5 Best Frozen Chicken Nuggets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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We all tend to scream ‘junk food’ when chicken nuggets are mentioned. But to be sincere, no one can resist a bowl of delicious chicken nuggets. No matter how old you are, you probably have a soft spot for chicken nuggets. We all do. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, nothing tastes better than quality chicken nuggets. When you can’t get them freshly baked from McDonald’s, frozen chicken nuggets are right there for you.

The freezer section of the supermarket is usually stocked up with a variety of frozen chicken nuggets brands. Is selecting the best ones always easy? To be candid, it really isn’t. To give you the upper hand when next you go shopping, we have compiled five of the best frozen chicken nuggets. Kindly read the reviews and make an outstanding choice.

Best Frozen Chicken Nuggets

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1. Tyson Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Tyson Frozen Chicken Nuggets

The Tyson Frozen Chicken Nuggets are fully cooked. These nuggets are made with all-natural chicken without the use of artificial ingredients. More so, no preservatives are included in its preparation. Tyson chicken nuggets are breaded with whole wheat flour and seasoned perfectly. Every bite is delicious, and the flavor is addictive. It comes frozen, and the heating directions are printed on the bag. You can either microwave it or air dry it. Either way, you will get the best flavors.

The Tyson Frozen Chicken Nuggets come in a 32-oz (2-lb) re-sealable bag. Each bag offers about 10 servings at 5 pieces per serving. The total fat in every 5 pieces is 17g, saturated fat stands at 4g, and cholesterol is 40mg. Each serving also contains 15g of carbohydrate, 14g of protein, and 470mg of sodium. The Tyson Chicken Nuggets are minimally processed and go well with dips.

Why do we like it?

  • No antibiotics
  • Zero trans fat
  • Contains no hormones or steroids.
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2. Applegate Natural Chicken Nuggets

Applegate Natural Chicken Nuggets

All the ingredients used in making the Applegate frozen chicken nuggets are Non-GMO. These chicken nuggets are purely made with only white meat chicken and fully cooked.  The chickens used are humanely raised without antibiotics. The flavor is amazing, and the taste will make you come back for more. Kids love these chicken nuggets, so do adults. Applegate chicken nuggets come frozen and should be stored frozen to keep them in good quality for longer. Luckily, chemical nitrites and nitrates are completely excluded during production.

The Applegate frozen chicken nuggets come in a 16-oz (1-lb) re-sealable bag. The heating directions are printed on the bag for easy access. About 5 servings can be gotten from each bag when served at 6 nuggets per serving. Each serving contains 9g of total fat and 35mg of cholesterol. The total carbohydrate content stands at 14g, and the sodium content is 340mg per serving. Applegate frozen breakfast nuggets also contain 12g of protein per serving.

Why do we like it?

  • Casein-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Microwavable
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3. Earth’s Best Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Earth's Best Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Your kids will love the delicious taste of the Earth’s Best Frozen Chicken Nuggets. As long as they are 2years old and above, this chicken nuggets are safe and healthy for them. All-white meat chicken is used in making these chicken nuggets. Remarkably, the chickens used are raised without antibiotics, steroids, and hormones. Non-GMO whole wheat flour is used for breading these chicken nuggets. The flavor might get them addicted, but you don’t have to be worried. These nuggets contain calcium, iron, and potassium.

The Earth’s Best Chicken Nuggets come in a 1-lb (16-oz) packet. Each packet offers about 8 servings at 4 nuggets per serving. 140 calories, 9g of fat, and 160mg of sodium are contained per serving. The protein content of every 4 pieces stands at 6g, and the cholesterol level is 25 mg per serving.

Why do we like it?

  • Great taste
  • No artificial flavors
  • Zero trans fat
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4. Bell & Evans Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

Bell & Evans Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

For gluten-free chicken nuggets, we recommend the Bell & Evans Frozen Chicken Nuggets. These chicken nuggets are breaded with rice flour and yellow corn flour. More so, it is flash-fried in organic expeller pressed soybean oil. Note that this chicken breasts nuggets are uncooked and should be cooked to an internal temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives you the flexibility to either bake or pan-fry it. No preservatives, no artificial flavoring, and no fillers are used in its production. We highly recommend this brand of chicken nuggets as it is cleaner, more attractive, and very tasty.

The Bell & Evans Frozen Chicken Nuggets come in a 12-oz packet and offer about 3 servings. Each serving contains 190 calories, 7g of total fat, and 50mg of cholesterol. 20g of protein, 13g of total carbs, and 470mg of sodium are also contained in each serving.

Why do we like it?

  • 100% Air chilled
  • No antibiotics
  • Contains vitamin A
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5. Banquet Frozen Chicken Nuggets

Banquet Frozen Chicken Nuggets

The Banquet chicken nuggets is perfect for dinner. It is made from 100% natural chicken and is minimally processed. No preservatives, artificial coloring, and flavors are added during production. Their chicken nuggets can be ready in 55-seconds if microwaved and 10-minutes if baked. The taste it offers is impressive as it is breaded with wheat flour and fried in vegetable oil.

The Banquet frozen chicken nuggets come in a 32-oz (2-lbs) bag and offer about 10 servings per bag. Every 5 nuggets contain 220 calories, 12g of total fat, and 50mg of cholesterol. Sodium content stands at 540mg per serving. More so, the total carbohydrate content for each serving is 15g, and the protein content is 11g. Note that the Banquet chicken nuggets contain soy.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to prepare
  • Safe for kids
  • Contains no trans fat
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Frozen Chicken Nuggets Buyer’s Guide

Most foods are frozen to keep them fresh for longer. For example, you will find frozen bagels that can be heated and taken as lunch. More so, there are also frozen beef stews that can be used to make delicious meals. If you love frozen chicken nuggets and frozen apple pies, you will require a functioning microwave toaster oven combo on your countertop. But then, most importantly, read our buyer’s guide below for tips on purchasing the best frozen chicken nuggets.

Sodium content

Just like frozen meatballs, most packaged chicken nuggets contain so much sodium. This is intentionally done to give it longer shelf life. However, there are a few ones that have a lower sodium content. We recommend that you go for these types. The best-frozen chicken nuggets should not contain more than 500mg of sodium per serving.

Meat Quality

Farm-raised chickens tend to have high-quality meat. The quality of the meat is also enhanced when the chicken is all-natural. All-natural in the sense that no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids were used to raise the chicken. The best frozen chicken nuggets are usually made with white meat chicken and not chicken by-products. The quality of the meat used matters a lot. The taste and flavors of the best frozen chicken nuggets depend so much on this.


To be straightforward, the best frozen chicken nuggets should be made with whole-grain ingredients. When shopping, pay attention to this detail and select ones that have the breading made of whole wheat flour, whole corn, or a starchy vegetable like potatoes.

Baked vs. Fried

Baked chicken nuggets contain a lesser amount of fat when compared to fried chicken nuggets. The best frozen chicken nuggets are always baked. If you are watching your weight, it is important to pay attention to this detail. Individuals on a low-fat diet should preferably stick to baked chicken nuggets.