5 Best Grill Pans (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you are craving for some thrills with the grill, don’t be disheartened if you don’t have space or a large grill/barbecue smoker. With grill pans availability, you can easily cook sumptuous grilled meals for yourself and your family & friends. A pan that resembles a frying pan and has raised grill lines inside is your grill pan. Grilling is a technique where dry heat sears food’s juices inside, which tenderizes the meat and makes it succulent. They are as good as an outdoor grill minus the smoky wood pellets or the charcoal.

Well, if you are already craving to eat some, here are reviews of the 5 best grill pans. We have studied each grill pan with an in-depth product review for your benefit. Go ahead, read our reviews, and pick the one that’s best for your needs.

Best Grill Pans

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Here are our reviews of the 5 best grill pans.

1. Uniware Double Grill Pan

Uniware Double Grill Pan

The product is made by Uniware and has a layer of food-grade non-stick coating for hassle-free cooking. Make you are favorite dishes, including cheese sandwiches, chicken, and vegetables, in this amazing pan! You can cook food on both sides of the pan by opening it up fully flat for large portions.

For small portions, you can fold it in and use only one side of it. Some people who have used this grill pan mentioned that you must be careful when using both sides to avoid spillages when flipping the food over.

The handles are designed ergonomically so that it is convenient for you to use. Even when the pan is on the stove, the handles remain cool. The magnet on the handle ensures a firm close when both sides are brought together. It has grill lines on both sides for your use.

You can detach the cover and bottom of the grill pan for easier cleaning in the dishwasher. Yes, they are dishwasher safe. It has a dimension of 9.6 x 12.6 x 2.7 square inches, and it is just the right size for a small family of 2 people. Weighing 3.44 pounds, it is lightweight to move around in the kitchen. It is compatible with gas burners, an electric stovetop, and a portable burner.

Why do we like it?

  • Food is flavored well.
  • Very easy to clean
  • Compatibility to use on various burners
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2. Blue Diamond Cookware Grill Pan

Blue Diamond Cookware Grill Pan

This 11 inches pan is a marvel to grill your food with the grill lines that go deeper into the food than others. They make your food healthy, draining away all the fat and grease. The lid of this pan steams food 30% faster than others.  You may use the lid for oven cooking up to a temperature of 425°F. The dome shaped lid ensures moisture and heat are retained by the pan. This helps tenderize the meat and vegetables and keep them moist.

It has a non-stick coating that is free from cadmium, lead, PFOA, or PFAS.  This signature grill pan from Blue Diamond is diamond-infused to give it a five times stronger toughness than others. Since diamond is conducive to other metals, it heats up quickly, saving you time. The non-stick coating lasts ten times more than other non-stick cookware,

This grill pan is easy to lift with a weight of 3.78 pounds. You can easily use this grill pan with any stovetop except the induction. It is safe to use this grill pan in an oven up to a temperature of 600°F.  Post cooking, cleaning is easy as it is completely dishwasher safe.

The handles offer you a good grip and are quite sturdy since they are riveted into the position. No more accidents or slipping of the pan from your hands!

Why do we like it?

  • Toxin-free grill pan
  • Deep grill lines
  • Dishwasher safe
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3. ESLITE LIFE Divided Frying Grill Pan

Eslite Life Divided Frying Grill Pan

The best offering in the market, this grill pan has 3 divided areas to cook. The main area of the pan offers grilling space. Two other smaller compartments have space for frying eggs, bacon, or sausages. This pan has a non-stick granite coating toxin-free (100% PFOA, lead, and cadmium-free) so that you can enjoy the braised meat with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

This sturdy grill pan is made from aluminum, and it does not break or warp with use. It distributes heat evenly across all surfaces with a 4.5 mm thick bottom. You can use it on cooktops for gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, or induction; many people prefer to carry it while traveling. It is not recommended to place it in an oven or a dishwasher.  It would be best if you use this grill pan for low to medium heat only.

Grill steaks, corn on the cob, hot dogs, and more on this 3-in-one grill pan. To manage the pan, it offers a heat-resistant bakelite handle that stays cool while cooking food.  It is easy to grip and has a length that keeps your hands far from the heat. The handle is attached from the outside and has no rivet inside, making it easy to clean. The food in the pan stays hygienic without any rivets inside the pan.

Why do we like it?

