all those who do not like the product.
  • Ceylon cinnamon used, which is the best Cinnamon in the world.
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Cinnamon Buyer’s Guide

Cinnamon is a wonderful ingredient to use in your recipes. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help ensure your body remains safe from all the toxins present in snacks or other fizzy beverages. Buying cinnamon also ensures that you get a burst of flavour and aroma.

However, that can only be possible if you end up buying Cinnamon with the following properties. Not all cinnamon brands out there will ensure you get the best which is why we have provided recommendations for the key characteristics you should look into. Keep in mind that you need to find a brand that is closest to these characteristics since brands won’t include them all.

What does Cinnamon Look Like?

If you have seen cassia, then you will agree that they both look the same. Cinnamon has a reddish-brown color. These are small-sized wooden sticks. Cinnamon has a little rough outer layer. However, if you touch the inner portion of this spice, it will be soft. Cinnamons are available in small wood rolls. One side of cinnamon is rolled, giving it around and circular shape with a comparatively taller body. Moreover, the Cinnamon tree has oval-shaped green leaves with berry fruits and thick bark. Its plant is easy to identify.

Where does Cinnamon Come From?

Cinnamon comes from the evergreen tree. It is the inner bark of the tree that is derived using various evergreen trees. These trees are normally cultivated in two years. When the plant gets ready, the stems are cut at the ground level. This process is also referred to as the coppicing. The next year, these roots are replaced by new roots. During the process, you must use various pests to ensure the better growth of the plant. These stems are then processed soon after cutting. But make sure the barks are still wet.

How is Cinnamon Made?

For making Cinnamon, the manufacturers scrap off the outer layer of wet barks. Afterward, the branch is evenly beaten using any hammer. This process loosens up the inner bark. The Cinnamon is made by using only 0.5 mm of the inner bark. While the outer portion is discarded. Then the woods are left under sunlight to dry. Some people also use advanced dryers to dry the wet barks. While drying, the wood curls into small rolls. Once the bark dries, the whole form of Cinnamon is ready for use. However, if you want the ground form, then you will need to follow an additional step. You must use any spice grinder to transform the rolls into powder form.

What Does Cinnamon Taste Like?

Cinnamon has a very woody taste. It gives a little citrusy flavor with additional spiciness. Its spiciness also resembles the punch of cloves. Besides, both the rolls and ground form have the same taste. However, the way both are used in foods varies.

How is Cinnamon Used in Cooking?

Cinnamon is widely used in cooking. You can use both the whole and ground forms of this spice for cooking. For ground form, you can add it with other spices like turmeric and chili pepper, etc. Let it cook well with other ingredients to release its taste and flavor. You can also add its whole rolls using the same method as the ground. The whole form is first fried in oil in some recipes before putting it in the dish and the oil.

What Types of Cuisines Use Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is used in both culinary and baked cuisines around the world. Some famous cuisines that include Cinnamon are Moroccan lamb tagine, chicken, and chickpea, chicken shawarma from the Middle East, Indian butter chicken, beef chili, rice, Indian biryani, Persian jeweled rice, roasted squash, and much more. While in the desert, Cinnamon is mostly used in cookies, rice pudding, apple pie, sweet potato pie, and more.

What is a Cinnamon Substitute?

For substituting Cinnamon, you can use other ingredients like cloves, allspice, and nutmeg.


Ordinary Cinnamon isn’t as safe enough for use, which is why vegans and professional chefs who wish to add a little kick to their food purchase organic cinnamon. It is healthier and has a better flavour which makes investing in an organic Cinnamon far better experience than anything else. Organic Cinnamon also helps preserve the environment, which is why a lot of people end up preferring it over traditionally available Cinnamon.

What’s more, is that the aroma of the Cinnamon helps alleviate the feeling of depression and anxiety, which is why it is perfect for anyone who loves the taste of Cinnamon in their food.


This brings us to why aroma is super important when you buy Cinnamon. It acts as an indicator of the quality of the Cinnamon hence, preferred by those who understand what real Cinnamon tastes and smells like. If you end up purchasing one without a sweet/spicy aroma, it probably has additives which are why you should try getting a refund.


The packaging is important because it helps determine if the brand is worth it or not. If you believe in working with the environment, consider investing in a glass-bottled cinnamon product that allows you to reuse the glass bottle. Similarly, if you receive a pouch, consider if the brand has given designated areas to open the pouch from and a zip-lock along with it.

You don’t want to be stuck with a pouch that won’t close because the brand wasn’t smart enough. An open pouch full of powdered Cinnamon ends up becoming ruining over time. Consider buying a tight shut glass bottle or a zip lock-bagged cinnamon product.


The amount of Cinnamon you get per bottle or pouch determines the amount you will end up using overtime. Consider your need for Cinnamon and then go forward investing money into a product. If you love baking desserts that require Cinnamon, consider buying a larger pouch, and if you are someone who would sprinkle a little overtime, you can buy the smaller bottles wit a sprinkler lid.

Coumarin levels

The coumarin levels are usually mentioned on the back of the bottle, and most people end up ignoring that part. Cinnamon can be harmful if the coumarin levels are higher than specified. If you see yourself buying Cinnamon soon, consider checking what the coumarin levels are per 100g.

Higher coumarin levels will end up giving you stomach aches over time, especially if you consume a lot of Cinnamon per meal.

Money-back Guarantee

Cinnamon bottles don’t usually have money-back guarantees, but if you end buying a product with one, it can be beneficial. Anything can go wrong at any time, and it is great to have a safety net to fall on.