5 Best Gravity Water Filters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Gravity water filters allow you easy access to filtered water without any electricity or battery. These water filters are extremely handy and can be used during gatherings or brunches at your home or outdoors. Not only are you conserving energy, but you are also getting filtered water.

You cannot rely on tap water every day, and to ensure your safety, a gravity water filter comes in. The gravity water filter will make your life convenient. The question one comes to is which one to purchase. There are many different kinds available with their features. Here are the five best Gravity Water Filters.

Best Gravity Water Filters

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1. Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Big Berkey Gravity Fed Water Filter

The Big Berkey Gravity Water Filter acts as a portable water filter, and it has a generous capacity. This water filter purifies water daily for 1-4 people. This water filter is not that big, which makes carrying it around easy. It also takes less space wherever you place it.

This water filter comes equipped with a powerful purification system. The Berkey Purification in this filter works to purify the water as well as filter it. Hence, the Big Berkey can kill 99.99 percent of viruses and bacteria. It can also get rid of protozoa, inorganic minerals, heavy metals, as well as inorganic minerals. The purified water via the Big Berkey is completely safe to drink.

The purification elements can purify 6000 gallons of your water before needing to be replaced. You can purchase additional Berkey Elements. Each pair adds 6000 gallons. Hence, this water filter will last you for a long time. Considering its cost and its longevity, this water filter is quite economical.

This water filter will come to your doorstep after being tested in third-party labs. These labs test contaminants to ensure that the filter functions correctly. The filter requires no electricity, and you can carry it around with you. It is perfect for outdoor events such as barbeques.

Why do we like it?

  • Big capacity.
  • Long-lasting.
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2. Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

The Alexapure Pro filter has a stainless-steel exterior that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. This filter works not only to filter the water but purify it as well. The water filter kills 99.99 percent of water impurities, including viruses, bacteria, chlorine, E. coli, and more.

This water filter offers a big capacity. It can filter up to 8.5 liters of your water.  Hence, if you live with a big family or catering to a large gathering, this water filter will come in handy. Every filter included in this filtration system has a capacity of 5000 gallons. You can add up to 4 filters if needed.  The filters can be used as-is and do not need any priming. You can also adjust the flow rate as per your requirement.

The filtration system is purely gravity-fed and does not need any electricity to run. This makes it perfect for any outdoor event, such as picnics or brunches. What is great about this filtration system is that it costs less than others out there. So, you get all the features at a lesser price.

The Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System will get you safe drinking water anywhere.

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable flow rate.
  • Made from stainless steel.
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3. Zen Water Systems Rejuvenate Water Filter

Zen Water Systems Rejuvenate Water Filter

The Zen Water Filter is the perfect size to sit on any kitchen countertop. This water filter operates without any electricity or battery and is purely gravity fed. Hence, it is convenient to use and, you will be conserving energy.

This water filter has one system but is equipped to perform five different functions. It not only filters your water, but it also purifies, mineralizes, alkalinizes, and preserves it. Hence, the filter ensures that you receive the best water to drink. These multiple filtration stages ensure that all harmful contaminants, including bacteria, chlorine, and chemicals, are removed. Pour some tap water into the filter, and you will receive purified water at the other end.

Apart from doing its job removing impurities, the water filter adds to the water too. The filter makes the water you consume healthy by adding essential minerals and other bio-energy properties. The compact size of the water filter takes less space in the kitchen. It also makes it easy to carry around anywhere.

The material of the water filter is BPA-free, so your water remains safe from any harmful toxins. Moreover, the filter is easy to assemble and is user-friendly.

Why do we like it?

  • In-depth filtration process.
  • BPA-free.
  • Adds essential minerals to the water.
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4. Platypus GravityWorks Water Filter System

Platypus Gravityworks Water Filter System

If you are someone who camps and loves the outdoors, the Platypus Water Filter System will make the perfect filter for you. This filter system is ideal for when you are in the woods or in an emergency that requires filtered water.

This filter system is small and convenient. It is portable and compact that makes it easy to carry around. And it will take less space in your bags. Despite its size, the filter system still manages to provide a big capacity of 1500 liters. Hence, this water filter system is perfect for taking care of all your thirst needs. The filter ensures to remove 99.99 percent of bacteria, protozoa, E. coli, and other contaminants.

The water filter works effortlessly with ease. The hollow fiber element along with the hose segment allows for the best-filtered water. It prevents the odors and flavors from being transferred to your water, providing you with the best experience.

A universal water adapter is included in this filter system. The adapter allows you to collect the filtered water into any utensil of your choice. The utensil will fill directly with the filtered water, and hence, there is no hassle of keeping a clean reservoir.

Why do we like it?

  • There is no pumping required.
  • Perfect for outdoors and camping.
  • You can replace the filters.
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5. LifeStraw Flex Advanced Water Filter

Lifestraw Flex Advanced Water Filter

The LifeStraw Advanced Water Filter is one must-have if you are constantly traveling and seeking adventures. Often while camping or exploring, you run out of clean water to drink. With this advanced gravity bag, you do not have to worry about that anymore.

This gravity bag is compact and can fit in any big with ease. It will not take up much room, is not heavy, and is convenient to carry around. This water filter ensures to eliminate 99.99 percent of the contaminants, including bacteria, protozoa, and microplastics. The hollow fiber membrane that the filter has 0.2-micron size pores that filter everything out efficiently.

The capsule is made using carbon fiber that works to ensure that your water has a high-quality taste. It adds flavor to your water by reducing lead, other metals, and chlorine. Despite having a compact size, this water filter offers a generous capacity of 2000 liters. The capacity is ample for someone who is outdoors. Hence, the water filter has a long life.

The LifeStraw Water Filter provides you with the ultimate protection as well as convenience. You can use this versatile water filter with a straw, an in-line filter, or other containers.

Why do we like it?

  • It is convenient to use.
  • It can be used in four ways.
  • Gives the ultimate protection.
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Gravity Water Filters Buyer’s Guide

Many people prefer using tap water for drinking or while cooking. However, tap water may not be ideal for some people, especially when you do not know what could be in it. Hence, investing in a water filter seems like the best idea. A gravity water filter will make life much convenient as it comes with no hassle of batteries and electricity. It also requires no pumping.

The gravity water filters on the market are great in number. Hence, it can be quite a task to decide which one to purchase. Here is our comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you.


The entire concept behind purchasing a gravity water filter is to add convenience to your life. To ensure this happens, your water filter should be portable. This way you can carry it wherever you wish to. You can enjoy outdoor events such as family barbeques, picnics, or brunches.


Size and capacity go side by side. If you are looking to keep your gravity water filter in the kitchen, take a good look. If your kitchen has little space, go for a compact filter. Otherwise, go for a bigger-sized one. If there are many people to cater to, you might look for a large capacity filter. The size also makes a difference when carrying the filter with you, as a small one is easy to carry.

Type of water

Consider the type of water you need your water filter to filter. Is it more alkaline or acidic? What kind of metals or bacteria does it contain? Then, choose a gravity water filter that tackles these problems.