Best Espresso Cups

5 Best Espresso Cups (Reviews Updated 2021)

If you want to enjoy your espresso as well as you should, you need a cup that is perfectly suited to achieve that. The best espresso cups are designed to provide coffee drinkers with sturdy handles and a perfect insulation feature to preserve temperature for a significant time period.  Espresso cups come in different shapes and build materials. We have cups constructed with glass, plastic, ceramics, and stainless steel. Suffice to say that these materials provide users with durability and comfort.

Buying espresso cups for your coffee is easy but finding a good quality cup is where the challenge lies. But fear not, as we have scanned the internet on your behalf to find you five of the best espresso cups, all sold at affordable prices.

Best Espresso Cups

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1. JoyJolt Savor Double Wall Espresso Mugs

Joyjolt Savor Double Wall Espresso Mugs

JoyJolt is a handmade espresso set with 2 mugs in a single package. Each mug can contain 5.4 ounces of coffee. JoyJolt is handmade with a double-walled thermal feature to preserve the temperature of your coffee as you slowly sip it from time to time. The mug has a very unique curvature and is made of glass. The glassy nature of JoyJolt allows you to see through the mug. It also has an attractive optical feature that is quite pleasing to the eye.

In terms of durability, this mug will last you for a very long time because it is made with heat and condensation-resistant glass made of borosilicate. You don’t need a coaster to protect your furniture because evaporation will not occur.  The handle is also specially designed to stay cool for easy handling during your drinking sessions.

This lead-free mug is suitable for all beverage types like espresso, cappuccino, tea, and fruit drinks. JoyJolt is easy to wash, and it will not lose color. It is a great addition to your cutlery collection.

Why do we like it?

  • Arrives in an elegant box
  • Suited for domestic and commercial use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sturdy base
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2. DLux Espresso Coffee Cups

Dlux Espresso Coffee Cups

DLux double-walled cup is another cup to make our review list. This cup is constructed with borosilicate insulated glassware for premium user comfort. You can enhance your espresso experience using this piece of glassware that is light on the hand and perfectly shaped for your lips. DLux is handcrafted using high-quality glass mixed with safe industrial materials for extra durability. Its sleek, sophisticated and elegant structure makes it one of the best espresso cups for home and office use.

DLux will blend well with other utensils in your collection. It is also lightweight and scratch-resistant. This makes it very easy to clean, even with a dishwasher. You can also use a metallic sponge or cleaning material to remove stuck particles and not have to worry about ruining the shape or outlook.

We also like the fact that you can use it in your microwave, but it will not crack. Its rugged structure allows it to sustain maximum heat without cracking or warping. We recommend this espresso cup because it will last you for a very long time before the need arises to seek a replacement.

Why do we like it?

  • Suited for all beverage types, not just espresso
  • A temperature preserver
  • Elegant design
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3. Youngever 2 Pack Glass Mugs

Youngever 2 Pack Glass Mugs

Youngever Espresso 5.5 ounce mugs keep your coffee warm or cold for a considerable period after brewing it. This cup has a chic and modern look, so it also serves as decorative hardware for your dining table. Youngever is ideal for cafes, pubs, restaurants, offices, and homes. If you drink espresso coffee or any other beverage regularly, you want a mug that offers you comfort and style. This mug is just the right one for you. Youngever is made of double-walled glass for greater insulation. It does not condense neither does the handle heat up when you pour your hot espresso coffee into it.

Each set comes with two mugs, so you may choose to interchange them to preserve their shape or to keep one away for the future. If you live in a household, you can also share one other cup with your loved one. Youngever is a perfect gift for that loved one who deserves a gift from you.

This 1 shot espresso cup is ideal for cappuccinos, macchiatos, tea of all types, cold drinks, and ice creams. It is affordable and offers long-lasting value.

Why do we like it?

  • Top-quality mugs
  • Leade-free
  • Lightweight
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4. Stoiva Double Wall Espresso Insulated Cups

Stoiva Double Wall Espresso Insulated Cups

If you want to buy cups for your home, wouldn’t you want to buy the best espresso cups that will improve the appearance of your home and impress your guests when they come around? If that is what you seek, Stoiva is just what your home needs. This cup is the perfect fit for your coffee maker and espresso machine. This cup has a capacity of 5oz with an aesthetic yet functional handle. The double-walled construction keeps your coffee hot for as long as possible. Its borosilicate glass material is also one of the best we have seen.

It doesn’t matter the type of espresso machine you have in your home or office. Diva, Delonghi, Nespresso, or Breville; this cup will fit right into the machine perfectly, thereby ensuring that you do not lose any single drop of your coffee. The double-layer construction also creates an illusive state and makes it seem like your coffee is floating in the cup.

Stoiva is easy to hold because of its lightweight. It has a strong base that prevents cracks just in case you accidentally drop it too hard on your table.

Why do we like it?

  • A versatile glassware
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Stackable
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5. Bruntmor Espresso Cups

Bruntmor Espresso Cups

We decided to include this set by Bruntmor among our review list of the best Espresso Cups for several reasons. To begin with, Bruntmor is very functional and versatile. The manufacturer has certainly placed the comfort of the user as a number one priority. This set contains 4 pieces of 4-ounce cups with 4 saucers. The cups and saucers are lead and cadmium-free. You can wash them with a dishwasher and microwave your beverage in them as well.

These cups are also heat and chip resistant. Meaning that they do not crack as easily as other espresso cups you might have owned in the past. What’s more? The thick walls also trap coffee aroma well enough. So, when you sit down to enjoy your espresso at any time of day, what you are getting is the full value of the coffee and nothing less.

Bruntmor makes life easier for the average user. It is relatively lightweight, the handle remains cool, and there are enough cups and saucers to go round a few guests. What more could you ask of an espresso cup? Bruntmor has it all.

Why do we like it?

  • Solid interior and exterior
  • Deep storage
  • Sleek and stackable
  • Nice design
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Espresso Cups Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know more about some of the best espresso cups sold online, permit us to go a step further to point out some of the features to bear in mind during your shopping exercise. Do note that although any cup can be used to serve espresso coffee, not every cup will allow you to enjoy your coffee’s full value. The best cups for espresso have insulation qualities, and they also trap coffee aroma too. Here are some factors consider below.


Insulation quality is of the essence when shopping for espresso cups. Double-walled cups are the ultimate temperature preservers. If you don’t want your coffee to lose its temperature very quickly, a double-walled construction is what you should be looking for.

Sturdy base

Even the most careful people among us tend to drop our cups too hard on the table once in a while. If you don’t want the cup to crack at the bottom, you need to ensure that the cup you buy has a very sturdy base. While you may not be able to physically examine the base if you are shopping online, you can read reviews posted by other buyers to find out.


The build material matters a great deal. Espresso cups have different materials, but the one you want to go for should be a cup made with high-quality borosilicate glass. This material is not too heavy, and it allows you you see through the cup. Borosilicate glass also has insulation qualities.

Number of cups

If you want the best espresso cups that offer value for money, might we suggest you go for 2 or 4 set cups? Only one cup may suffice if you live alone, but even then, you may have guests coming over, and the last thing you want is to serve your guests coffee in cups that are less than ideal.