Best Food Coloring

5 Best Food Coloring (Reviews Updated 2021)

Would you like to eat a cherry cake which is pale in color? Let’s face it, a neon yellow frosted sunflower cupcake looks incredible and none less than a real sunflower. Food colorings make the food appealing, and you can devour it with your eyes. Humans associate colors with reality, so drinking a mango smoothie in blue cannot be easily accepted. Colors have always played a vital role in the food industry, and today they are used everywhere, like commercial bakeries and by home bakers. The best food coloring enhances the look and the beauty without fading or darkening.

The food colors have a central place in most recipes. You will not like to eat a velvet cake if it is not velvety red. They occupy an important position in every kitchen but should be chosen carefully. We are mentioning the top five food colors so that you can choose accordingly.

Best Food Coloring

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1. U.S. Cake Supply Food Coloring

U.s. Cake Supply Food Coloring

Are you fond of bright and colorful foods? The U.S. Cake Supply food colors are of supreme quality, and you will get various options like burgundy, wine, forest green, fuchsia, lime yellow, rose, peach, and so much more. The best food coloring will allow you to unleash the artist in you, and you can make your own shades by combining the various options.

These are gel-based color and are bleed resistant, providing you weep-less performance. They will work well with icing as well as cake batter. They are good enough to be used in the fondant and work really well at all temperatures.

Why do we like it?

  • The food colors are certified kosher
  • They are anti-freeze and bleed-resistant
  • They come with flip-top lids on the bottles
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2. Wilton Food Coloring

Wilton Food Coloring

Do you like neon and bold colors? Or do you design cakes for weddings and Christening? The Wilton food colors will be an ideal choice as they are the wonderful pastel colors available in the market. They will surely overpower your needs and give you the desired thing you are looking for. You will get numerous color choices, and they are available in small sizes. One bottle is 0.3 ounces, and vibrant colors like Pink Rosa, Yellow Amarillo, Green Verde, and Blue Azul are available.

These colors are wonderful and will add a touch of elegance and class to all your food items. If you love baking, they should definitely be in your pantry, and they will become your favorite colors in no time.

Why do we like it?

  • The colors are highly concentrated
  • Come in easy to use convenient bottles
  • They are made from high-quality ingredients
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3. AmeriColor Food Coloring

Americolor Food Coloring

Is baking your passion? You should trust on the Americolor food colorings to perform well and excel in your baking game. You will get a huge collection with this purchase and sufficient quality to use it for years to come. If you run a bakery, they will be the ideal choice as you will get a remarkable quality in a competitive price range. The colors mix really well and are made from high-quality ingredients. They are totally safe for consumption and do not weep.

A little goes a long way, and the colors age well. The best food coloring do not have much flavor and are available in easy squeezy bottles.

Why do we like it?

  • The colors have a smooth consistency and least amount of flavor
  • The mixability is great
  • They are certified kosher and made in the USA
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4. Watkins Food Coloring

Watkins Food Coloring

If you don’t consume food coloring due to the risk of being artificial and unhealthy, the Watkinns colors are here to give you the pleasure of eating delicious foods. They are assorted food colorings made from natural materials. There is no artificial color used, and each of them is made from pure vegetables, fruit juice, and spices. They are the right options for health-conscious people. Get ready to eat pink macaroons what is hundred percent food safe.

Each color is free from artificial dyes and is gluten-free. You can consume it without any worries as it is completely safe for gluten intolerant people. These are the best food coloring bottles and will last long in your shelf!

Why do you like it?

  • They are crafted in the USA.
  • They are organic and made from pure vegetable and fruit juices
  • They are FD&C Dye-free
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5. Chefmaster Food Coloring

Chefmaster Food Coloring

Are you tired of food colors that give a patchy appearance? Go for the Chefmaster colors as they are vibrant, catchy, and easy to mix. They are bleed resistant and will give your food a smooth and consistent color. They are made from high-quality ingredients and belong to the professional grade of colors. These are liquid-gel based colors and will give you the desired shade you want.

You can use all products, such as burger buns, pancakes, icing, fondant, and cake batter. They easily suit every man’s needs and are made from high-quality ingredients.

Why do we like it?

  • They have an easy to blend formula
  • They are certified kosher
  • Liquid-gel texture makes them ideal for smoothies, shakes, and bakes.
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Food Coloring Buyer’s Guide

Food coloring is fun. It adds feeling to the food and makes it visually appealing. We all connect with certain colors; for example, whenever we see the color green environment comes to mind. The ocean and sky sit in our sights when we think blue. Similarly, with foods, you can distinguish between the flavor and taste just by seeing its color. Food colors are widely used in the industry because they might bring a certain flavor and color. You will not enjoy a strawberry shake if it is not pink; therefore, the relation of the colors and food will never weaken.

Purchasing the best food coloring is essential for maintaining quality. You will always want your color to mix well with whatever you are trying to cook. It should have a mild taste, accurate color, and has to be as humanly as possible. Below we are mentioning the things you should look for before purchasing food colors.

Gel or liquid?

You should always pick a desirable color depending on what recipe you will use it in. If you are going to work with just the drinks, liquid-based colors will be alright, but if you have multiple uses, the gel colors work the best in terms of ease of use and mixability. The regular colors are not easy to mix and might weep. However, soft gel-based colors mix evenly in foods like doughs, batters, and icings without splitting or separating.

As compared to liquid colors, the gel-based ones are easy to use and measure. You can get a brighter, dull, or any accurate shade that you desire in your recipe. These colors have the mixability as the top quality.

Taste or No taste?

Make sure your food coloring substance does not have any taste. Most of the market options have a milder taste, and it is not a good thing. The taste of the colors can be easily detected in icings and other food items. Especially with red food coloring, it always happens, and you tend to get an artificial taste that is quite strong.

It is important to buy the right food colors which have no taste. Always consider trusted brands so that you get the right performance and desired color. It is acceptable if there is some flavor, but it should not be overwhelming.


Ingredients and safety

The food coloring that you purchase for your recipes should be 100% safe for consumption. It should have high-quality ingredients and should be certified. You should always check for the label and avoid it if you have a certain food allergy. Producing good quality colors will ensure that your recipe remains healthy and is not harmful in the long run.

It is better to go for organic colors made from beetroot, tamarind, spinach, paprika, and more. Otherwise, you can go for organic, kosher, and certified vegan food colorings as they tend to have high-quality ingredients.

Size matters

You should always pick your food coloring depending on how often you will use them. It is advisable to purchase small-sized bottles so that the freshness is maintained. This way, you will be able to work with their expiry date and finish the product soon. You can pick 0.3-ounce bottles of best food coloring, and they will last you for 2 to 3 uses.

However, if you are a baker or use food coloring constantly, you can pick a larger size. Ensure you keep it safe, do not contaminate it with fingers and packet tightly after every use.

Ease of use

If you are new to baking and using food coloring, it is advisable to go for the colors which are easy to use. If you are a novice, it should be easy for you to use gel food coloring. These colors are convenient to use and mix easily. They come in pots or squeezy bottles, and you can pick the amount that you want. They will allow you to get a closer shade and are quite easy to work with.

The best food coloring offers greater mixability as compare to liquid and powder forms. They will blend homogeneously, and you can be more precise with the tone of color you actually want to use.