5 Best Frozen Meatballs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Is there a home kitchen that is complete without meatballs being a part of their dinner every once in a while? Meatballs are not only tasty and provide endless options; they also serve as a great source of protein and fats. A meal that kids equally enjoy to adults, frozen meatballs can take the effort out of your dinner and provide you something delicious and healthy in just a few minutes.

And when you think frozen meals are not healthy and tasty, our choice of best-frozen meatballs for your kitchen is not only full-on natural beef and nutrients but also seasoned so well. You can find the most suitable frozen meatballs for your kitchen with the buyer’s guide too.

Best Frozen Meatballs

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Here are our frozen meatball reviews:

1. Rosina Italian Meatballs

Rosina Italian Meatballs

The Rosina Italian meatballs contain a taste that will leave you craving for more for all the meatball lovers. This pack of 26 ounces is a great start on your grocery list. The meatballs are not only seasoned well with the rich Italian flavors, but they also are very healthy and made with all-natural ingredients.

The three proteins included in these meatballs are chicken, pork, and beef, and all of them are added to mix in a ratio that will give you a flavor of a variety of protein and ensure that you enjoy a perfect bowl of meatballs in meatball sauce. You can make meatball subs, meatball pizza, add them on the top of spaghetti, layer them in lasagna or even enjoy with the red tomato sauce. The portion size is enough to make for several small family meals or even a large dish for a feast.

And the ingredients in these meatballs are not only meat but also a great crispy portion of breadcrumbs to add the crisp and texture and Romano cheese to enhance the flavor. You can now get restaurant-quality meatballs in your kitchen, and people will be amazed at the quality of food on your table. Just cook them in the microwave for few minutes or even bake for a better taste.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy and time-saving
  • Extremely tasty
  • All-natural ingredients
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2. Carando Abruzzese Italian Style Frozen Meatballs

Carando Abruzzese Italian Style Frozen Meatballs

Just because the name sounds complex does not mean the entire process has to be. Hundreds of people eat these restaurant-style frozen meatballs all around the USA, and they still consider this item a must-have in their grocery lists. The delicious pork is the winner in this frozen meatballs pack, and to further lock in the flavor; you will get a great combination of herbs and cheese.

Other than the fantastic flavor, this product is also very rich in protein. With each portion size, you will get 19 grams of protein enough to make up for a healthy diet. Many fitness trainers and gym enthusiasts consider these meatballs an essential part of their diet too.

These meatballs are totally raw, which means they will take a little more time to cook, but this opens a wide range of options for you to choose from; you can also manage and alter the spice and seasoning level bake them, fry them, or whatever you want. We have heard they are a perfect combination with spaghetti too.

The classic Italian flavor will never let you down and once you prepare these restaurant-quality meatballs for dinner, get ready to enjoy praises all day.

Why do we like it?

  • Very tasty
  • Well preserved and fresh
  • Seasoned well
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3. Nestle Stouffers Frozen Meatballs

Nestle Stouffers Frozen Meatballs

These meatballs are pre-made and added with the right source of protein and healthy nutrients. They are made from beef and pork in a ratio that provides health, taste, required protein size as well as a wonderful dish on your dinner table. The specialty of these frozen meatballs is that they are made with Swedish flavors.

If you are a fan of original Swedish cuisine and enjoy Swedish flavors for your palate, this product is a great purchase. The best part about this frozen dish is that they do not come dry and with a savory gravy to bless and enhance the taste further. This ideal protein source can fill your tummy with lots of love and flavors and ensure a balanced and nutritious diet for the entire family.

These Swedish meatballs have a tender and moist texture which will be ideal for your meatball sub, spaghetti, pizzas, or even meatballs in red sauce. The hint of onion also makes this entire product a great pick for your kitchen. With the right amount of seasoning and savory gravy, there is no need to add extra spices, although you can if you want to increase the spice level.

Why do we like it?

  • It is kosher certified.
  • It does not contain MSG.
  • It comes with gravy.
  • Well-seasoned
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4. Mediterranean Meatballs

Mediterranean Meatballs

Aren’t Mediterranean flavors the best? These meatballs will take your taste buds on a journey to various cuisines at once, and you enjoy a burst of flavors and health all in a single bite. With the taste of Balkans, the Middle East, and Turkey, you get original meatballs, aka Kofte, on your plate, and your guests will be excited with the choice of dish you have put on the dinner table.

Made from 100% natural and healthy beef, these frozen meatballs blend natural and carefully selected spices to bring a great flavor directly to your palate. With no trace of MSG or artificial additives added to this product, these meatballs are tasty yet full of nutrition. The protein content in these meatballs can make up a healthy diet.

These frozen meatballs come uncooked, so you will have to give them the proper time to get a tasty full meal. Also, it is recommended to cook these meatballs over a gas or coal grill for the infusion of maximum flavors. However, it is just a recommendation, and you can cook them or even bake them as you want.

Low on calories and high on protein these meatballs will serve your taste buds a blend of exotic flavors are; truth be told, they are hard to resists. And yet, the best part about these meatballs remains that they are obtained from 100% grass-fed cows, so it is a great pick for people who are concerned about the quality of meat they are having.

Why do we like it?

  • Great Mediterranean flavor
  • Tasty and easy to cook
  • No MSG
  • Free from additives
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5. Midamar Beef Meatballs

Midamar Beef Meatballs

As a major concern for many religious people, meatballs are a meal that is enjoyed by various cultures but being Halal is like a dream come true. Midamar has been known to supply halal meat to various parts of the world, and this adds to their halal meat family is a great pick. Made from 100% Midwestern, 80% lean beef, this pack of meatballs is 100% halal.

The Italian seasoning in these meatballs poses a great taste to enjoy the exotic flavors and give your taste buds a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. You can enjoy them with various dishes, whether it be pizza, spaghetti, pasta or directly with a meatball sauce. You can also enjoy them with rice as they pair well with any dish you like.

These pre-cooked meatballs are frozen and made to be ready in just a few minutes. They have a great shelf life (frozen), and this allows you to get fresh and new tastes whenever you take them out to have a great dinner in just a few minutes. According to the manufacturers, they only need 20 minutes tops to be cooked and served on your plate.

Low on calories, these meatballs offer only 180 calories per servings and 13 grams of protein to cover up most of your protein daily needs. They are small and tasty and loved by various customers globally.

Why do we like it?

  • 100% Halal
  • Seasoned with Italian flavors
  • Tasty and flavorful
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Frozen Meatball Buyer’s Guide

Sure, you must be craving for a nice and hot serving of meatballs now, and this is justified. Meatballs are one of the most widely enjoyed and consumed dishes, but making them to perfection is tricky. With the right choice of frozen meatballs, you can obtain tasty flavors and nutrition all in one.


By ingredients, we don’t only mean the spices and seasoning but also the choice of meat to make up the meatballs. For a perfect portion of meatballs, they are rich in protein, and now the choice of protein depends on your taste. Most meatballs are made with a blend of different proteins, but some have only one protein source.


Certifications on a meatball pack depend on the type of meal you are looking for. Most people look for kosher-certified meals, while some religious people are concerned about whether the product is halal or not. It is mentioned on the pack, and if the product is MSG-free, you can get that on the pack.

Nutritional Value

Just because a frozen meatball makes your cooking process easier does not mean you should forget about the nutritional value. A meatball is a rich source of protein only if made with the right protein to seasonings ratio. Check for the nutritional value before investing in a pack of frozen meatballs.