5 Best Gas Cooktops (Reviews Updated 2022)

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You have all the great collection of nonstick pans and large pots to cook the best stew, but what’s it worth if your cooktop cannot provide heat evenly. A cooktop is the start of the kitchen and everything that begins with it. You cannot ace a simple recipe with a poor-quality cooktop, let alone taking up recipes from professional cookbooks.

If you are setting up your kitchen and in the luck of reading this before purchasing a cooktop, then we have some of the best cooktops for your kitchen. And the best ones are the as cooktops as they are highly efficient, provide even heating and ensure your food cooks properly. To find the best cooktop for your kitchen, read below.

Best Gas Cooktops

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Here are our Gas Cooktops Reviews:

1. Frigidaire Gas Cooktop

Frigidaire Gas Cooktop

This is a rather smaller gas cooktop on our list, but it is fully functional when preparing high-quality and tasty meals. This product’s dimensions are 28.5 inches in width and 19.5 inches in-depth, and a perfect dimension that suits most of the kitchen. One of the fanciest and easiest to use, this cooktop has been the customer’s favorite over the years.

This cooktop has five burners, and each one of them offers great even heating power. The web-type grate structure is made up of high-quality cast iron, so your pans are heated evenly, and they don’t stain at the bottom. The grate also ensures smooth and easy transfer from one stove to another without any sliding marks.

The heating range offered by this cooktop ranges between 7 BTU to 18 BTU, and the center burner is the best when it comes to quick and smart operations. Easy to heat and quick to cook, these burners will reduce the cooking time by almost half. The control knobs are very strong and have a metallic coating; however, few customers complain about the knob’s coat fading away with time.

The best part about this product is that with something so functional and great, it offers an astonishingly low price, and you don’t have to worry about your burner taking up lots of space as it is super compact. The one-year warranty is another reason you should give this product a try, although a complaint is less likely to occur.

Why do we like it?

  • Storage effective
  • Practical for everyday use
  • High quality
  • Heavy duty and compact
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2. Empava Gas Cooktop

Empava Gas Cooktop

Is this a cooktop from Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen? The perfect design, color, make, model, and everything that is commendable about this cooktop. It is one of the prettiest collections on our list, and it is not just that.

The top 5 burners are greatly spaced for maximum functionality, and there is no doubt that you can use all five of them all at once and not experience a single lack in gas pressure and heating power. With grates that are so beautifully designed, this model is sophisticated at best. It can work with natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to provide you delicious and quick meals.

This well-known brand has raised the bar for gas cooktops with this product. The heavy-duty control knobs ensure you have a proper hold over the cooking process and not worry about knobs being overheated during the cooking. This unit’s average heating power is 12 BTU, which is great for cooking fast to extensive meals and cook them evenly.

The smooth and shiny finish makes the cleaning super easy as it does not retain any harmful spots and spillages. However, some users have complained about the poor heating by the side burners, but some are actually pleased with the entire product.

Why do we like it?

  • Very stylish
  • Super easy and controlled knobs
  • Offers an ideal heating range
  • Easy to clean
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3. Deli Kit Gas Cooktop

Deli Kit Gas Cooktop

Isn’t this product the ideal choice for every kitchen? This 30-inch gas cooktop can beautifully grace all kitchens, from small to medium to large and even commercial-sized kitchens.  It has five different burners in four different sizes to provide versatility and flexibility to the best.

One burner has triple ring features that ensure quick heating, so you don’t have to waste time for the stove to heat up during chilly mornings when everyone is late for work and school. The three semi-rapid burners and two burners with 5 BTU are great for basic everyday use. This gas cooktop’s lowest power is 3 BTU, which is there to make your slow cooking and simmering process a breeze.

You don’t have to worry about heating or to burn your food or even leaving your food raw because you can find a heat level suitable for every dish type. The stainless steel finish further ensures you don’t face corrosion or rust with time. The control knobs are placed at the front not to reach and play with the dangerous cooking equipment.

Just use a dry cloth with some glass cleaner and enjoy clean and as good as a new gas cooktop every day in your kitchen. It can work both with natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas greatly.

Why do we like it?

  • The design is very attractive.
  • It offers a wide range of heating range
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not rust or corrode with time.
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4. Bosch Gas Cooktop

Bosch Gas Cooktop

Your tiny kitchen needs tiny things, but tiny does not have to be bad quality. This cooktop especially designed for compact spaces, is a great example of how little spaces can be worked out in the best way. This cooktop has a width of 28 inches and a depth of 21.5 inches. This product comprises high-quality stainless steel, so it does not rot or rust over time.

Not the knobs, which are made up of heavy-duty, high-quality metal and can be removed so that you can toss them in the dishwasher for a great friendly wash.  This cooktop has 5 great burners ranging from 5 BTU to 18 BTU. The center burner offers the greatest heat and is there to make your large family-sized dinners.

The burners are evenly spaced, so you don’t have pans and pots suffocating each other and burning the handles when used all together. This product offers many ideal features and should be discussed, but one of the greatest features is its versatility. You can rely on this product for high-quality and evenly cooked meals.

A great pick for your new kitchen, this cooktop will complement any theme type and color, and you can easily use the knobs to adjust the temperatures. The one-year warranty also makes sure you get the maximum satisfaction out of this product.

Why do we like it?

  • It has a strong build and versatile design
  • It offers five stoves
  • Compact and functional
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5. GE Gas Cooktop

Ge Gas Cooktop

Who considers aesthetics when it comes to gas cooktops? The only important thing is that whether it does the job well or not. With the GE 30 inches gas cooktop, you don’t have to worry about setting for a mediocre-looking cooktop in your kitchen. This product is not only great in functionality but also offers an amazing design.

With four burners, each offering varying thermal power, this cooktop offers a heating range from 15 BTU to 5 BTU. You can rely on everyday simple omelet to restaurant-style recipes, and the burners won’t disappoint you. The great space burners allow you to operate all stoves at once, and you place anything from small pans to large pots all at once.

The grate on the top of the burner is made up of high-quality heavy cast iron, and you can be stressed-free that not only adds to the aesthetic purposes but also provides great strength to the entire burner. You can easily slide your pans from one burner to another, and the smart network of cast iron grates will help you do so.  The knobs with this cooktop are dishwasher friendly, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing them manually.

Also, the deep-set pan ensures you catch all the spills and have a wonderful cleaning process with this cooktop.

Why do we like it?

  • Stylish and highly functional
  • High-quality cooktop
  • Can operate on various heating capacities
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Gas Cooktops Buyer’s Guide

A gas Cooktops is one of the wisest and safest investments you can make for your kitchen. While you could be fretting over your electric burners, someone might be having the time of their life in the kitchen. Gas burners can turn the cooking process easy and hassle-free, although few factors look out for before picking out your gas burner.

Number of Burners

Predict the number of burners your kitchen needs and predict the maximum number. The greater, the better, but don’t buy a burner too large that won’t even be used in years.


The burner’s power ensures how quickly and effectively you can cook a variety of foods on your burner. Also, the range is an important factor as it ensures you can play with slow simmer to fast on heat cooking.


The size of the burner you are choosing depends on two factors; the space in your kitchen and the usage of the burner you have. Don’t waste extra space with an extra-large burner.


A gas cooktop’s safety features include an automated shutoff, knobs on the back or side that are out of reach of small children, and a hot surface warning display.