5 Best German Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Germany is popular for many reasons, whether it’s scoring great goals in FIFA or sharing borders with various countries, or high-quality education. Germany is known to be a desirable place for many. For others who don’t physically want to be there are one way or another hooked to the German cuisine. While the German language itself is the tough one to learn, the German cuisine is no different.

But once you get hold of the delicious recipe, your kitchen will experience some great times. If you have been looking for ways to learn more about German cuisine, you need a good cookbook. And for starters, a great German cookbook leads you to the taste of Germany.

Best German Cookbooks

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Here are our German Cookbooks reviews:

1. Best Recipes: German Cooking and Baking

Best Recipes German Cooking And Baking

Not everyone thinks of learning German cuisine. Maybe they are too frightened of the dishes’ names, or maybe it’s because German cuisine is always passed as a tough one. If you have been one of those people who think German cuisine is only for professionals, then this cookbook will change your mind.

One of the easiest take-ups on German recipes, this cookbook is great for a beginner who is experimenting with various cuisines from all over the world. Whether it’s your first time trying out a German dish or you already have made various failed attempts, this cookbook will make you get great results. The basic steps and tricks highlighted in this cookbook to achieve a great recipe are very simple and easy to follow.

With creative recipes broken down in baby steps, this cookbook is a dream come true for every beginner trying to nail the German recipes at home. This cookbook offers both cooking as well as a vast number of baking recipes. You will not only learn recipes but also basic tricks about German cuisine.

And when it comes to adding your own touch of procedure and steps during cooking, this cookbook provides room to wiggle. Try out this amazing start cookbook for beginners, and you will love German cuisine more than ever.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to follow
  • Great recipes
  • It has both cooking and baking recipes
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2. The German Cookbook: A Complete Guide

The German Cookbook A Complete Guide

When this cookbook says a complete guide, so it sticks to it. This German cookbook is not just a book but your guide through the entire German cuisine. It starts with some basic cooking skills and leaves you amazing and professional in the kitchen at the end.

As experts say, judge a book by its edition, this cookbook has been on and running for over 50 years, and that has to say something about it. With a successful run over 5 decades, this cookbook is the reason why so many people have been able to ace the German recipes over time. With timeless procedures and easy-to-follow recipes, this cookbook is a complete guide from instant basic recipes to detailed lavish German cuisine.

Sheraton has tried his best to make the recipes as easy as possible and allow everyone to achieve complex tasks by following baby steps. This cookbook has all the German recipes such as German breads, soups, frankfurters, hamburgers, and everything. For a newbie cook who is trying their way out of various cuisines, it is recommended to start with this cookbook and get a whole new experience of learning German cuisine.

Simply a classic, this cookbook is a must-have in your kitchen. Not only it guides you step by step to those delicious recipes, but it teaches you a lot about German cuisine.

Why do we like it?

  • It has delicious German recipes.
  • It has been running for over 50 years
  • Easy steps and everyday recipes
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3. Grandma’s German Cookbook

Grandma’s German Cookbook

It is true when they say a grandma will spoil you the best but is also your best critic. With love-filled recipes and everything your grandma loves to treat you with, this cookbook is going to remind you of your granny’s home. The cookbook is versatile and amazing, but the book cover is also very pleasing.

With over eighty-five detailed recipes, it entails everything delicious and lovely from the grandma’s kitchen. Whether you are looking for a way to make crispy fried potatoes just like your grandma used to, want to ace steam dumplings, cream roll, or a jelly roll with raspberries, this cookbook covers it all. It also covers all the basic recipes of German breads and delicious soups.

As well as the delightful personalities of German grandmas in this cookbook remind you how a grandmother’s love can fill your tummy better than anyone else. Whether you are looking for a simple appetizer or a full flash main course meal, this cookbook has got it all covered for you. With this cookbook, it is safe to say that you can host a great German feast just like an experienced German grandmother does.

And it is not like the complex kitchen rules of your grandma’s kitchen, but it contains various recipes that are too easy to follow and do not contain complex procedures or ingredients. This cookbook is filled with love and a lot of amazing opportunities.

Why do we like it?

  • It has delicious and traditional German recipes
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Classic recipes of German cuisine
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4. The Wurst: The Very Best German Food

The Wurst The Very Best German Food

Note the ‘Wurst,’ which is the basic title of the Cookbook, and don’t just pass this amazing cookbook because you read a world similar to bad meaning. The Wurst is a German word for sausage, and this cookbook is somewhat similar to that. With an excellent take on German cuisine, this cookbook is a great pick for anyone who wishes to understand German cuisine in depth.

This German cookbook is simply the best because it contains all the popular and tasty German recipes, whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. And when you surf through the pages, you will find yourself attracted to multiple recipes, not once. The time is taken to decide what to cook as each recipe is equally beautiful and tasty.

This cookbook shows the rich German culture in a fold of pages and not only for cooking purposes, but this cookbook and the recipes are a great journey through the German cuisine without even having to move. You will find various details about a dish other than just basic recipes, how a dish came into existence, and its interesting history. This cookbook has very few steps to follow, and you will enjoy cooking German cuisine with it.

To get your hands on one of the best head starts to German cooking, look no further as it entails all the delicious recipes that are explained too easily.

Why do we like it?

  • It has all the original German recipes
  • It has history and details
  • Easy to follow
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5. Classic German Baking

Classic German Baking

Is there even a list for cookbooks complete without a baking cookbook making to it? We don’t think so, especially when it’s baked delights from German cuisine. This cookbook is a great collection of German recipes from traditional flavors all over the delicious German treats.

This cookbook has over 100 widely researched and deeply explained recipes that are not very easy to follow and so worth it. It has a great collection of German recipes and baking delights from all over the world, which does not mean the recipes will be complex. The best part about this cookbook is that all the recipes in it are gathered from family traditions running for years in the generation.

All the recipes are home-based, so it means you don’t need those extensive ingredients and expensive appliances to run a course of the recipe successfully. To make German baking at home easy and pleasant, this cookbook is something every kitchen shelf should have. And just because it’s baking does not mean you only have to stick to the desserts, but all the recipes are great treats for breakfast breads, brunch croissants, or even teatime delights.

Why do we like it?

  • Well researched
  • Easy to follow
  • Delicious recipes.
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German Cookbook Buyer’s Guide

Starting your attempt with German cuisine is a whole new experience that will teach you many great things. And if you are someone who loves to experiment with various cuisines, then you need a great German cookbook to start with Germany’s tastes. Here are few factors to pay attention to before opting for a German cookbook.

Number of Recipes

Several recipes are, although no measure for the quality of the recipes, but it ensures you are getting a better deal and more choices to choose from. However, please don’t purchase a cookbook with too many recipes that most of them are of no use.


The taste depends on the authenticity of the recipe, and hence you shouldn’t opt for a cookbook that does not strictly adhere to the tradition of German cuisine.

Easy to Follow

For a first-time chef experimenting with German cuisine, don’t opt for complex cookbooks but choose simples as they will guide to step by step.


The whole point is not to just cook and present but to learn about German cuisine. If a cookbook offers a little background, detail, and history of the recipes, it is a safe bet.