5 Best Frozen Burritos (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Frozen burritos might not be on a dietician’s list of very healthy snacks. However, the taste of a nicely prepared burrito can feel like heaven on earth. In the absence of freshly made burritos, the best frozen burritos can offer you great taste and flavors. Frozen burritos differ in size, quality of ingredients, nutritional value, flavours and even texture.

Not all frozen burritos are created equal. There are hundreds of frozen burrito brands available on the market, and choosing the best ones can be quite tricky.  We have done extensive research and have compiled five (5) of the best frozen burritos. Kindly read the reviews below.

Best Frozen Burritos

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1. 365 by WFM Bean and Rice Burrito

365 By Wfm Bean And Rice Burrito

If you love a quick bite at any time of the day, we recommend the 365 Bean and Rice Burrito. The flavour of this frozen burrito after warming it up is awesome. You can choose to eat it with salsa or any dip of your choice, but it tastes just fine when eaten on its own. However, extreme care should be taken when microwaving the 365 beans and rice burrito. The tortilla wrap is thinner and tends to tear if handled carelessly. More so, it is essential that you keep it frozen if you are not eating it yet.

The 365 Bean and Rice Burrito comes in a 6-oz (170g) packet and contains 260 calories. The amount of total fat per packet stands at 7g, and it has 1g of saturated fat present. For individuals with high blood pressure, it is important to note that this burrito contains about 490mg of sodium per 6-oz. With 43g of total carbohydrate, 4g of dietary fibre and 8g of protein, this burrito will keep you going all through the day.

Why do we like it?

  • Zero trans fat
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Contains no cholesterol
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2. Evol Chicken Bean and Rice Burrito

Evol Chicken Bean And Rice Burrito

The Evol Chicken, Bean and Rice Burrito are made from fresh ingredients. We particularly like the fact that it can be prepared in minutes. Simply take it out of your freezer and toss it into the microwave. The chicken used to make this burrito is specially raised in North America and completely antibiotic-free. The flavour you’ll be getting from each packet of the Evol frozen burrito is just incredible. For individuals with allergies, it is important to note that this frozen burrito contains milk and wheat.

The Evol Chicken, Bean and Rice Burrito comes in a 6-oz packet and contains 350 calories. Additionally, each packet offers you 9g of total fat, 49g of total carbohydrate, 4g of dietary fibre and 3g of sugar. In addition, the Evol frozen burrito contains about 25g of cholesterol and 290mg of sodium. Luckily, each packet contains minerals and vitamins, including calcium, iron, vitamin A and C.

Why do we like it?

  • Very delicious
  • Made with simple ingredients
  • Long shelf life
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3. El Monterey Beef and Bean Burritos

El Monterey Beef And Bean Burritos

If you always want to offer your family good food, you should go with the El Monterey Beef and Bean Burrito. It comes in a family pack that contains 8 delicious frozen burritos. The taste each burrito offers is amazing. This is due to the real and fresh ingredients used in making it. The major ingredients include enriched wheat flour, beef, beans, vegetable oil and a little bit of textured vegetable protein, food starch, spices and soy sauce, amongst others.

Interestingly, these burritos do not contain any trans-fat but contain about 15mg of cholesterol. Each burrito offers you 310 calories, 14g of total fat, 35g of total carbohydrate, 2g of dietary fibre and 1g of sugar. More so, it contains 330mg of sodium, 5g is saturated fat and 9g of protein

The El Monterey frozen burrito takes only about 1-minute 15-seconds to be ready when heated in a microwave. If you have an oven, you will have to preheat it to about 375 degrees Fahrenheit before placing these burritos in them.

Why do we like it?

  • Perfect for dinner
  • Freshly baked tortilla wraps
  • Cooking instruction is printed on the pack
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4. Amy’s Frozen Bean & Rice Burrito

Amy's Frozen Bean & Rice Burrito

If you aim for a gluten-free burrito, we recommend the Amy’s Frozen Bean & Rice Burrito for you. This burrito is made from scratch and is very satisfying. The best ingredients are used in making Amy’s frozen burrito. These ingredients include organic pinto beans, organic brown rice, expeller pressed high oleic safflower oil, sea salt, organic onions, bell peppers and cane sugar, amongst others. We are impressed with the fact that all the ingredients are healthy and organic. Amy’s frozen burrito is the best for individuals with allergies. It is soy-free, tree nut-free and non-dairy.

Amy’s Frozen Burrito comes in a 5.5-oz (156g) packet. This packet contains 300 calories and about 560mg of sodium. Additionally, it contains 8g of total fat, 50g of total carbohydrate, 5g of dietary fibre and 4g of sugars. About 8g of protein is also present in each packet, together with a lot of minerals and vitamins for nourishment.

Why do we like it?

  • Certified kosher
  • Plant-based
  • Non-GMO ingredients
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5. Alpha Foods Burrito

Alpha Foods Burrito

The Alpha Foods Frozen Burrito is purely plant-based and 100% meatless. Vegans and vegetarians will love this burrito. The taste is exceptional when eaten alone and can be very nice when eaten with a hot sauce. Unlike most plant-based burritos that tend to be bland, this frozen burrito is very flavourful. We highly recommend the Alpha frozen burrito if you want a delicious snack at an affordable price. Interestingly, all the ingredients are Non-GMO project verified. The filling is wrapped in a tortilla shell and contains no dairy or palm oil.

The Alpha Foods Frozen Burrito comes in a pack of 12 and sports four different flavours. Each 5-oz packet is packed with essential vitamins and minerals and about 9g of protein. Simply toss your favourite flavour into the microwave, and it is ready to eat in 2 minutes. To keep it fresher for longer, ensure that you keep it frozen until you are ready to eat it.

Why do we like it?

  • Zero cholesterol
  • Long shelf life
  • Perfect for breakfast
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Frozen Burritos Buyer’s Guide

You can ultimately get the best frozen burritos from your freezer to your plate in minutes. You’ll need the best stainless steel microwave to achieve that.  If you have an over the range microwave, convection microwave or a small microwave under $100, you’ll still get your frozen burritos ready in time. The taste and flavour you’ll get solely depend on the type of frozen burrito you buy. Read our buyer’s guide below for major things to consider when aiming for the best frozen burritos.


The size of the best frozen burrito you’re about to buy matters a lot. You’ll find them in sizes ranging from 5-oz to as large as 10-oz. One very important thing to remember is that the larger the size of the frozen burrito, the higher the calories, sodium and fat levels. They go hand in hand.


The sodium levels in some frozen burritos can be insanely high. The best frozen burritos to go for should not exceed 500mg. Depending on your health, it is always advisable to read the nutritional label on the pack of the frozen burrito you are about to pay for. We recommend that you go for ones with lower amounts.


You should always aim for a nutrient balance when buying frozen burritos. Fillings in the best frozen burritos include meat, vegetables and beans. If you’re vegan, there’s a certainty that you’ll find the best frozen burritos for vegans that don’t contain meat.