Best Griddles

5 Best Griddles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Are you tired of cooking different food dishes in different pots and pans? With the additional utensils to clean, you are sure to lose time.  Enter the griddle; smooth and flat-surfaced cookware that can be electric and non-electric. It is perfect for cooking eggs, bacon, pancakes, quesadillas, fries, French toast, sausages, and more, at one, go on the same surface. You can monitor all food being cooked easily and have saved yourself in dishes piling up from cleaning.

But then how do you decide which one is the best for you? To solve your problem, we have selected the best 5 griddles and taken the time to review each of them. Now you can opt for the one that suits you the most!

Best Griddles

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Here are our best 5 griddles reviews.

1. NutriChef Electric Griddle

Nutrichef Electric Griddle

This product from Nutrichef also doubles-up as a hot plate and press grill for food. The non-stick coating ensures food cooks faster and healthier with less oil.  A plug-and-play unit, this griddle has a rotary temperature control easy to use.  It uses the best material (cast aluminum) for high-quality results.

Use the griddle or the double plate, and then use the grill press for food dishes that need a hard press like a panini. In the box, you get a griddle plate cooktop with a drip tray and spatula tongs.   The thermostat is adjustable to cooking temperatures you need; later, you can remove the same for cleaning.

There are drain holes to remove grease from food, and this is collected in a drip tray. The compact design of this griddle makes it perfect for taking out and storing. The best part is that this is an easy-to-clean griddle.  It weighs 7.92 pounds, and its dimensions are 5.27 x 20.32 x 12.53 inches (LxWxH).

Why do we like it?

  • Removable grease & oil catching tray
  • Rotary temperature controls
  • Stain resistant & easy-to-clean
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2. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet/Griddle

Lodge Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Griddle

This 12” circular cast iron griddle offers durability and heats up quickly. You can use it for cooking food that needs to be broiled, seared, sautéed, baked, braised, fried, or grilled. Cast iron a great heat conductor and provides one of the best heat distribution and retention for consistent results.

For ease in handling and a firm grip, it has an assist handle too. You can hang this griddle when not in use, making storage easier. It offers an abundance of possibilities. You can use this griddle on a gas burner, a campfire, or in an oven.

This griddle comes pre-seasoned and ready for your use and includes one silicone handle holder and the griddle. It weighs 7.34 pounds, and its dimensions are 18 x 12.56 x 2.25 inches (LxWxD).  It is easy to wash and care for; it is recommended that you hand-wash the griddle with mild soap; dry it with a cloth or paper towels and let it dry.

Why do we like it?

  • Available pre-seasoned & ready to use
  • Its finish improves cooking over repeated use.
  • Silicone handler for ease in handling- manages high temperatures.
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3. Jean Patrique’s Cast Aluminum Griddle

Jean Patrique’s Cast Aluminum Griddle

Now barbecue your favorites on this griddle by Jean Patrique. It is made from high-quality non-stick cast aluminum. Good news for the health-conscious, this griddle is non-stick, which means less oil in your food due to the non-stick coating. Cast aluminum is usually lighter than cast iron as material but is still as strong as cast iron, so no more heavy lifting. The griddle base is made from bonded steel for higher heat retention and even distribution, so you don’t get any more cold and hot spots.

The griddle lines are raised to give you a deep impression of the food and remove the grease from the food. , giving you easy lines are It offers six stainless steel skewers for all your favorite freshly skewered, grilled kebabs, shrimps, fruits and vegetables, and much more.

The griddles use high temperatures (250°C or 450°F) for slow cooking, cooking food to its best. The griddles are equipped with a pair of detachable heat-resistant handles for your ease and safety.

Why do we like it?

  • Made from cast aluminum (lighter than cast iron, yet strong)
  • Includes six hard stainless steel skewers
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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4. Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone Griddle

No more accidents with this horizontal, tabletop griddle by Blackstone; carry this anywhere you go for simply delicious food or barbecue special meals – into the woods, camping, or right at your patio/ backyard, on to a beach, picnic spots, and more.

This griddle is a compact one-unit product and a combination of function and form. It can cook food for two to four people easily and as an example can fit 12 eggs/ 9 pancakes or 9 burgers, yes, all at once.

This griddle uses a 1-pound propane bottle/20-pound propane tank. It needs a propane adapter hose and regulator to manage the fuel required. These are available on extras. With dimensions of 17.5(L) x18(W) x 8.5 (H) square inches, it weighs 36.5 pounds.

This unit has a drip tray that catches all grease and food juices, keeping your countertops clean and non-messy as you cook.  Cleaning is very easy; slide out the tray, throw the grease in the bin, and wipe the cooking surface with wet towels. And you ready for yet another barbecue! No hangovers from cleaning.

Why do we like it?

  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Uses propane – an alternative to charcoal/ electricity/ wood pellets for fuel
  • Easy to use
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5. Hamilton Beach 4-in-1 Indoor Grill & Electric Griddle Combo

Hamilton Beach 4 In 1 Indoor Grill & Electric Griddle Combo

Hamilton Beach is at it again! Giving you a wide range, this includes a barbecue grill, a bacon cooker, a grill or griddle, and a full griddle when you open it up flat. Weighing just 11 pounds, this is an easy to carry electric griddle. With its dimensions at 16(L) x 13(W) x 7 (H) square inches, it is your best bet to use wherever gas burners and other fuels cannot be used. All you need is an electrical connection/socket.

Ideal for serving six to twelve people, this is an attention seeker at barbecue parties. Cook your favorite Keto and Paleo diets for diners requiring special attention. You can adjust the temperature to go up to a high of 400oF for high heat settings. You could always lower it down as the food flows, and you need to slow down cooking.

The grill plates are super easy to clean once this powerhouse has cooled down. Press a button to release the grill plates and prep them for the next barbecue party. The grill plates are dishwasher safe, making your cleaning a whiz.

Why do we like it?

  • It can be opened to double the cooking capacity.
  • Removable grill plates
  • Available in black or silver color
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Griddles Buyer’s Guide

Buying an electric skillet involves in-depth research to ensure you buy the perfect unit. Phew!  Well, for your ease, we have listed down important points for you to look-out as you buy the best griddle. Here is a list of the top look-outs to assist you in selecting a perfect griddle.

Manual or Electric

While the manual ones are traditional, if you are in a rush and are looking for additional features or are particular about the cooking temperature, electricity may be your choice.


Determine the griddle’s size by taking into account the number of people of portions you cook in one batch.  Think of the frequency of usage, ease of portability between patio/ kitchen/ backyard, or places you go often.  Consider the kind of meals you prefer – are they one-pot meals or more wide-spread options. This should give you clarity on the size you need.


Griddles are best known for their range of cooking styles, even heat distribution, and ease of use.  If you consider an electric option, the energy you save with an electric griddle is much higher than a gas burner as you can control the heating temperature. Do study the heating temperature controls before you finalize.

Ease of use

Handles and knobs: Opt for those that are sturdy and heat resistant for your convenience and heat. Handles on two sides give you a good grip and are safer to transport food between the unit and tables.

Heating: Look-out for griddles that give you even heating; hence always check for the kind of material they are made of. If you opt for an electric one, check that you consider one with adjustable temperature control.

Drainage spouts: Drainage spouts enable you to pour out liquids like broth or grease from your dish. This makes the cooking process easier and enhances the food taste.

Ease of cleaning

Griddles with non-stick coating are usually easier to clean than their counterparts made from cast iron/aluminum/steel or other metals. Many non-stick griddles variants are dishwasher safe, while some aren’t and need to be washed by hands.