Best Gas Ranges

5 Best Gas Ranges (Reviews Updated 2021)

While electric ovens are a popular choice among the users, they take a lot of time to heat, and if being honest, they don’t deliver as many efficient results as a gas oven would. Many people who have worked with both kinds of the cooking range will know how a gas range is better than the other. They do not consume as much power as an electric oven and deliver better results.

To find the best gas range for your kitchen, there are several factors you need to focus on. As gas ranges come in various shapes, features and sizes, it becomes a tough choice to find the best one for you. But an in-depth review about various types will help you make an informed decision.

Best Gas Ranges

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Here are our Gas Ranges reviews:

1. Kucht Natural Gas Range

Kucht Natural Gas Range

This Kucht natural gas range oven has a capacity of 5.2 cubic ft. enough to host your various cooking and baking adventures. The oven has one of the most traditional yet stylish designs and makes in the market, and with a stainless steel finish, you can be sure this product will last for a lifetime. This gas range uses natural gas and ensures your meals are cooked perfectly to the core, and you won’t have to worry about any uncooked or burnt edges.

This gas range has five burners on the top and a true hot air convection technology to ensure maximum flavors and heat to the meal cooked. The temperature probe is there to get you the perfect cooking temperature you want, and a warming drawer, you keep your food fresh until you are free to eat and enjoy. This warming drawer allows you to pre-cook all your meals and serve them at the right time.

The cooking range has cast-iron grates to ensure maximum heating and even transfer of heat. This oven has a blue porcelain interior, so the heat retention is maximum, and there is no damage when being subjected to high temperatures for a long time.

Why do we like it?

  • It has an electronic ignition system.
  • It has a high quality cast iron grates
  • It has a convection cooking mode
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2. Thor Kitchen Gas Range

Thor Kitchen Gas Range

This gas range can cook your meals in a snap and has a great capacity of 5.2 cubic feet. You can fit an entire turkey inside and have the perfect thanksgiving meal or any other special meal. Ideal for large family dinner preparation, this gas range poses a great and sophisticated design that will complement any kitchen type.

This product comes with six burners large enough to prepare big to small meals and spaced enough to be used all at once. This gas range is not only for home uses but also for its large size and even heating capacity; it can be used commercially. Use the six large burners and enjoy meal prep in just a matter of minutes.

All the burners ensure an even supply of gas, and the convection technology in the oven ensures your food is cooked to the core. And that opening the oven door to check the progress of the food habit? Get rid of that.

This product from Thor offers you a great viewing window to keep an eye on the progress of your food and make sure you can keep an eye and get an accurate idea of the progress. The free-standing style of this product makes it easy to be placed anywhere in the kitchen. It comes with two halogen interior bulbs to give a clear picture of what’s happening inside to offer more visibility.

Why do we like it?

  • It has six burners
  • It has an interior light and viewing glass
  • It has a two-year warranty
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3. Electrolux Gas Range

Electrolux Gas Range

Please get rid of those tedious cleaning tasks as the Electrolux gas range is here to do all the self-cleaning by itself. This oven can save you several hours by doing the cleaning job and not having you worry about extensive wiping and scraping. With an additional feature that allows the safety lock to operate, you can be sure your kid does not reach close to the oven.

This oven also has a great feature with seven cooking options. You can choose either and be sure that the results will be great. The cooking options include bake, broil, slow cook, roast, convection, convection bake, or broil and the safekeeping of food to keep it warm. Just set the automatic timer and let the oven do its job flawlessly.

This oven also makes a ping sound to alert you when your food is prepared, so you don’t have to keep a check and balance on the food and be indulged in other chores. As the food is cooked and you are getting late to take it out, don’t worry about it going cold because the auto warm feature will turn on. This gas range offers a great oven and a collection of five top ranges that are equally smart and provide heat to the best.

Why do we like it?

  • It has a child safety lock.
  • It has a dual-flame sealed burner.
  • It has a self-cleaning option.
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4. Thor Kitchen Gas Stove

Thor Kitchen Gas Stove

Did you think Thor wouldn’t take diversity into account? This 4.2 cubic feet oven from Thor is as amazing as the other models from the company, but it offers a great choice for smaller kitchens. This oven is ideal for a family of four or any once in a while using the oven.

Made in a stylish silver color and a stainless steel finish, this oven is traditional and modern at best. The interior is coated in blue porcelain so that you can enjoy enough heating inside for various hours. The professional style makes it a great pick for small kitchens as well as small-sized restaurants.

This oven comes with 4 burners at the top; all have high-quality cast-iron grates at the top. The grates are made to transfer maximum heat, and the easy control knobs do not heat no matter how long the running time. This free-standing oven can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, and you won’t have to make a lot of space for it.

With this product from Thor, you can be free from all the safety concerns as this product has an auto-ignition feature and suitable piping to prevent any gas leaks. Meeting the highest standards of quality, this product is wonderful and useful at best.

Why do we like it?

  • 22000 BTU thermal power
  • It has four burners
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • Easy to maintain and clean
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5. Samsung Slide-In Gas Range

Samsung Slide In Gas Range

Samsung has made a great name with the galaxy and note series, but that’s not the only place Samsung belongs. With great product make, customer-centered, and a thirst to innovate, Samsung has taken a great step when it comes to gas range in the kitchen. This Samsung slide in gas range is quick to heat and make your meals just as you want.

As opposed to the electric oven, this gas oven does not take time to heat up, and you won’t have to stand in the pre-heat period whenever you feel like making a meal. Talking about innovation, this product has a warming drawer. It can be your cooking partner on an extremely busy day. All you need is to set up the auto start and auto shut-off feature, and you will be greeted with a perfect meal when you come home.

Don’t worry about this gas range burning your entire kitchen as it is functional and smart, just like Samsung’s other products. It also connects to your Wi-Fi and takes your commands from far away. The Wi-Fi control feature is one of the most innovative technologies a gas oven has to witness. The large viewing window allows you to keep tabs on your food, whereas the guiding lights ensure you use the touchscreen option to click and get your desired setting.

With three powerful fans operating to cook your food to perfection, this gas range comes with 5 burners on the top. It also has a child safety lock to ensure your kid’s safety.

Why do we like it?

  • Very innovative
  • High technology
  • Easy to use
  • It has a child lock
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Gas Ranges Buyer’s Guide

To choose the best gas range for your kitchen, you need to consider various factors and make an informed choice because an investment as big as a gas range for your kitchen can cost you a lot if not made properly.


Invest in a gas range that will be sufficient for your cooking needs and complement the size of the kitchen. There is no point in consuming all that extra space in your kitchen with the huge oven you won’t even use.

Number of Burners

A greater number of burners make sure that you can operate with various meals at once. For people who love to prep whole detailed meals at home, a greater number of burners with varying BTU will be a great choice.

Additional Features

Additional features like auto shut off, Wi-Fi, auto ignition, and interior lights all make the oven more versatile and easy to use. Though these features add to the overall cost but they also bring ease into your life.