5 Best Espresso Beans (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Some coffee lovers rank espresso as one of their favorite coffee beverages of all time, but who will blame them? A cup of espresso can set your heart and mind right to start the day. What’s even better about espresso is that you can take it at any time of the day. Morning, afternoon, or night, the best espresso beans can work wonders for you. As you already know, to make a cup of espresso, you need espresso beans brewed in warm or hot water. Good espresso beans translate to a tasty beverage.

If you want to buy the best espresso beans, you need to take your time to scrutinize the quality and value of the product you are going for. With so many products out there, you never can tell for sure which product offers the consumer real value unless you have a little bit of experience shopping for espresso beans. To help you identify a very good product, we have identified five of the best espresso beans products for you.

Best Espresso Beans

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1. Kicking Horse 454 Horsepower Whole Bean Coffee

Kicking Horse 454 Horsepower Whole Bean Coffee

Kicking Horse is a Certified Organic Kosher coffee for coffee drinkers who prefer espresso-styled coffee. The beans in the pack are of the dark roast variety and contain 10oz worth of coffee beans. Kicking Horse is one of the best espresso beans and is a famous brand. It has a velvety and earthly taste that an espresso coffee should have. Processed under smooth and safe conditions, you get a coffee that is safe, tasty, and brewable.

The beans in this pack are of the Arabica variety and sourced from Indonesia, Central, and Southern America. The beans are grown in a safe environment and roasted using traditional methods to preserve their taste. Every single bean in each pack is organic and contains no additives or preservatives.

Kicking Horse is a single-origin coffee ideal for varieties of brewing methods. You can brew it using a Drip machine, a French Press, pour-over, or even as a cold brew. It is also perfect for espresso. This product can be consumed at any time of day.

Why do we like it?

  • Attractive and safe package
  • Suitable for a variety of brewing methods
  • Non-GMO
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2. Peet’s Dark Espresso Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Peet's Dark Espresso Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Peet is a 32-ounce coffee pack excellent for brewing espresso. It has been crafted for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy a well-balanced blend of rich cream. The beans are robust and dark and afford you the thick texture and consistency you will appreciate. The flavor you get when you brew it with your espresso machine is one that will linger in your taste buds long after you have dropped the cup. Peet is easy to prepare, it does not require any special skills, and it only takes a matter of minutes to get a cup ready.

This brand is 100% Arabica coffee with a dose of hazelnuts to liven the taste. Another good thing about Peet is that it is delivered to you fresh. While other brands process their coffee in large batches that may sometimes spend months in transit before delivering to the consumer, Peet is brewed in small batches. This practice ensures that the beans are delivered to you fresh and in perfect conditions.

Peet offers drinkers an affordable and great-tasting product that can be drunk at any time of the day. This product is easy to brew and contains healthy nutrients to keep you sharp and active all through the day.

Why do we like it?

  • A perfect Kosher diet
  • Each bag comes with the date of production
  • 100% organic
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3. Lavazza Whole Bean Medium Espresso Roast

Lavazza Whole Bean Medium Espresso Roast

Lavazza is one of the best espresso beans to make our list for its great taste, brilliant package, and the traditional method by which the beans are processed. This product has a unique taste profile not common with roasted coffee suited for espresso. Lavazza is a super crema blended with brown sugar and hazelnuts to create a perfect tasty harmony with the coffee beans. This product is perfect for those who prefer their espresso the traditional way.

Even though it is a dark roast, it does not have a bitter taste. Its aroma is sharp and flavored with a light texture covered with rich froths.  Lavazza is a double bean coffee with 60% of its content Arabica and 40% Robusta. The pack is also vacuum packed in a one-way valve method to preserve its freshness long-term.  With a 2.2 lbs bag, you get to enjoy your Lavazza coffee for a considerable period.

To get the best out of this coffee, we recommend using an espresso machine to brew it. Espresso brewing will give you the best texture and flavor.

Why do we like it?

  • Medium-light color intensity
  • Blended and roasted to perfection
  • Does not require extra sugar
  • Each pack is loaded with high-quality beans.
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4. Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Starbucks Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Starbucks espresso beverage pack contains whole coffee beans sourced from different regions of the world like Latin America and the Asia Pacific. The beans are blended to create a unique and tasty flavor combination that will be worth an experience. Being a household name, Starbucks placed this product through rigorous experimentation to come up with this intense and sweet caramel coffee. Each pack contains 20 ounces of whole beans that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

The coffee has a darker roast and a bold taste that keeps you refreshed all through the day. This product is also quite flexible since you may choose to add steamed milk or extra sugar to your cup, and the taste will not change in any way. You no longer have to leave your office to make the trip to the Starbucks outlet or a café closest to you to get a cup of espresso.

You can enjoy all the espresso you will ever need in the comfort of your home or office. Just make sure you use an espresso machine to brew Starbucks Dark Roast so you can enjoy the rich flavor it has to offer.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordable
  • Easy to prepare
  • An ideal gift for a loved one
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5. Wink Super Crema Espresso 100% Whole Bean Coffee

Wink Super Crema Espresso 100% Whole Bean Coffee

Wink Super Crema comes in a large 2.2-pound package filled with 100% Arabica whole bean coffee for your enjoyment at home, office, school, or wherever you choose to be at any time of the day. Wink is a single-origin coffee sourced from Colombia’s Andes region. The beans from this part of the world have a distinctive taste and have won over many coffee enthusiasts over the years. Processed under the medium-espresso roast style, Wink combines cocoa, baking spices, and dried berries.

All of these ingredients are blended in the right proportion to create the right amount of coffee toast. As for the packaging, it is packed to preserve the beans’ freshness. Each bag comes with an airtight zipper that can be zipped shut after removing the right amount of coffee beans you need for your cup. Furthermore, the bag is not very big, so you can store it in your cupboard or wherever you store your kitchen ingredients.

Winks roasted coffee beans are processed in small batches and shipped immediately they are ready. Should you order this product, your pack will be delivered to you only a few weeks after it was processed and packed for sale. What you get is a quality batch delivered to you fresh.

Why do we like it?

  • It can be brewed using any espresso machine
  • It doesn’t take time for the coffee powder to ferment
  • The extra ingredients are natural and healthy
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Espresso Beans Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you are shopping for espresso beans or any food or beverage product, you need to make sure that the product you are buying is of the highest quality. This is all the more important for coffee beans. Here are some things to consider when shopping for the best espresso beans.

Small Batch

The first thing you want to pay attention to is the volume of roast batches. The best brands roast their beans in smaller batches. Smaller batches can be processed and shipped to the final consumer on time to ensure they get them fresh.

Singe Origin/Double Origin

Whether you go for single or double origin roast should be up to you. A single-origin roast provides you with consistent quality from a single source. Whereas beans sourced from different parts of the globe may not offer you quality consistency. However, double origin products tend to have richer flavors due to the perfect blend of different beans. This feature should be a matter of choice.

Check the Roast Date

Always check the date the coffee was roasted. Any product that does not have this information should be avoided. The best espresso beans brands place the date on the packs to assure the consumer of their product’s freshness.