  • All-in-one, 3 compartment grill pan
  • 100% toxin-free
  • Granite non-stick coating
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4. Microhearth Grill Pan

Microhearth Grill Pan

If you are looking for a grill pan that you can use in a microwave, most people will raise their eyebrows. But yes, the Microhearth’s grill plan aims to do that exactly. Have the grill flavor and yet cook in less time.

The Microhearth Grill Pan is a modern pan that cooks with a microwave’s convenience while retaining the grill cooking.  The food is finished moist and while they retain the natural flavor and freshness. Microwave cooking offers you savings in time, effort yet retaining the original taste of the food. Here’s to a healthy you!

Easy to carry into dorms, common kitchens, and while traveling. Relish your home-cooked food while on the move. The grill pan has a non-stick coating that makes cleaning very easy.  You can use the ceramic finished metal lid in a microwave easily. All the natural micro electricity ‘waves’ of energy are converted to far-infrared energy for cooking. It comes with a standing handle that prevents the lid from drip down the moisture onto the tabletop. Isn’t that something now? Whoa!

Folks who have used it recommend pre-heating the pan only with oil in it.  They also advise against submerging this grill pan in water, as the pan’s bottom has tiny holes to release steam when placed in a microwave. If you place this grill pan in water, these holes will get blocked and result in accidents.

Why do we like it?

  • Grill in a microwave feature
  • Standing handle
  • Non-stick coating
  • Doesn’t heat the kitchen like other grill pans
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5. Cuisinel Cast Iron Grill Pan

Cuisinel Cast Iron Grill Pan

The pre-seasoned cast iron grill pan is a versatile pan and offers you grilling, sautéing, broiling, and other cooking styles. Set-out your cookery travails with this grill pan to cook an amazing beef roast, chicken thighs, vegetables or steaks, and much more! You have two choices, use it indoors or outdoors, on a gas burner, grill, and even induction stovetops. With a silicone handle cover offered in the package, you are safe and accident-free.

This grill pan is made from premium quality cast iron in which you can cook traditional recipes. Covered with a non-stick coating, cooking is super easy and healthy as it uses less oil.

Handwashing the grill pan with a stiff brush and warm water is a good and recommended option; all the residue and grease are gone in moments. There is no need for metal food scrapers – there is one included in the food pan that allows you to scrape burnt food or that which is stuck. To get a longer grill pan life, use of soap and dishwashers is prohibited.

Like any other grills, it is recommended to restore the grill surface with natural oils, after four to five uses.

Why do we like it?

  • Pre-seasoned cast iron skillet
  • Glass lid for see-through cooking
  • Food scraper included
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Grill Pans Buyer’s Guide

Once you are set to buy a grill pan, there are quite a few things to be considered. For your benefit, we have highlighted some important points for you.


Grill pans are available in cast iron, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum and are lighter to handle. Ensure they have a thick base and an even heat distribution that enables food to cook evenly and leaves out any cold or hot spots. Most pans today have a heavy bottom to allow slow cooking as required in a grill.


Usually, such questions are answered when you think about the frequency with which you grill. How many portions of food do you grill at one-go? How many diners do you normally cater to? Typically a 6” to 10” grill pan can cook for a family of four depending upon what is the meal, how large are the portions? Is there other food items using other cooking styles like soups?

Ease of cleaning

Grill pans with non-stick coating are usually easier to clean than their counterparts made from ceramic, aluminum, or other metals. Many non-stick grill pan variants are dishwasher safe, while some aren’t and need to be washed by hands. While washing by hands is also easy, it is a matter of personal preference.


Handles: Longer the handle, the less heat you get on your hands. Most modern grill pans now have cool-touch handles, so you don’t even need cooking mitts/gloves. Handles on either side allow you to carefully move the grill pan between the kitchen top to the dining tabletop.  These are important considerations to think through.

Lids: Lids may be available as see-through or completely non-see-through. While it is your preference, a good cook always likes to see his food being cooked.

Spouts: spouts on sides of grill pans help you remove the grease or oils and trash them easily instead of putting them into the sink.

Reversible sides: Some pans may offer a double side grill with the reversible side featuring a griddle or a sandwich/Panini press for your ease.

Exterior: Many pans are coasted with ceramic to giving you easy to clean and maintain surfaces.  Some may be colored and designed for aesthetic appeal to suit your kitchen décor.